NBA Live 06 - Xbox 360


  • NBA superstars jump to life with an enhanced Freestyle Control
  • Modify Your Superstars - Convert a Playmaker into a Scorer, a High-Flyer into a Stopper, and more
  • Each Superstar is now armed with distinct passes, dunks, or signature moves
  • Fast break basketball is back with an all-new game engine that lets the Freestyle Superstars exhibit their talents on the open court
  • Watch as players' physical attributes and abilities evolve throughout their careers; Off the court
  • You can choose your character - Power, Highflyer, Playmaker, Scorer, Sharpshooter, and Stopper
  • Used Create a staff with assistants, scouts, and trainers who assist in player development and progression throughout the year


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Platform:Xbox 360

NBA Live 06 delivers the major gameplay advancements and enhanced player graphics that real fans crave. The sport of basketball is elevated to a whole new level -- a totally enhanced transition game lets you take the point and deliver fast break passes on the fly as teammates run the lanes awaiting your pass. On defense, get inside and feel what it's like to block a dunk - or to be dunked on - as big bodies collide under the basket. Will you live in the paint or set up camp outside the arc? The choice is yours.

Product information Platform:Xbox 360 ASIN B0009WPZO0 Release date September 8, 2006

Disc was unreadable! Will never buy from this place ever again!!

The game worked great and I really enjoyed it! It was a fast 960G in one day and the graphics are great!

A Sports' NBA Live 06 was unimpressive and felt dated on the current generation consoles. They decided to go for another shot with Live 06 on the Xbox 360, and I'm disappointed when I say that there's still a lot to desire with this version of the game.

When you read this, you're reading it correctly: there are two gameplay modes in NBA Live 06. Two. There's Play Now, where you play an exhibition-style game with an NBA team against any other NBA team. Then there's Season, where you play through a season with an NBA team. After a season, you're finished with the game. There's no Dynasty mode, so you can't even continue after a single season. Needless to say, this game is so lacking in features that it's difficult to care much for it. There aren't even Freestyle moves that were bragged about in the current-generation versions. There is absolutely nothing creative about this game, spare the interactive main menu.

At least the gameplay on-court isn't bad. The controls are tight on the Xbox 360 version, which is a problem I had with the current-gen editions. There's a good balance between three-pointers, mid-range shots, and lay-ups and/or dunks. There aren't any stupid fouls or questionable shots. I only have two gameplay-related gripes. The first is that the free throw system is far too difficult to get a feel for. In order to shoot a good shot, you have to slowly drag the right thumbstick down, then slowly move it up. If there is much movement inbetween the up/down motion, you'll almost always brick the shot. The second problem is the camera. I'm pretty disgusted with the camera, actually. It's no matter which camera configuration you choose, almost every one of them is too far away from the court. I can't count the number of fast breaks I had to slow down in order to let the camera catch up to the action. Also, there were many times where I was under the basket, fighting other players for a rebound, only to lose the battle because I couldn't see what was going on.

This camera problem goes alongside some of the graphic issues that I have. NBA Live 06 is a beautiful game, no dobut. The courts look great and the player models are fantastic. There is a ton of detail, from player faces to crowd animation. The only problem is that everything nice starts to look ugly when animation frames start dropping and the frame rate drops to a disgusting level. Not only that, but some of the animations are still very unrealistic--I've seen players go for layups when they were at least a dozen feet away from the basket. I've seen players run one way, magically turn around on a dime, and complete a windmill dunk. I'd have thought that in a basketball game where the visuals were obviously such a large focus that maybe the animation would have been a little smoother and realistic.

Overall, NBA Live 06 still isn't on par with other basketball games. The gameplay still needs a few touches, there obviously needs to be more to do in the game, the glitchy animations and stuttery frame rate both need to be fixed, and I hope I never see such bad camera angles again. Even with these gripes, if you liked NBA Live on other consoles, I'd recommend that you rent Live 06 for the Xbox 360 to see the beginning of the next generation for this franchise.

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Live takes a below and beyond fall in it's competition with the 2K series


-Sweet graphics(On close ups, you can see the fantastic modeling on your favorite NBA players, and sweat)

-Marv Albert and Steve Keer comentating

-Updated rosters

-Still got create a player mode


-The camera angles are so poor it makes a bum seem as rich as the creator of this console.(Seriously, I can't see layups or dunks for the life of me cuz of the crappy camera angles.)

-2 Modes!?(This systems younger cousin had a crapload of more varietey than this usless excuse for modes)

-No superstar abilities(Well, everything from the previous version was just flat out stripped, including the modes)

-The gameplay went from fast-paced to slow.(Now I'm in a diffrent paced limbo. I'm used to rabbit speed, not a turtle)

-Too many blocks(Not a issue in the previous version, but I find me playing as Tim Duncan going for the dunk, and getting swatted by Chauncy billups. Ok now they've done something you never seen before. Good job EA!!)

-Ah, impossible free throw shooting(You know, I might have been able to eventually get over not having other modes, as long as I could win! Free throws just blow more than wind. I mean, they just completley threw away their old chemestry, and invented a crappy new one. Using the R trigger to go down and up. You can't limber to the left or right even a bit, and if your free throw shooter is 65% or below and on superstar, ods are you're gonna miss even if you get it right. I mean it isn't ingenious at all. I lost by 3 points on superstar against the Heat by going 2/33 at the free throw line(And I am dead freakin' serious about that). And I was leading near the end, but the kept fouling me, I kept missing, and they came back like a bad memory. The free throws just ruin everything, since I can't win, almost at all. My last shot is always blocked!)

NBA Live 06 is just another reason for bEe gAy sports to just bow down to the 2k series and seriously just give up. I mean even Madden blew donkey butt. With this masterpeice of crap EA just completley lost all my trust in them. I thought the Xbox version of NBA 06 sucked, man when I got a taste of this I vomited and thanked God I still kept my Xbox version. I mean at least in that game I can hit free throws to still win. I was hoping EA was holding out to make this better on the 360, but the took a giant crap on me and many other EA fans who bothered to shell out 10 more bux than the Xbox version to see if it would pay off and it didn't. No body should buy this overpainted version of NBA Live 2002(That was the last live game to have 2 modes). Go get 2k6(At least it stays to it's chemestry)


I can say, EA fails yet again, in making sports games. MAdden are all exactly the same. But i got to hand it to ya. Taking most of the game modes away does change the game much more then your over all year to year basis. 2k6 has been the best basketball developers since the dreamcast sports games. 2k6 shines 100% over this game. This game has great graphics dont get me wrong. But graphics dont make a game. A game is based on gameplay. dont get me wrong but 2k6 has amazing graphics also, the courts just need a little work. Everything else keeps to pace with live. But the gameplay is just plain horrible in live 2006. The players move like clay gumbys, and they all shoot the same way! EA has been making sports games for how long and still they Damn suck at making them! 2k6 i give you credit for making a better basketball game every year then EA, it may not sell as well, but it is much better. I work at a game store, and see more used nba lives, then i do cars on the streets. NBA live is just teh same as it was 10 years ago.