Mayflash W010 Wireless Sensor DolphinBar for Wii


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  • Wireless sensor dolphin bar can connect your Wii remote plus controller to your PC by Bluetooth
  • Supports cursor anti-shake function, works as a normal keyboard and mouse
  • Allows you to play more quickly and precisely with your game controller, light gun or racing wheel
  • Works as a PC remote controller, you can return or skip to the beginning
  • Supports GC controller by using may flash GC controller adapter for Wii/Wii U


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MAYFLASH Wireless Sensor DolphinBar Wiimote to PC USB Adapter


1. Connects your Wii Remote to your PC by Bluetooth.

2. Compatible with Nintendo Wii Remote, Nunchuk Controller and Wii Classic Controller.

3. Supports four working modes:Keyboard and Mouse Mode (LED1), Keyboard and Mouse Game Mode(LED2), Game Controller Mode (LED3)and Wii Remote Controller Emulator Mode (LED4).

4. Easy and simple operation, no need extra Bluetooth dongle.

5. Supports Cursor Anti-Shake function.

6. AlIows you to pIay more quicky and precisely with your Game Controller, Light Gun or Racing Wheel.

7. Works as a PC Remote Controller. You can return or skip to the beginning of the current, previous or next chapter and supports Fast reverse, Fast forward, Pause playing, etc

8. Works as a Game Light Gun. You can play all kinds of PC Shooting Games. PC or Wii Light Gun is well supported.

9. Supports the G-sensor function that is the best choice for the Racing Games.

10. Supports the Vibration Feedback.

11. Compatible with the newest Wii Emulator Dolphin.

12. Supports up to 4 of the Wii Remote Controllers.

Wireless Sensor DolphinBar Wiimote to PC USB Adapter

MAYFLASH Wireless Sensor DolphinBar Wiimote to PC USB Adapter

1.SYNC Button and LED 0

Used for pairing the Dolphinbar and your controllers.

2. MODE Button and LED 1, 2, 3, 4

Switch to four different modes, Keyboard and Mouse Mode (LED1), Keyboard and Mouse Game Mode (LED2), Game Controller Mode (LED3) and WiiRemote Controller Emulator Mode (LED4) by pressing the MODE button on the DolphinBar.

3. See more details about LED Indicator 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 on the user manual.

Wireless Sensor DolphinBar Wiimote to PC USB Adapter

MAYFLASH Wireless Sensor DolphinBar Wiimote to PC USB Adapter

High sensitivity!

Enjoy the distraction-free gaming experience with no lag!

Supports Four Controllers

MAYFLASH Wireless Sensor DolphinBar Wiimote to PC USB Adapter

Supports up to 4 of the Wii Remotes at the same time!

Enjoy your party with your friends!

Plug and Play

MAYFLASH Wireless Sensor DolphinBar Wiimote to PC USB Adapter

- It's a perfect choice for you to take exercises and relax after hard-working or studying for a long time.

- Update to the latest firmware at MAYFLASH.COM

Product information Size:1 Pack Product Dimensions 10 x 1 x 0.7 inches Item Weight 2.4 ounces Manufacturer MAYFLASH ASIN B00HZWEB74 Item model number W010

I lost my Wii in a divorce back in 2011, though at times I missed it. I didn't miss having another power brick; I didn't miss finding a home for another gizmo; and I didn't miss component cables. I've been HDMI only since then, and while there are some adapters that let you use a Wii via HDMI, this allows me to use my HTPC to run the Dolphin emulator. Dolphin is free (as in speech), works very well, and though it works with any controllers (can emulate Wiimotes or GameCube controllers using anything that works on your PC), it allows you to use authentic (or knock off) Wii controllers. Wii sensor bars are a misnomer, as the bar does no sensing (the Wii remote does that), but they need power for their USB emitters. Wireless sensor bars work, as do any number of other solutions, but this is among the best. That's not the magic bit, the reliable Bluetooth connection for Wii remotes is what's special. There are other solutions, but not cheaper nor easier. This is what you want.

Setting it up is kinda easy once you know what to do. It took a bit long to figure out what to do, so let me help you. Note I didn't bother with the included CD for a variety of reasons (notably I don't have a built in drive on my machine).

