Wireless Guitar for Wii Guitar Hero and Rock Band Games Color Black


  • Gametime Buddies Brand Name wireless guitar for Guitar Hero and Rock Band games.
  • Size: 30 inches long with neck, 9.5 inch width at the guitar body.
  • Wii remote controller slot on the front of guitar, easy to connect and hold the Wii Remote.
  • Compatible with All Guitar Hero Games and Rock Band 2 or 3.
  • Not compatible with the Rock Band games that requires microphone to play, such as Rock Band 1 and more.



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Used in Good Condition Does not come with box please look at photo

Product information ASIN B004QSY97W

This guitar works great and the gloss black really completes my look - when I'm shirtless in front of my fans and just wailing out some stellar solos. Don't try to smash it like a fender because fenders were made to be smashed on stage. For the starting artists - be prepared that there will be hecklers out there trying desperately to break you (for reasons unknown) - saying crazy things like "honey, you're not a real musician!" "Daddy, let me play!" I don't understand some of those whackos and simply ignore them. Let security/bouncers take care of them. Now go make platinum records!

I looked through many guitars reviews
and came to find out that some guitars aren’t compatible with older Rock Band games...RB1 in particular....this guitar said it works on RB and Guitar hero. I got the product just to see it written on the bottom that It is NOT RB1 compatible.
Not to mention it’s a flimsy POS guitar in the first place

I bought this to play the Beatles rock band game and it works great! I have lots of fun and no complaints. It does what it’s suppose to do

I ordered the guitar new, because I didn't want to risk getting a bad used one. I've only had it a day and so far, the guitar seems to work alright, buttons are good, and the setup was easy, however I find myself missing trills and other advanced parts in some songs that I normally can get when I use my only Les Paul guitar that I got way back when GH3 came out. The buttons work fine, however I find them not having the same kickback as the classic guitar. That is to say, the classic guitar seems to be able to let go of notes faster than this model. I'm sure that this guitar works super well for those who are anywhere from beginner to hard, but on expert songs I recommend using the classic Les Paul guitar instead, since the notes seem to register quicker.
Overall I gave this guitar a 4/5 because it is good, and it works, it's just not something I would use for harder expert songs; however I'll keep it for my friends that want to come over and play on medium or hard. Maybe as it is used it will work better, I guess we'll have to find out.

I bought this for a band I was asked to be in and they laughed me out of the room. Looks like I'll be going solo now!

A lot of people dislike this but I got it and there’s nothing wrong with it I use it for clone hero and it can play 99% of songs the other one percent it can’t simply because it doesn’t have as high of a polling rate as the les Paul’s but the buttons feel okay and will get better as you break it in. And the strum bar is the best I’ve ever felt has zero over strum. It is a 3rd company that definitely isn’t American but they made it good with good packaging. I do definitely recommend.

I loved that this worked for my Wii with no issues. It connected easily and was ready for use within seconds.

The guitar is made of plastic with a canvas strap. It is durable enough that it didn't break when dropped, not that I would suggest dropping it on purpose. The remote fit easily into the slot and all of the controls and buttons functioned properly both upon arrival and after months of use.

I like the sleek plastic finish too. It allows you to personalize your guitar if you like. The finish works well with stickers, paints, polish, glitter and more, so you can really give this a look that is all your own, or leave it just as it is for fun and easy music play.

The red button on the guitar does NOT work after changing the batteries of the wii controller, sitting closer to the wii remote, and trying 2 other wii controllers. I even decided to test my working wii controllers on my own guitar hero guitar that I’ve owned for 7 years and all buttons on that guitar worked with all of my wii controllers compared to this new guitar. This product was very anticipated as my sister and i have always wanted to play at the same time with each other and we were sadly disappointed this morning when we were completely unable to play. I have already submitted my return receipt and I’m very upset with this company.

I've had this guitar for over a year now and it has been working great! Just suddenly, the guitar randomly stopped working out of the blue. Things don't last forever, but honestly, this was a good buy! Wii guitars or any other guitars should not be 100$! That's a little too pricy for something that is really old. When the price goes down for this guitar, you should get it. Don't get this at full price, there's no point, and it's a waste of a 100$ for just a plastic guitar.

I would be careful when ordering this product. Despite saying it’s for Wii Guitar Hero and Rock Band, it was not compatible with our Wii Version and had to be returned. We took a 20% hit on re-stocking fee. Would be reluctant to order from this company again.

Nice works well

Works very well! Not much to say, just happy to have a working Wii guitar again.

Excellent Product. It's Works very well. Fast shipping.

Arrived promptly. Works well.

Arrived very quickly. Works great

Works great and received quick