The House of the Dead


  • Conversion of the arcade hit; light gun support; exclusive gameplay modes; four chapters of action with branching storylines; 11 different types of enemies



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Zombies keep coming after you, and your only job is to fill them with hot lead. Plug in a light gun and challenge four chapters with branching storylines. In total, you'll have to defeat more than 11 types of enemies. All of the undead react realistically to your shots. When the going gets tough, you can have a friend help you with the two-player option. As a bonus, the Saturn version contains exclusive modes not found in the arcade. Try to defeat the evil hidden in THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD.

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I absolutely love this game!!!! It is one of the most incredible arcade games ever made and now I can play it in my own home in my very own room!!!!

What can I say about Sega Saturn's House of the Dead but, " IT"S FREAKING AWESOME!! " HOTD is a Sega Saturn exclusive on-rail, light gun shooting game that is just a blast to play. HOTD came to the arcades in 1996, and then was ported to the good old SS in 1998. HOTD is a single or multi-player game that I loved in the arcades back in the day, and when it was ported to the SS I was in light-gun heaven. You play as agent Thomas Rogan, or agent 'G' ( Thomas's partner ) and it's up to you to stop the crazed, and evil biochemist & geneticist Dr Roy Curien ( ooooh ) You must now battle hordes of killer zombies, monsters, and ultimately kill his greatest creation. " The Magician " ( double ooooh ) He's an humanoid demon that the " Good Doctor " created that has power over fire and gravity. You also battle "The Hanged Man" another sentient mutant that Dr Curien created. "The Hermit" is my favorite monster to fight, he's a spider/crab like creature that just looks cool. When you start the game you're faced with different situations in which your actions ( or in-actions ) will determine what rout you take, or what baddies you might face. You have on the screen 'torches' that tell you how much life you have, when your torches are gone, you die. ( and you will die! )......( lots! ) If you find a first aid kit, it restores one torch. The graphics aren't as good as the arcade and look a little grainy, but still not bad at all for the day. The voice-overs are cheesy as hell ( I love cheesy voice acting ) and adds a certain charm to the game. The colors are crisp, and the game is just pure fun. I love the way Sega made killing the zombies and assorted monsters so life like. If you shoot a limb, it falls off the body. If you shoot them ( the zombies, pay attention! ) in the chest, you blow a big hole in it. If you hit 'um in the head, it blows right off. ( or up ) Blood, lots of blood! But Sega did give us a little extra in the home port of this game. There are different game modes, a boss battle mode, ( very fun ) a character select, and different endings. The ending you get depends on how fast you complete the game, how many continues you use, and how many innocent people you shoot. Did I forget to mention you lose a torch when you shoot an innocent bystander? Oops sorry, you do! I couldn't believe how expensive this game can be, and I've seen them go for over a 150 dollars, WOW! That's because they only made 5000 of them for the North American market. Is it worth the price? Yeah, it is to me! I played it again the other night and boy did I forget how tired my arm could get, but that's okay, I love this game! House of the Dead is the best light gun game ever made hands down, and must be in any self respecting Sega Saturn collection! " Happy zombie killing! "

I use to play The House of the Dead in the arcades,but this version isn't too bad,but it should of been better looking than this one.I blame the companies that didn't help support the Sega Saturn,this system was allot more powerful than the Playstation(main competition),but they barely had any third party support.

The problem with this game,it can be summoned up in two problems: the graphics and loading.The graphics are pretty bad and I don't care that much about graphics I play 2d fighters mostly.The loading is bad because it loads in the middle of the game instead of loading only at the beginning,that wouldn't be that bad.In 1998,their was barely any games released on Saturn,they weren't selling so they stop selling them in America.This game is rare and quite expensive and I don't think it's worth buying unless you collect it,if you just want to play it once in a while get the import version.I have an hdtv so I can only it on my mom's crt tv.I bought the Action Replay 4-in-1 and bought the import game and then the light gun and then you can play it.

Anyways,if you take out the bad graphics,this game is pretty fun,if you can save the person from getting killed or not,you can go in different paths.Just get the Action Replay or mod chip and the import version,so then its cheaper and it's even in english.

Pros: different paths to choose from,fun with 2 players,nice replay value,voice acting,Sega Stunner is the perfect light gun for this

Cons: green blood,loading time,bad graphics,too short like most light gun games,hard to find U.S. version

Before zombie media became the huge business that it is today, there was House of the Dead. This game claimed many of my quarters in arcades in the mid to late 90's (and still does if I happen to run across the machine somewhere). All the sequels have been released across multiple platforms, but if you want to play the original on a home console, that honor still belongs to the Saturn. To date, the Sega Saturn release is the only home system version of the game.

House of the Dead is simply one of the best light gun games ever made. For those of us who grew up with an NES playing Duck Hunt and Hogan's Alley, then a Sega Genesis or Super NES playing Lethal Enforcers and Terminator 2, not to mention the myriad of arcade shooters like all the American Laser Games titles, this was a logical progression - but man, was it a huge leap in quality! A fully 3D shooting environment with mobile enemies (not just peeking out from behind things), horror atmosphere, jump-out scares, creative art design, boss battles with some variety, and ZOMBIES! What's not to like? The only real arcade shooter competition at the time was Time Crisis - which is also a great game, but I personally will always take the horror theme if given the choice.

The Sega Saturn version is not perfect. The graphics are inferior to the arcade version and the frame rate runs a little slower, but remember that in 1998, this was to be expected. No home system could truly handle what a dedicated arcade machine could deliver at the time (although the Saturn did come pretty close with 2D fighters).

House of the Dead was one of the last handful of games released for the failing Sega Saturn system in North America. Sales and interest in the system had never been incredibly strong, but dedicated fans kept it afloat as long as possible - but as it became clear that the masses had jumped on the Sony Playstation bandwagon, Saturn releases became more and more scarce. It is my understanding that only about 5000 copies of House of the Dead were produced/released for the US Saturn system. The scarcity of the game, combined with the continued popularity of the series and the fact that the original game has never been re-released, contribute to very high prices. Is it worth what's being asked? For me, yes. If you want to see where it all started or relive those quarter-wasting days spent in the arcades, this is the way to do it. There is a cheaper, more readily available Japanese import version of the game - however, it should be noted that the "blood" in the game is green in the Japanese version and it has the original Japanese voice acting. So, if you want to get as close as possible to the true arcade experience you remember with red blood and terrible English voice acting, spend the extra money and opt for the US release.