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Scud: The Disposable Assassin is an Action game, developed by Syrox Developments and published by SegaSoft, which was released in 1997.

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I remember being a young man of about 15 when I saw my first John Woo movie. I believe it was 'The Killer' but it could have been 'Hard Boiled', I had purchased a VHS two-pack containing both and I wound up watching them back to back because they were probably the most amazing thing I had ever seen at that time. So, of course, I was obsessed with John Woo from that point out. I sought out as many of his films as I could and any time a game featured dual-wielding of handguns and/or diving and shooting I would almost instinctively purchase it (when Max Payne and Gungrave came out I almost had a heart attack).

So imagine, if you will, what I must have felt when I read that there was this comic-book based game being released very soon that featured 'john-woo inspired gunplay' (as I read in the most recent issue of GamePro magazine). They claimed that the main character would not only be doing the John Woo dual-wield, but that the game also featured dodge/dive shooting. I had to have this game . . . the only problem . . . it was being released on Sega Saturn and I only had the Playstation. I waited a while, hoping that the game would get ported to the Playstation, but sadly, that was never to be. I tried saving up for a Sega Saturn, but I was an impulsive child and ultimately would spend the money on other things. Slowly, I let the game drift off into the cloud of games I would never play . . .

. . . until now! Yes! Being now an "adult" with a "well-paying job" I have been searching for those forgotten gems of yesteryear. Games that I may have played once upon a time and foolishly parted ways with and others that I never had the chance to play! In this spirit I purchased a Sega Saturn and a copy of Scud.

Having finally played this game after almost 20 years of anticipation (sort of), I can confidently report that it is amazingly mediocre!! Yeah . . . It's pretty average side scrolling shooter that feels a little bullet-hell-ish with how many enemies come flying at you. You can play two player standard (which is nice) or (if you have an older TV and a lightgun) you can get a second player to use the lightgun and play a support shooter for you (like a distant sniper). Very cool concept, actually, it's just a shame that the game is otherwise underwhelming.

Sud is a good game with some cool graphics, but as soon as you get to the second stage you'll be confused as to where to go. It has many coradores and some lead right to the beginning of the stage. If you can put up with this and look for a walkthrough online then it might be fun. I'm stuck and haven't had time to look for one, but when I play it I still have fun. It sounds strange, but it's true. My suggestion is before you buy find the walkthrough and make sure it's your type of game.


Oh come on now you big cry baby, this game is great! The other reviewer said, " It feels half finished and doesn't do any justice to the franchise it represents." ( wow, a lot of big words ) This is only my opinion but, "I think it's dead on to the comic book". No game is perfect including this one, but it is a fun game to play nevertheless! ( I can use big words too! ) What could be funner than playing a robot assassin purchased from a vending machine? The opening plot sequence is very cool, and it really sets the mood of the game, a dark cartoon-like comedy. Scud: The Disposable Assassin can be played with one or two players, with the control pad or the Saturn gun, or both at the same time. ( Cool! ) If you play with a friend, they can play as Drywall, Scuds sidekick. He is a lot of fun to play, Drywall can smack badies with his bag-o-tricks or shoot with his Piranha gun. The graphics are good for the day, and the sound FX are great. True, the 2nd level is a bit confusing, but who wants a game that is to easy anyway. Scud: The Disposable Assassin is a great old school shoot-em-up that is a lot of fun. It might not be everybody's cup-o-tea, but if you like dark, twisted, comical, cartoony, sick, strange, bad-ass shoot-em-ups look no further, Scud's got your back! "Happy shooting"

Great pricing, fast shipping ty

Great game and has great replay value. Two modes of play controler or gun or both at the same time.

Even as an enormous fan, i find there is no fun to be had with the game, it's frustrating, feel like it's halffinished and doesn't do ANY justice to the franchise it represent, this is like what the league of exrtraordinary gentlemen the movie been to the original graphic novel.

I love everything about this comic! It's weird, creepy, fun, artistic, random, and interesting. The artwork is vibrant and out of this world. Great to read and pick up at anytime. Read a few pages here and there or do like me and binge on it!