Christmas Nights into Dreams


  • Limited Edition Christmas-themed version of Nights



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Twas the Nights before Christmas and all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse... Well, maybe a virtual winter world filled with unbelivable real-time effects, fantastic creatures and beautiful Christmas themes. Seasons Greetings from Sega!

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This game is an absolute treasure. Even though it is just a sample, there is so much to do, and it makes a great edition to the holiday spirit! An absolutely wonderful childhood memory

If you read my review about NiGHTS into Dreams, you know I love that game. Saying that I must now say, I love this game almost as much. I paid 1.99 for it in 1997 and what a bargain it was. True, it has only two levels but so what, it was a great Christmas present to us Saturn owners. It is a great ( but short ) game, and I always play it at Christmas time. I live where it's hot most of the year and seeing snowfall, candy canes, and all things Christmas in one of my favorite games makes me just feel good! The graphics are just as good as the original, and the sound F/X are just as good too! This surprised me a bit knowing it was a "demo" of sorts. It is great fun to play Sonic in a NiGHTS game like this, trippy, very trippy! So basically for a freebie, this game ROCKS. If I would have paid for it what I paid for my new Saturn games, yeah, it would have seemed like a rip-off! But now knowing what I know about the game, I would pay good money for it and still be happy. I'm a Sega Saturn whore with over 120+ games for the system, ( I still play them ) and I am proud to call Christmas NiGHTS one of them! It's an other great bit of software from the Sonic Team. "Happy flying boy's & girl's!"

Christmas Nights: This is a demo-verison that is time-affected. Meaning that certain events in the game might happen depending on the date and the time. Sadly there is only TWO levels for the entire game itself, Eliot's Dream from the first level and Clari's dream "Spring Valley" from Nights Into Dreams. That's it.

Once you beat a level you have the option of opening presents. In order to open presents you must flip over two of the same cards. Your given four chances. Be aware if you flip over a "Reela" Card all your chances are taken and you'll have to beat the level again. And there is a sonic version available on Christmas Nights, in order to get that you must flip over the Sonic Cards during the "Present Time" screen (beat the level first).

If you wait around long enough during credits you'll be able to hear the song "In The Night" sang by Boys II in this version. You'll also see a special Christmas addition cut-scene in the title-screen. Get all the presents and good grades and you'll get a "Christmas" ending with a sleeping egg-head angel monkey thing (Nightopians?), again this is time-effected so this might happen when it's actually Christmas.

A nice collection to add to any NiGHTS fan. Too bad Sega didn't do ALL the levels in this edition, otherwise I would have given it a higher rate.

It's great fun, an absolute blast. But the whole 'Sonic level' bit doesn't exist in the one I played; which very clearly calls itself 'Christmas Nights'. This may be different.

Either way, an awesome blast to play. I loved it, great fun, and a great first experience on the system for me.

Highly reccomend this one!

It was great of SEGA to place a meaningful sticker on a great sampler.

Christmas NIGHTS into dreams is wonderful.

The most amazing thing is you get to play as Sonic in the first level.

The Boss? None other than Dr. Robotnik himself, an edited version of the real first boss.

There are several other modes that will keep you playing but shadow the sonic mode.(or rather Sonic into dreams).

SEGA, thanks for your (cheap for today's standards) hacking tirelessly to make this great rarity.

great game , and got it only 2 days after I placed order. it was in good shape. no issues