Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable Gaming Mouse, 12,000 DPI On-The-Fly DPI Shifting, Personalized Weight and Balance Tuning with (5) 3.6g Weights, 11 Programmable Buttons


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  • Old version of G502 with optical gaming sensor (PMW3366)
  • Cable Length 6 feet or 1.83 meters


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G502 features an advanced optical sensor for maximum tracking accuracy, customizable RGB lighting, custom game profiles, from 200 up to 12, 000 DPI, and repositionable weights.

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Collapse all Summary Wireless Type 802.11a/b/g/n Other Technical Details Brand Name Logitech G Series 910-004615 Item model number 910-004615 Hardware Platform PC, Mac Item Weight 4.3 ounces Product Dimensions 1.57 x 2.95 x 5.2 inches Item Dimensions LxWxH 1.57 x 2.95 x 5.2 inches Color Gray/Blue Batteries 1 Lithium Metal batteries required. (included)

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In 2018, this is still one of the best gaming mice you can buy. It has amazing build quality, an amazing sensor, and amazing buttons.

Going over the design, its a right handed mouse that is trying to be like the classic MX518 with a twist, and it does a good job at that. Depending on your hand size, it works with any grip style. It has that "gamery" look while at the same time looks professional and minimalistic. Not many companies can make a product like that. Design gets an A+.

Now for features, this mouse packs a punch. Here are the features you get with this mouse:

Well tension-ed button, easy to click but not too easy to click accidentally. RGB lighting, you can change the color of the Logitech Logo and DPI lighting, unfortunately these are only single zone, so if you change the color of the logo, you also change the color of the DPI lighting.

Pixart PMW3366 Sensor, this sensor was introduced in 2014 with the Proteus Core, and is still one of the best sensors on the market to this day. It can track pixel to pixel movements, it also won't lose track at ANY DPI level, and it can track up to 12,000 DPI.

Weight tuning, this mouse is around 120 grams without any of the weights, so it is rather heavy, while some will appreciate a heavy mouse this may be a deal breaker for others.

Free spinning scroll wheel, this mouse has a wheel like some of the performance mice. Push a button and you unlock free scroll, which is great for navigating long documents or just having fun, haha. It also tilts left and right, which can be re-programmed.

There's many more features with this mouse as well, it sure packs a punch!

The lighting is very minimal. You can change the color of the Logitech Logo and the DPI lighting, with 16.8 million color options to choose from. Unfortunately, these lights are under 1 zone, so you everything has to be the same color. However, this isn't much of an issue considering the lighting is already very minimal, which isn't a bad thing. You do also have 3 lighting effects: Breating, Fixed Color or Color Cycle. Overall, lighting gets an A+.

Now, lets talk about the sensor. The sensor is the PMW3366, which is a modified 3360. And this is arguably one of the best sensors on the market. It doesn't lose track when you flick it as fast as you can, at any DPI level. It tracks pixel to pixel movements at high and low DPI, and is capable of tracking at 12,000 DPI. If you have sensor issues, you either need to calibrate your mouse pad or your product is defective. Sensor gets an A+.

Now, the software. This mouse is powered by the Logitech Gaming Software. The UI is friendly and the program is very stable, its like Synapse 2.0 and Corsair CUE came together. In the software you can program the buttons, change profiles, change the lighting and much much more! You can also sync the lighting with other Logitech RGB products, which is a nice touch. The best part is, once you have setup your mouse the way you want it, you can uninstall the software because this mouse has onboard memory to keep your settings!

This mouse isn't just good for gaming, its great for productivity. I really enjoy using this mouse for things like media creation and general productivity. Its ergonomic, it tracks amazing, and it overall just works.