* there is no driver required nor available. Try as I might to find one, it doesn't exist.
* there is a firmware update, and as it's tiny and easy to install, we'll start there.

1) Download the firmware update at (look for W010
Wireless Sensor DolphinBar MAYFLASH DolphinBar)

2) Unrar it (need to do this twice) and run updater (note sensor bar not plugged in)

3) while holding synch, plug sensor bar into usb port (a good quality extender should work, but unpowered hubs not recommended)

4) after plugging in and releasing synch, option to install firmware will pop up; Update firmware (take a second, as it's tiny)

5) there's a hardware switch for above and below TV placement on the back of the bar (never seen one of those), so fill that out. Also change to mode 4

6) Make sure your copy of Dolphin is a recent one from (not caused hours of issues!)

7) Pair Wiimote(s) and everything should work with default settings. You may want to verify "continuous scanning" is enabled on the controller settings (I believe it was defaulted to on).

* note that the Wii Remotes will automatically turn off in time, but using the power button will turn it off sooner.
* all accessories (classic controller, nunchuck, etc...) should work
* four controllers should work
* I got 90-95% OEM Wii sensor bar performance (it has a harsher cut off than I recall, but when pointed at the screen, it works great).
* remember that Dolphin like a Wii has a software setting for above/below TV placement
* the cable is disgracefully short, though it does kind help in cable routing, as you basically run the extender cable to the TV and plug this in there. I had no issues with a quality (though only $6-8) USB 2.0 extension cable. There are reported issues with unpowered hubs.

My biggest hardware issue came from not knowing what mode to use (If everything else wasn't so good I'd deduct a star). 1&2 aren't really for gaming. 3 kinda works, but it's not what you want. Choose mode 4. Note you can change modes with the Wiimote (press home and the D pad--each direction corresponds to a different mode). The biggest issue overall is downloading from the wrong site. It's latest version wasn't recent and simply wouldn't work. Use mode 4 and a recent version from, and you should be fine!

I bought this in lieu of a cheap USB powered sensor bar because it was only about $8 more and I thought the additional functionality might come in handy in the future, and I assumed that Mayflash would probably make a higher quality product as well.
But it turns out that it is too smart for it's own good, with the newest firmware update from Mayflash:
"The infrared ray LED will be closed once the Wiimote is disconnected"
This means that if I just plug it into the USB plug on my TV, or a wall plug for power, the infrared LEDs do NOT turn on.
I already have a setup that works and all I was trying to accomplish was to have a sensor bar that didn't need an old Wii just sitting there as a really expensive LED power supply, but this will not do.
It doesn't seem possible to 'downgrade' the firmware (I tried).

This really needs a bit more documentation. For its intended purpose (using the Dolphin Emulator) you need to have the following settings:

1. Switch set to PC - my version of the sensor bar did not have the PC / WiiU markings like the product picture had, for what its worth for me PC is "away" from the cable.
2. Mode 4 - This apparently is what allows the sensor bar to act as a pure Bluetooth pass-though to Dolphin/the underlying OS

The other 3 "Modes" appear to try to use the Wii Mote as a mouse (I had limited success with this) in general you probably want it set to Mode 4 and forget it. I was having a real difficult time until I found some random post on the forums that described the modes in detail, so hopefully this helps someone out.

Another star was dinged because I was unable to update the firmware on this device. I followed their guide, but Windows 10 failed to detect the device when put into the flashing mode. I suspect, but can't be bothered to prove that this might be related to the FTDI Driver issue (Search online, tl;dr; dubious versions of these chips are intentionally not recognized by Windows). The more I think about it I wonder if the version I received might have been a clone? Regardless it is working in my setup with the above settings.

NOTE: IF YOUR DOLPHINBAR HAS AN ON-OFF SWITCH THEN IT COMES WITH THE LATEST FIRMWARE. Newer models of the DolphinBar have a dedicated on-off switch whereas older ones didn't. As a result, if you try and update the firmware on it you'll get an error that it's the "wrong product". This is because it's a newer model of the Dolphinbar which actually ships with the latest firmware (This is what I was told after contacting Mayflash)

This device is absolutely amazing, it really is. The sheer ease of use is what really sells this product and Mayflash has once again shown that they know what the people want.

