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A must for a sega saturn owner!,2d shooting at its best!, amazing soundtrack and bosses, definatly get this before it starts to get more expensive and trust me it will, my favorite darius perfectly done no downfalls what so ever, so get it before there gone for good!

Great sequel to Sagaia for Sega Genesis. Love the backgrounds and power-ups and much improved graphics, courtesy of the Sega Saturn.

Wow, this game has kicked my butt for ever, well since 1997 anyway. I had this game on the NES, and the only way I could beat it was to use a Sp. controller W/ rapid-fire and slo-mo. I know, I know, it's cheating, but I wasn't a spring chicken. It was a hard, hard game to beat. So back to my Saturn port, I still love playing Darius Gaiden now, and I still have to cheat! I'm 59 and a 2D game junky, and still love playing old school games like this. So what I did, was get a Game Shark and boy am I having fun. I beat the game the other night and did I feel guilty? I think not! I will be playing this game a lot now that I have an edge. Whats great is, when you beat a level you have different ways to go into the other levels, and so you can change the game the way you want. So, I have been getting killed for so long now I'll never get tired of kicking it's butt. This game has so many great bosses, ( really big ones ) and the colors are so vivid, and the worlds so varied, that this will always be a favorite game of mine. I must admit that the black hole bombs are about the coolest weapon I have ever seen! This game is a Sega Saturn diamond in the rough, and it shows that this system is the absolute 2D powerhouse of the 90s. "Happy old school gaming"

The Darius Series has been around for at least 16 years. Since the original release of the original arcade game Darius, with it's 3 part screen in 1985 (or maybe it was '86?) it has had at least one incarnation on every popular system other than the Original NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), Nintnedo 64, and Dreamcast. Amongst Fans of the genre, the Darius Series is known for 4 things, It's progressive level selection System , It's unusual themes, It's gigantic Bosses, and it's unforgiving difficulty.
Probably the first thing you will notice when you play this game is the fact that all the enemies look like mechanical marine life, this is not a coinsedence. The Belsar Empire (the main bad guys in the games) make all their ships look like marine life, These include all kinds of fish, Crustaceans, Mollusk, and even the Ocasional Starfish or Jelly fish, all mechanical, and very cool looking. The bosses in this game are huge and are usually never stationary, they move around the screen a lot.
After you beat each level you are presented with a map of squares representing levels laid out in a bowling pin fashion. After you have beaten a stage in a column, you can choose between the two most adjacent stages in the next column. There are seven columns in all and seven endings to this game depending on which stage you choose to complete last.
The game is dificult for two reasons, first, powering up your ship is a proggressive proccess of picking up enough like colored power-ups, when you get hit and restart, you only keep the power ups you had if you had managed to upgrade your weapon, if you don't get any more power ups again and get hit, then you downgrade, The other thing that makes this game difficult is the shear amount of bullets that will appear on the screen at one time.
Fortunately, you have a limited number of special bombs that destroy every enemy on screen (start with 3). These bombs also create a black hole effects and suck in all the bullets on screen, but of course, more bullets will come and the game gets really crazy.
All in all, the reason this game is the best is because it never fails to live up to the original Darius model, Unlike the two previous Darius games, both on Super NES. In fact, it adds to the model without inhibiting anything traditional.