Would I recommend this? Absolutely! The weight might be a let down for some, but if you don't care about the weight, this mouse is amazing!

ok i have this mouse a while.. even if i wanted to give it a bad review i could not.. not only does it work perfectly.. it works perfectly on any surface and has "on mouse memory" so even if you format,crash, or even change pc's it has all your setttings ready to go first time every time.
but is that all ? no frankly i have about 30 mice range from 2 dollars to 160 bucks and this mouse is the best yah you heard me. its out preforming my 160 dollar mice hands DOWN !

i am not only impressed now im spoiled i love it so much i started giving away and selling other mice in hopes to get 1 for home and 1 for travel. the dpi "jibberish" they give you does NOT do this thing justice.

also the cord is VERY long and protected by both plastic and a cloth sheath
man im a fan guys logitech this thing is made for me my only suggestion is make a cleaning tool cuz i find if you eat ANYTHING or have some "dead skin" it tends to get stuck in the devits on the left side (thumb side) as the incurve of the rubber makes a bit tougher to clean so not perfection but damn close

does not slip, no dpi loss, easy to use, idiot proof tough very sensitive works on anything including reflective tops mouse pads beds human skin tin cups water bottles (ok i got bored 1 day and just started seeing how well it would work on various surfaces.. shockingly it works on damn near anything with little to no effort or u can use the "learn surfaces" command.

long story short you want a mouse for gaming or just office / long term use so yah dont cramp up .. buy 1-2 of these suckers it even is better than some of later models by the same company...

It seemed rather cool to have a metal scroll wheel, however its mass slows it down and its cold to the touch. The worst part about it is the spring tension on the wheel button which is about 3 or 4 times the pressure I needed to activate the button on my Razer Death Adder mouse. I use this function a lot in my games and now I am not as quick or accurate in those functions due to the stiff button. The textured side panels actually seem slippery when compared to the smooth sides of my Razer mouse, kind of a surprise but I guess the textured TPU is inherently slippery. They need to find a different material if they expect this to work.
On the plus side of things is the fire button located on the side of the mouse at the tip of the thumb, and I can see that becoming useful in some instances. I like the fact that I can adjust the weights and am currently running with three of them. My gripe is that door of the compartment that covers them seems flimsy and could pop off too easily. For now I am switching back to the Razer as there is too much to dislike about the feel of this mouse.

I absolutely love this mouse. I have bought two, and am looking at buying a third to live in my laptop bag (I HATE touchpad mice). It fits so well into my fairly large hands, is very precise, and I love the DPI switching, especially the 200 dpi "sniper mode". I play games on a treadmill, and as such, my hands bounce just a bit. This mouse makes it a lot easier to enjoy my games.
I also use this for 3D design for printing, and it is a pleasure to be able to rapidly shift between sensitivities when you are doing different movements with the mouse.
Buttons are nice and tactile, not too hard to push, but not too soft either. Has a nice premium feel, love the weights. I prefer a heavier mouse, so I have all the weights in, but that, again, is what I want. Being able to customize the colors is fun as well. This is more of a gimmick to me, but it still is fun.
I went from a Logitech cordless mouse to this one, and I can tell you for sure that the response time is faster. Plus, no more dead batteries.

Wonderful mouse, this is coming from a previous user of a Razer Mamba Chroma TE which I had the sensor die on me for no real reason.
Took the opportunity to swap to this mouse and never looked back!

The grip I prefer far better, with a nice place for your thumb to rest, the button placements and the amount or great. (Not too many, not too few).
The weight system is awesome to have, I currently have it loaded to full weight because I prefer a heavier mouse but you can also make it quite light!

The cable is braided and is durable, as is the general build of the mouse. However, one thing that disappointed me is the paint or whatever material is used to colour the mouse wheel black is coming off in areas I use often. Though it doesn't affect anything.
The sensor is wonderful, as it should be! It is considered one of, if not the best sensor on the market right now! A big step up from Razer.

Lastly the software is very good! It's a no BS type of style which is great especially coming from Razer's terrible software.
The only complaint I have for it is that it doesn't scale in 4K and is near impossible to read on small displays.

I love the feel of this mouse. It is very comfortable to hold in my hand and does not feel awkward or weird at all. The side buttons are all comfortable to press. I haven’t used the weights yet as I feel the weight without them is kind of nice, a change from Razer mouse’s weight. I might experiment with them in the future. The two buttons for DPI selection by the left click are a little weird and I find myself sometimes pressing the lower one and lowering my DPI to my DPI shift’s level (350 from 800) which as you can imagine is a little annoying in games. However every button can be rebound or disabled, so if you don’t like it just turn it off.

