The Horde


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Product was well wrapped for shipping and come as ordered. It plays well so I am very happy with purchase.

The Horde is an interesting game. The game gets progressively more challenging and new weapons become accessible to the player as the game advances. Each level is different and various strategies are required to fight off the attackers. The sound effects are humorous and the video sequences are interesting.

This is a fun action/strategy game. What you do is set traps, and hire gaurds to help you fend off the horde. Once you are set up you have a real time battle against the horde. The coolest part is the special weapons you can buy with the money you earn (My favorites are the flame thrower, and the Triton that summons meteors). I haven't played any other game quite like this one, it ROCKS!!.

This game was one of the better progressive adventures I've played. The goals were clearly defined and not too easily gained. It takes quite a bit of strategic skill as well as fighting skill to finally take down the Horde and win...but don't win too soon-you'll be sad when this game is finally over!

I like the Horde. I played many times, but that was a while ago. I liked it alot, so much so that I want to buy it not. Two thumbs way up.