Switch Controller for Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite,Wireless Pro Controller with Turbo,Motion Control and Vibration, Switch Remote Control Gamepad Joypad for Nintendo Switch/Switch lite Console Black


  • 【HIGH PERFORMANCE PRO CONTROLLER SWITCH】This wireless switch controller supports 6-axis gyro somatosensory motion controls,3 levels dual motors adjustable vibration,auto sleep,screenshot and 3 levels adjustable Turbo speed .Work with Bluetooth within 10m,this switch wireless controller is the best 3rd party switch pro control for The Legend of Zelda / Super Mario Odyssey / Splatoon 2 / Mario Kart /Animal Crossing etc. (Support the newest version console)
  • 【3 LEVELS ADJUSTABLE TURBO SPEED】This wireless controller for nintendo switch supports MANUAL and AUTO adjustable TURBO speeds:5 shots/s,12 shots/s,20 shots/s,giving you COZY FIGHTING.The trigger and the rockers fit all finger sizes,making the switch remote controller perfectly solves the pain point that Joy-con makes your fingers fatigued,and the control is more flexible and durable.Note that this pro controller for switch does not support Android or Gear VR Oculus and Super Mario Party !!!
  • 【BUILT-IN DUAL MOTOR & MOTION CONTROLS】With 6-Axis gyro somatosensory motion controls,the wireless switch pro controller senses the changes of the direction and visual field with high precision.The switch wireless pro controller can be adjusted with 3 levels dual shock:strong,medium and weak,providing excellent vibration effect and enhance your gameplay.These capabilities give you the same experience as the original pro controller for a more engaging gaming experience.
  • 【ERGONOMIC & LONG TIME PLAY】Concave rocker, streamlined grip and lower micro-convex trigger button make the wireless switch remote control comfortable held in hands even for long hours of continuous gaming.Long-lasting effective anti-sweat and half-transparent design imitate the official Switch Pro Controller.Built-in 400mA battery of large capacity supports 12-15 hours, fully charged for 2-3 hours.The switch remote controller is rechargeable via Type C cable, playable while charging.
  • 【SUPPORT MOST SWITCH GAMES】The switch pro gamepad is compatible with all switch games that are compatible with the official Switch Pro Controller.It will automatically switch to sleep mode after 5 minutes without operation.PROVIDED 3-YEAR WARRANTY!This switch controller alternative is an awesome accessory for your console. About connecting, calibration or other usage issues, you could search “Q44 switch controller” on Youtube to refer to the product guide.



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Take your game sessions up a notch with wireless pro controller for nintendo switch to Fight for your sovereignty,open up your territory!!!

Good Substitute For The Switch Pro Controller!

Compatible with:Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite

  • Brand new 3rd party switch pro controller
  • Easily pairs with your Switch/Switch Lite Console
  • Compatible with all switch games that compatible with the official Switch Pro Controller
  • Comfortable design and easy to access button controls
  • Provides you an additional remote for multiplayer games

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nintendo switch controller

Enhance your gameplay while taking your experience to the next level with this wireless Switch Pro Controller.


  • The ultimately alternative controller for a Switch/Switch Lite fan
  • Pro Controller for the Nintendo Switch takes gameplay to the next level
  • Designed with motion controls, dual shock,Turbo and 2 analog control sticks
  • Comes with Type-C cable to charge the device for nonstop gaming fun
  • Great gift for a video games fan

From games like Super Mario to Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Animal Crossing,etc,this controller is sure to take you on an epic journey with ease.

nintendo switch controller

Built-in Sensitive 6-Axis Gyro Somatosensory

Selected precise 6-axis gyro motion sensors to sense the changes of direction and visual field accurately!

  • Quickly response to the recognition of movement with high precision.
  • Make movements smoother and faster without lag.
  • Enhance the realism of the game experience,making you feel like to be personally on the scene!!

nintendo switch controller

TURBO Function--Beat Opponents

Turbo’s continuous shooting function make it easier to play arcade or action games.

  • 6 shots/s turbo speed to meet your combat needs.
  • Fiercely battle your enemies.
  • Press one or several action keys(A/B/X/Y) + turbo key to set the Manual Turbo function.

nintendo switch controller

Dual Motors Adjustable Vibration

With the built-in enhanced dual motors, this switch pro wireless controller supports 3 levels vibration feedback!

  • Excellent vibration effect enhance the sense of bringing in the game plot and scene and the excitement of the game experience.
  • Bring good game immersion and give you a high level of feedback to make you more enjoy the game.

nintendo switch controller

Long Time Working

Battery-powered design for tangle-free operation with lightweight construction ensuring comfort during long-lasting gaming sessions.

  • Built-in rechargeable battery has long-term sustainability.
  • Intelligent power-saving design---Automatically switch to sleep mode after 5 minutes without operation.
  • Charge via Type-C cable with data transmission function.
  • Fully charged for 2-3 hrs can last 12-15 hrs.

nintendo switch controller

nintendo switch controller

nintendo switch controller

nintendo switch controller

nintendo switch controller

(1)360° Smooth and Precise Joysticks

Dual analogue sticks allow precise omnidirectional movements,achieving fast and accurate target locking and combo attack!

  • 360° no lag smoothly control.
  • Moderate joystick height makes it easier to reach and does not have an effect on accessing to other buttons and triggers.
  • Slightly concave surface with small bumps on the joystick keep it easily accessible.

(2)The d-pads can quickly respond to the position you want.

  • Imitate and innovate design of the official Switch Pro Controller

(3)One-click quick screenshot as original controller.