The Logitech gaming software that you need to setup the mouse and customize it, is the most annoying part about it. They make everything harder than it needs to be (like making a macro with mouse presses for instance), it’s super tedious and doesn’t do what I want almost all the time. It constantly switches to other profiles and resets my DPI and always searches for games to make profiles for, and acts as if it’s my first time opening it, every time. I’ve tried reinstalling etc but with no fixes. It is definitely more bugged than Razer Synapse and I would say is this mouses greatest downfall.

The cable isn’t a very nice quality compared to my Razer Mamba (or any Razer product for that matter), and it feels like it will definitely fray and break down relatively quick. The Razer mice have a nice protective coating over the cable, making for a durable feel that makes you think nothing is going to happen to it.

The scroll wheel a little weird too and takes getting used to. It’s bumps aren’t as close together as I’d like so I feel like I have to over scroll to get a notch. They have a weird free scroll option which I can’t imagine ever being logically used unless you need to scroll through 850 pages of a book online in 1 second or break down your game from switching weapons way too quick to register.
It doesn’t have a grippy texture, no rubber so you have to commit to the roll of the when you scroll instead of letting the tip of your finger do it.

However despite the few flaws of this mouse, it is very comfortable to use and I’ve been enjoying it so far.

All I ask is you know what you’re getting into before you buy it, if you know, go for it!

This is one of the best mouse I ever had, before this I use to have Dragon War mouse. Buy this is just suberb. All the dpi settings and available customization are done in real time you may feel quiet annoying while setting the dpi as all changes are made in real time.. also this has 16.2 million color adjustments with steady and breathing effect you can explore all in the logitech software you download. If you have logitech gaming keyboard it will also get in sync with that. It also has calibration feature that can be done from software. It will calibrated with your surface of mouse mat to provide you best result.

Seller review

Worst packaging ever seen the bix was torned off as if someone tried to open it. Also it was damaged during transport as it was not well packed.

- Small'ish hands.
- Mainly an MMO gamer that's very used to using additional mouse buttons.

- Good natural shape. I'm a claw gripper, but it feels right when I palm grip as well.
- 2/3 thumb buttons are superb. The other one is average for my thumb's length.
- Left click additional buttons are superb.
- Mousewheel's fun but rattly. To consider if you want absolute silence in your gear.
- DPI button is difficult to reach (because of the mousewheel lock that most likely can't be moved elsewhere).
- No comment on the precision or whatever. I game at 800 DPI and even that's pretty high.
- I'm a wrist user (please no burn) and even if the mouse is somewhat heavy on its own, it's still light enough to not cause pain when lifting a lot.

Facts about the mouse:
- Make sure the base weight is good for you. I assumed it was light on its own since it comes with weights. It isn't.
- The button at the end of your thumb is somewhat far. Unless you have a long thumb, it will feel like a detour to go press it on the go. I'm trying to get used to it but it's so-so so far.
- The other 2 thumb buttons are fantastic. Big and shaped differently enough so that you don't confuse them. Tight enough to not constantly misclick them from slight pressure. Very good thumb buttons.
- The exact same can be said about the 2 additional buttons attached to the left click. I've owned other mice with said buttons that just didn't work right because I had to feel for which one I was on. These have a good gap in between so you know right away.
- The mouse wheel... If you've never owned a logitech mouse with this mousewheel tech, you're in for a treat as long as you don't mind rattling (I actually love it).
- I wouldn't bind anything to the mousewheel left and right buttons. Considering how big and heavy the mousewheel is, you might accidentally click them a lot if you actually use the main mousewheel click regularly.
- The DPI button behind the mousewheel lock button is kind of far back. I have to "controller claw grip" (REALLY bend my fingers) to get to it and I have small hands. Not a button you could use on the go. I say this because with my previous mouse, that button was used for non-urgent tasks like auto-run in games. I don't even use it anymore because I have to bend my fingers so much to get to it. If possible, I wish that and the mousewheel lock were swapped.

I love it, but I can't give it a 5/5 as, well, it isn't "the perfect mouse" for me. Even with a bigger thumb and a bigger index finger to easily reach all of the buttons, I can't imagine any hand shape instantly reaching that DPI button on the fly, without completely warping the rest of the hand.

