Sonic 3D Blast


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Platform:Sega Genesis

sega genesis fun game

Product information Platform:Sega Genesis ASIN B00005C4GR

It did not come with a case as shown and the game was supposed to be in very good condition. I feel like it was not in good condition and the game itself was starting to fail. Disappointed mainly because very good condition usually means it’s not starting to fail and was hoping for the case as shown

Bought as a gift for an avid Sonic lover, and he enjoyed it very much! Perfect quality.

If you don't like simple 3D games, I think you'd find this a bit too challenging for your taste. I was playing Sonic 2 before I decided to give this a go, and it stunned me how different, but similar the games actually were. Once I got a hang of the controls and the environment, Its an interesting and fun game.

fast shipping A++++++++++

It was in great condition, and it works perfectly fine. A bit pricey for my taste, but I can get over that.

the game isnt bad but its not good ether this is one of those games that makes the blue hog look bad.
if you buy it remember the time it came from.

Came in great condition, no label damage.
It worked well. This game is underrated.

It was fine

Fun little game for the genesis, try it out if you're a sonic fan!