  • One click to get screenshot.
  • Long press to capture video(Only for those games which support capture video).

nintendo switch controller

Constructed with easy-to-access buttons, it boasts a lightweight and ergonomic design.

  • Fit the curve of all hands sizes.Adapt to hands in a natural ways.
  • The right and left hands hold a sense of balance at the same time, in line with the hand's grasping habits.
  • Perfectly solves the pain points that the original controller makes your fingers fatigued.
  • Reasonable button layout greatly solve the fatigue problem caused by high frequency operation of the finger.
  • Restore the button layout and functionality of the pro controller to a large extent.

nintendo switch controller


1、This controller is not compatible with Android/iOS, Gear VR Oculus, Super Mario Party and Just Dance!!!

2、This controller can not wake up your Switch Console!!!

3、Please read the instructions carefully before use. If you have any problems using the product, please seek help through Amazon mail or the email address on the support card.

Ready for use almost out of the box, this awesome alternative controller gives you refined control while playing your favorite games.Whether the console is docked or undocked, the pro controller allows you to keep playing for endless gaming fun with your friends. So, what are you waiting for? Grab these awesome controllers and game on!

Product information Color:Black Package Dimensions 6.85 x 4.96 x 2.2 inches Item Weight 8.4 ounces ASIN B087M5PR4T

 The controller is very ergonomic, it provides good grip, it is light weight, materials feel good, buttons are soft, the colors are nice, instructions to pair the controller are easy to follow, the controller has the feature of supporting amiibo function, you can add turbo to the buttons and adjust quickness to them, it has adjustable vibration, also the motion sensor is very responsive, the unit’s battery has lasted around 8 hrs total of play time and it has taken more or less than 3 hrs to charge.

I definitely don't hesitate to grab one of these if you're looking for something more PS4-like on the Switch. This is a great controller for this price. Unlike a lot of these weird third party Switch controllers that I see on Amazon, I can sync it to my system just by holding the home button and it will pop up almost instantly. A couple of the other ones I've used before had me pressing some weird button combination for syncing, so it's definitely a plus. It also can control work as expected and the joysticks and buttons all feel good. The rumble also has a nice feel to it, which is something that other third party controllers usually have issues with. It's actually pretty impressive, because I haven't used any third party Switch controller without major downsides, until this one. My cousin and I don't like the official controllers very much at all, so we've gone through quite a few aftermarket ones trying to find good ones that everyone likes. This one feels quite like a PS4 controller in our hands, in terms of the ergonomics, weight, and the build quality, which is a pretty good thing because everyone is already accustomed to those. When I ordered this, my expectations were actually pretty low. I've tried a lot of generic controllers, and especially switch ones, and it seems none of them function all too well. I should note that I'm a PC-only gamer and primarily use my controllers for Rocket League, a game which requires micro-precision from you and the controller. My 2 favorite controllers to date are the Xbox One controller (except for issues with the left bumper breaking) and the DS4 controller (except for the poor micro USB connection socket). The DS4 is my primary controller these days. We were pleasantly surprised while playing with it. The red and blue accents on it are actually pretty stylish in my opinion. The triggers and bumpers are good, but there is an exception to this.

Really nice Nintendo switch controller. I have been trying multiple controllers since we like to play a lot on the switch and this feels really good.

It's easy to pair and it has really good battery life. The best thing is that it comes with usb-c which is great so you don't have to have a bunch of cables lying around.

Really solid material I would recommend it to anyone who doesn't want to pay full price for the original but want to have a great decent controller.

This feels so good in the hand. Your fingers sink into the back like a ps type controller instead of the thicker official pro controller.

It is also a little lighter which has actually led to me feeling a little less fatigue.

So this was easy to pair and it came with instructions on how to adjust the vibration sensitivity, turbo, and all that fun stuff. It has a lot of features over the official pro controller. The turbo button is essentially an autoclicker which would be good for people with disabilities, but I feel it is kind of cheaty during normal competitive play otherwise. But if you like to play with that, you are able to program multiple buttons at once, just press the turbo button with the button you want to program and then when you press and hold that button next time it will autoclick. Do it again to disable it.

The battery has lasted forever for me (and I like that is has a usb C port instead of a micro like some of these offbrand controllers do), it even includes a cable, and the buttons feel smooth and responsive, and the grip feels very comfortable.

Overall this is a fantastic controller and at half the price of the pro controller you cant beat it.

 The D-Pad is too low and too close to the buttons on the right. Trying to play Mario Maker 2 with it sometimes becomes difficult, and pushing the right directional pad requires a little more effort than should be needed, as I have to reach my thumb over more than I'd like, and the rest of my hand will hit the L-Stick. I think the D-Pad should be where the L-Stick is, and the L-Stick where the D-Pad is, and it'd be more user responsive. Is the product good though? Absolutely. It's nice quality, though does feel a little cheap and light with the type of plastic used. I haven't had to charge it once yet with 2 weeks of use, so that's fantastic. It's just a really nice product for its price. If you need to go cheap, this is the item you DO want. Otherwise, look for something else more expensive. By no means does that mean this isn't worth your attention though. This is truly a fantastic item, but I need to be honest and critical. Just be wary of it if you have large hands like I do. If you're used to something like an XB1 controller, this may come as a bit of a weird feeling when using it. This controller also works on PC, but the controller scheme is the default Japanese one, where you need to press A to select things and B to go back, just like it is on the Switch in NA and JPN. You'd have to edit the controller mapping in the PC game.