Best mouse I've ever used. I'm not a gamer but I'm a computer security engineer. Needless to say I'm on the computer all day

I have relatively large hands and the mouse doesn't feel small. Great feels, love all the controls and the free spin is great. I personally do not like weights in my mouse so I do not use them. The response settings are awesome, various different levels so there isn't too big of a jump between them allowing for better and more comfortable control.

I would recommend this mouse to all users no matter the application.

There are a very few things i regret in my life, and this mouse is the biggest one. Save yourself, it's not worth carrying the weight on the shoulders. Get your mouse right, get your life right. This is nothing but a gold-digger mouse with poor tactile buttons, and clicks so soft that the deafening silence will make you reflect on your poorly-chosen decisions of life. Don't buy these reviews, don't buy this mouse. Move on.

To give a little background I have been using G602 for past 2-3 months and have grown used to utilizing all 8 extra keys, decided to give wired mouse a try and ordered two G502's.
Also note that most of my work is done on computer so I basically use the mouse all day long.

Issues :
1. For those who do not know the scroll wheel can be tilted left and right and, so has basically
three features including the middle click.

I have programmed the left tilt to move to left tab in browser and right tilt to move to right tab in browser.
Middle click remained default, that is open link in new tab.

Whenever I pressed the middle click about 30-40% times it also registered a left tilt, which disrupted workflow. I have grown accustomed to using the middle click and the same on this is literally non usable.

Had to program the middle click to another button which lead to a loss of two buttons in total and an unnecessary change in habit.

2. The left tilt is extremely sensitive and sometimes while I was just scrolling through pages it would get activated by accident, again leading to a disruption in work flow.

Pertaining to above problems I ordered replacement for both mouses which still had the same issue.

Possibly the people giving five star ratings got mouse with less sensitive scroll wheel, however it is a bit hard to believe as I have already tested and found the same problem on 4 mouses.

It is also possible that most people giving good rating do not use the middle click that much.

But whatever the case may be if you are accustomed to using the middle press then you will have to disable left tilt and right tilt.

And if you want to use left tilt and right tilt then reprogram the middle click to some other button.

This resolution might be good for some but I personally shifted back to G602 which I like a lot.

Please also note that a new version of this mouse named G502 Hero has been released, probably Logitech may have fixed the extremely sensitive scroll wheel on that one or maybe not, but as of 27th Oct. 2018 the same does not seem to be available in India.

Hopefully this review helps prospective buyers.

Comfortably fits in an adult man's hand. It is so light that I instantly inserted all five metal weights inside. The cord is long and sheathed in fabric. Pressing buttons is effortless. The "DPI Shift" side button is normally out of reach and is not a problem other reviewers have had.

The Logitech Gaming Software is unstable and will sometimes drop your button bindings, even in the middle of a competitive OverWatch match.

Can assign twelve commands to buttons in OverWatch. Simply switch to "Recognize game profiles", select OverWatch and drag commands to buttons.

I was using the Logitech G700 wireless gaming mouse with unifying receiver.

This thing was great. It had the G buttons placed perfectly for easy thumb access and forefinger access.

The problem with the G502 is the buttons are not conveniently placed.

To hit the thumb buttons is super awkward. The first one is not so bad, but the "back" button is really difficult to hit when you are playing.

I play Overwatch, and it doesn't work for me. I sent it back.

As far as appearance, it looks great - ... although the G light is kind of stupid ... you can't set it just stay a certain color, it pulses all colors.

Coming from G9x.
1. Good precision
2. Good customization
1. hate the wheel. Way too clicky, and hate the infinite scrolling.
2. Clicking sound is way too loud, get a little annoying.
3. Need some awkward hold in order to reach some buttons.

might take some time to get used to it. Any changes will come back to update.

Again, Amazon far exceeded my expectations... I ordered Friday morning free shipping and received it on SUNDAY morning.

