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This game is great to dive into if you like old-school video games. It's not annoying like the new games (such as MLB 2K7) when it comes to just figuring out how to bat, pitch and catch.
This is a very intuitive game, The menus are great, and it is very fast paced. you don't have to move your bat up and down and decide where you want to place it before you swing. You simply just swing the bat, It is all in the timing!, This game provides very good replay value. It is definitely one you want to place in your Sega Saturn collection.


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Great deal!!!!!

I bought a Saturn used, with two games;World Series Baseball II, and nights. I own many games on saturn, playstation, and Dreamcast, but the best game that i own is WSB II. The graphics may not be on par with games on dreamcast, and playstation, but the fun factor, and replay factor is very high. With a great Exhibition, and Season mode, you can just play those games for hours. There are other modes including; playoffs, and team data, where you can check the stats of all of the teams, and all of the players, but my favorite is the Homerun Derby mode. In this mode you can pick any players, from any team, and try and knock the ball out of the park in any stadium you choose. You can pick from 1-4 players, making this game a good choice to use if you have friends over. You can also find this game for very little money at most places that sell Saturn games. If you have a Saturn, this is a must buy! If you don't, i would recomend you go buy a used saturn anywhere from 25-35 dollars, just to play this game!

Arguably, one of the best video baseball games ever made. Yeah, too bad that not too many (if any) video baseball games couldn't follow all the good chemestries that this one got, afterwards. CLASSIC BASEBALL VIDEO GAME!!! That's for sure...