Beastron Mario Kart Racing Wheel Compatible with Nintendo Wii, 2 Sets White Color Bundle


  • 100% high quality Wii U Wii wheel/Mario Kart racing wheels for Wii Remote driving games, top manufacturer, fast and stable delivery
  • A Must Have for Mario Kart 8, Need for Speed series, Sports Connection and many more Wii and Wii U racing games
  • Multi-angle X,Y,Z axis movement left, right, up, and down tilt movement; Innovative firm grip design minimizes hand fatigue while holding it long
  • The wheel makes the game more fun to play and easier to play for new or young players
  • Perfect fit for Wii Remotes
  • Inside the package: 2 Wii U Wii steering wheels and a gamer's guide



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Nintendo Wii Wheel for Mario Kart (White) x 2 Bundle

Product Features:

  • Add more realism to the Wii racing games with this attachment handle
  • Innovative design ensures quick release of the remote control from the attachment handle
  • Firm grip support minimize hand fatigue
  • Heavy duty design ensures these attachment handles can withstand the stress from the realistic sport simulation
  • Matches your Wii remote and Wii controller to fully protect the Wii remote while in use
  • Realistic feel and experience when playing your favorite Wii racing or driving games
  • Converts your Nintendo Wii remote into a racing steering wheel
  • Enhance your Nintendo Wii racing experience with this steering wheel attachment for your Wii remote
  • Easy ""Plug and Play"" installation - Plug your Wii Remote Controller and securely fix into wheel slot
  • Compatible with Excite Truck, GT Pro Series, Excitebike, Mario Kart 64,Moto Roaderm Need for Speed: Carbon Nintendo Wii, Monster 3x3: World Circuit, Cars, and many other Wii Racing games.


  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: (7.09 x 1.77)"" / (18 x 4.5)cm (Dia x H)
  • Weight: 5.33 oz / 151 g
  • Compatible with: Nintendo Wii

Package include:

2 x White steeling wheel(Remote controller not include)

Product information Style:White ASIN B001PO2BJI Release date July 1, 2016

These work just as expected. The controllers fit into them & my son starts to turning side to side like his really in a driving vehicle . He is only 4yrs old though so to his imagination he is. Which is exactly what I hoped for. If anyone is on the fence about these don’t be just go ahead and purchase them. They are just as pictured & pretty well priced I must say. I went ahead and purchased another set since I usually have a weekend full of children & Mario card game is the game of the weekend .

This is the best deal for wii wheels! They all work exactly the same so there isn't any reason to pay more than these wheels! I bought these for mario kart wii so that me and my girlfriend can each have one. The wii remote slips right into and fits well into the wheel. It has room for the wrist strap to fit through the hole so that you can wear your wrist strap while playing as well. If you are looking for 2 wii wheels look no further 2 for 5$ is the best deal you can get!

Plastic doesnt feel cheap even though the price was. All the buttons line up. My wii motes fit perfectly snug in them. You would never know these are not Nintendo brand based on the quality. perfect choice for all your wii driving needs

These wheels are very similar to the Nintendo brand wheels, but you get two for the price of one. They fit my Wii U controllers without issue. The controller's fit nice and snug. They will also fit the old Wii controllers as long as you don't have the MotionPlus adapter installed. The controllers with MotionPlus built-in work fine. You also will not be able to use your silicone protection covers.

It’s only For the experience of putting you in mindset of holding a steering wheel. Otherwise it’s completely unnecessary to the playability of the game and doesn’t add any additional functionality - It’s just a plastic wii remote holder. So, Save your money and the fate of it someday ending up in a landfill or floating in the ocean and just use the wii remote controller by itself.

Having an old-school Nintendo Wii system, it has been difficult finding ways to keep it fresh and current for the kids. However, when getting them the Mario Kart game, this was a great way to Breathe new life into the system for a small amount of money. We have both original and aftermarket generic controllers, and all of them fit into the steering wheel perfectly. One thing to note is that you do need to remove the rubber bumpers from the controllers in order to fit them in the steering wheel.

I was pleased to see the wheels were exact copies of the MarioKart wheel that comes with the game. The slight differences are the white is kind of pearly; which my kids love, and it does not have Wii or Nintendo emblems imprinted anywhere like the before mentioned wheel. This is no reason to pay extra for a authentic wheel, when you can get two for the same price. The Wiimote fits perfectly, and only a perfectionist like me would actually notice the slight differences that I mentioned. I am very pleased with this product and recommend this to anyone wanting the most bang for their buck. They have black too, which I realized after I had ordered, but this is fine. A great product, at a decent price.

We just got our kids into Mario Kart, and these are (as far as I can remember) pretty much the same as the Nintendo OEMs. Triggers are bouncy and responsive, plastic is nice and doesn't smell (which is odd but sometimes you have to say it). Def a great replacement for the original wheel at a fraction of the price.

I finally was able to find a MarioKart game for my wii about 2 months ago, but discovered then that the electronics stores no longer carried wii accessories due to the new wii U having been out now for a number of years.
I found these and hoped They would work because it was very awkward trying to turn the narrow remote controls without losing your gripping. These remotes were a great price and was a package of 2 - which is what I needed.
They arrived and I inserted the remotes into them without any problems and am now able to play MarioKart more efficiently. All the parts line up with the remotes perfectly. This was an online purchase I am glad I made.

Controllers slide in easy and stay firmly in place. Makes thee game much more fun for the whole family to play. Easier to drive and control the cars with the steering wheel.

A pesar de no ser los originales sirven muy bien, son resistentes y facilitan el modo de juego, creo que son una buena comprá

Some surface dirt/staining on the buttons but look perfectly functional, legit wii steering wheels, fast shipping, thanks!

Perfect fit, took a while to receive but they are perfect for the game and the price

Works great for my 6-year-old easier than the controller and Nunchuk for him

Work really well. Wii is getting kinda outdated but these work well if you still rock out the older console games.

Great price and works very well with the controller. No electronics here, just a holder for the remote so not much that can go wrong with this. Would recommend.

Excellent produit , expédition à la vitesse de l'éclair. Qualité supérieure aux produits original , pourquoi payer plus. Acheter sans crainte #1

Easy to fit controller and worked well with the games.

Great price and great product

This product from Oneworth was exactly what I was looking for. They were excellent price and extremely fast delivery, will definitely buy from this company again

Super des heures de plaisir

Works as advertised

The glass panel at the side of the wheel prevented my controller from communicating with the sensor. Had to take out the small glass panel before the wheel/sensor can work.