Panzer Dragoon - Sega Saturn


  • Awesome 3D arcade graphics!



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This game is quite interesting in that it was one of the sega Saturn series games to have 3 on them and continue long after the system was dropped suddenly. This game is a hogpog of many different elements like Gameplay of StarFox, artstyle reminisent of French artist Mobius (who did the Japanese art cover for it) and setting very familiar to Hayao Miyazaki fans like Naussica of the Valley of the Wind. All these elements collide together in a very abstract and quite pleasing to look at game that spans 7 levels in a arcade style game. all SEga Saturn gamers should own this one.

If you're a fan of rail-shooters (Star Fox, Space Harrier, etc.) then you'll love this. The 32-bit graphics look great if you're into retro games of this sort and the soundtrack is gorgeous. The gameplay is a ton of fun too, though you'll be trying more than a few times to finish the game as it certainly is a tough one. One of the best Saturn games out there.

Received in excellent condition. A must have for the Saturn. The original game that started it all. Take a step back in time and appreciate the awesome 32-bit graphics for it's era.

I bought this for my older brother. it is a very good game from sega's better days. a 3D rail shooter. Panzer dragoon saga is a much better game but it has become a rare and expensive game.

In the same genre as starfox but in this one you can shoot all around you which adds a lot of depth to the game. Fun fast and at times frustrating. Graphics are dated but still fun and imaginative looking. Check out Japan box art. Its way cool and puts you in the mood to explore the world of the panzer dragoon games.

The game disc is in excellent shape. The case got beat up in transit but super glue fixed it right up. Not much you can do about that with these Saturn game cases. Very happy with this purchase

This was a launch title in the early 90's for the Sega Saturn and it still holds the test of time. A 3D rail shooter with a great sound track. You have to play this game through an entertainment center to get the full scope of this game.

Played it back then, but really getting to enjoy now..........