This mouse has the same shape as my beloved G5 and then G500, the two of which have carried me for maybe 14 years now.
The fancy buttons and design really don't affect the shape, which is something I was worried about... in fact, I think it's even better, with the left click being concave rather than convex, and the thumb rest is nice. I have never found a mouse that felt as comfortable as the G5XX series, not even close.
I also love the new rubber sides.
I never cared about the weighs, so that's whatever you like.
This mouse is a beauty and I'm very happy to freshen up and to find the same G5XX shape again. Also, the extra buttons really don't care in the way. They are unnoticeable unless you care to use them.
The RGB lighting is beautiful as ever from Logitech. I'm just a bit disappointed that it isn't more apparent - it's only through those three lines on the side and the G logo. I would've liked lights underneath or behind other buttons, especially since the RGB version comes at a considerably higher cost than the base one. (By the way, if you're wondering why the three lines don't light up, you need to go into options and set it so that DPI lights are always on.)
Overall, very happy to have a quality new mouse again, with my ideal shape, dpi adjustment on the fly, beautiful lighting, mouse wheel left/right clicks, etc. Will update if issues arise, but it probably won't happen anytime soon since the warranty is 2 years.

Excellent so far! I'm just starting to use it, but 100% as expected, great product, decent price when on sale (50 CAD+tx)
I have to say that this one is big upgrade for me, I see a big difference with my previous mouse that was also branded "gaming" (looking back now, not so much obviously).

Nice look & design, the quality is obviously high, compact, weight adjustment is a cool feature to have.
Working and sliding like a charm, very friendly user, I absolutely love the software that you can download from Logitech's site, allowing you to program it exactly like you want it! (a lot of features / options / possibilities !)

Will edit this review if something bad happens in the future

*EDIT : downgraded to four stars (2019-dec.15) I don't know if Windows or my computer could be the source of the issue, but at times it gets increasingly painful to be precise with the mouse buttons (random double click, cursor lags, wheel buttons overlaping...) Not that big of a deal overall, but still a pain. Haven't found a better mouse yet though...

Yeah... it is a nice gaming mouse... it Logitech so I got what I expected but it arrived 4 days later than stated despite Prime shipping. This has been happening a lot to me lately so.... Amazon's fault and why am I paying the premium for again? Oh yeah amazon Prime video which I can't chromecast but have to spend an additional $50 to cast it to my TV. That SUCKS Amazon!!

My long time mouse (Perixx Mx-3000b) died the other day, and I was looking for a replacement ASAP. Had used the G602 in the past, and currently also use a Logitech G910 keyboard (with replacement dome style keycaps) as my daily driver. This mouse has the same quality you can expect with all logitech products! Being able to sync up the lights, and use the same software application for both the keyboard and mouse are very nice QOL features.

Overall feel of the mouse surface is very nice. Feels a little back heavy, wouldn't recommend for users who use a claw grip as this is definitely a longer mouse which will feel more comfortable for users who use a palm grip. If you have a short thumb you will have issues reaching the thumb button (default assigned to G-Shift). If you have small hands this is not the mouse for you (my hands measure roughly 10x18 cm, and my thumb does not reach the thumb button with a palm grip). Although large hands may find their ring and pinky fingers overhang the right side of the mouse too much.

Overall very happy with my purchase! Love that the mouse features on board memory, three profiles with a DPI range of 200to 12000 in increments of 50. Well worth the buy if you're in the market for a quality productivity or gaming mouse. I recommend checking out the G403, 402 and G900.

First and foremost: I am and always have been a biased Logitech shill, owning more of their products than I can count on my fingers and toes combined. That being said, I'm also extremely picky when it comes to the pricing and features of my PC peripherals, so I don't often rate things in this category above 3 stars.

The Logitech G502 feels good in medium or small hands, and offers just the right amount of programmable buttons and DPI settings to make switching between gaming and office productivity work a breeze. The buttons seem robust, having stood up to a couple years of use now without issue, and the weights let you adjust the mouse to suit your needs. Plus, it's one of the few mice with the infinitely scrolling mouse wheel option - a feature that's often overlooked but ever-so-useful for office work.

The only things keeping me from giving it 5 stars are the price (mostly because the Canadian to US dollar conversion doesn't follow currency exchange exactly, leaving us Canucks to pay more than we should have to for electronics) and the amount of "sharper" buttons that create crevices where dust and finger crumbs can get caught, making it more difficult to clean. Otherwise the G502 gets a strong recommendation from me if you need a decent gaming & office productivity mouse.