I was hesitant to spend this much money when a bluetooth dongle can be had for a fiver and a cheap sensor bar for a few quid.

After wasing an afternoon on precisely the above combination I decided to bite the bullet and pickup a Mayflash Dolphin bar.

Put simply it is a superb product which works straight out the box with minimal fuss. The documentation is bare bones but covers the basics: bottom line is plug it in to your PC, set the bar to Mode 4 using the Mode button on top, fire up Dolphin emulator, choose Real Wiimote in Dolphin's controller settings and check Continuous Scanning. Finally sync your Wiimote with the Dolphin bar by tapping sync on the remote and then on the bar.

Remote buzzes after a few seconds and is assigned a number. Games work perfectly.

In addition to the above the other remote modes let you use your Wiimote as a mouse (Mode 1). You can even switch modes from the remote rather than touching the bar. Simply press Home + Direction button to switch between Mode 1 and 4 (Native Wii mode). End result is I can fire up Dolphin and a game without even touching my PC keyboard and mouse!

Bought for the Dolphin emulator, and it works flawlessly.
If you intend on buying this, please do read the instructions. This is honestly very important, the bar has numbered buttons which are different configurations for the user. Some options are for Dolphin (aka Wii Remote pairing) but others are for desktop mouse navigation via a Wii Remote. With some options select, it might initially work with Dolphin.
But yeah, I dug out my old Nintendo Wii remotes and paired them with the bar, with the correct option selected on the bar I was able to play my favourite games for the platform in 4K with real accuracy.. Incredible experience, would recommend.

unwrapped it, read the manual plugged it in, tested out wii remote, connects instantly with the sync buttons, nothing unusual, tested dolphin found a lot of cursor shake, updated firmware cursor still happening, decided to randomly tape some cardboard over the sensor for my LEDS on my wall which receives the signal from the remote so i can turn on off (use them for streaming cheap simple lights) to prevent it from having some annoying issue with another remote, constantly googling stuff, tried dolphin again, 0 shake or jitter works perfectly even works with motion plus and skyward sword on dolphin. Its amazing..
One bad thing about it, doesn't seem to do audio for the wii remote like its awful quality sound really awful ive had better with a usb BT dongle plugged in but i have headphones on i dont need that. The bar has mode 4 for dolphin a couple other modes and mode 3. Also it works with the pair wiimotes app just use it in mode 4 for it so it doesnt cause weird problems on the pc (due to the bindings of buttons as this is all built in and can't be configured on dolphin bar). Honestly its amazing. Good price Great fun in games. I have done multiple videos of using a wii remote in the pc using an actual nintendo WII to power the sensor bar. This one does that just in the usb i can finally unplug my wii. The sensor bars infrared light things and the bluetooth is built in. Honestly its so simple to set up. Its just.. plug in.. sorted. Remember to sit further back when using the IR on the wii remote like pointing forward at the screen so it can pick up the lights. It wont work if it is too close. If you want to see my videos just search me on youtube JaayOnPC

Purchased to use on a Raspberry Pi running Retropie. It works really well once set up with a standard Wii controller. It remembers the previous setting so you don't need to set it up every time. Have only used with a single Wii controller but claims that alternate modes will recognise and track up to 4 Wii controllers simultaneously. Apart from syncing to the Wii controller, didn't need any other setup. MAME emulator needs configured to use this as a controller but that's easy, it just sees it as a mouse. It's a decent option, pretty responsive, less wires and a lot cheaper than my Aimtrak light gun.

Ripped my Wii games collection, hooked up the DolphinBar and now I'm playing all the fantastic Wii games in super-sharp 1440p instead of the usual Wii-Blur-O-Vision - which always rankled at the time - and hooked up to my home theatre instead of TV speakers. Finally the Wii games look and sound as good as they play!

The control is seamless, just like on a real Wii and the functionality of its controllers is exactly the same - works with Nunchuk, Classic Controller, MotionPlus, and through the Wii Remote pointing feature essentially allows the use of a lightgun on an LCD monitor, which is otherwise a no-go.

I'm so happy with this purchase, the DolphinBar does exactly what you want it to and works perfectly.