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Back in the day, the gaming magazine E.G.M. gave Skeleton Warriors an official "poo-poo", personally I love the game! Like in most things entertainment, if the " professional " critics didn't like something I usually really liked it, and Skeleton Warriors was no exception! Most people don't remember that it was a Saturday morning cartoon show in the early 1990's, my son and I watched some of them but it was canceled soon after it aired. So when the video game came out on the Sega Saturn we bought it even though it had a low review rating. In the game you play Prince Lightstar, and you are out to stop the evil Baron Dark ( they could have come up with better names ) from taking over the planet with the help of a power crystal that changes everything into skeletons. The graphics are top-notch for the day. The game has 3-D rendered backgrounds and characters, and with pre-renderd sprites and polygonal backgrounds ( that's why the Saturn 2-D games always looked so good ) for a beautiful looking game. The colors are vivid, and the soundtrack is simply awesome! I really love the gothic chanting that pops up from time to time, very creepy. Besides this being a side-scroller, it also has 3-D levels where you ride a skybike collecting power-ups and shooting the evil armies of Baron Dark. With it's over 21 levels and more bad guys than you shake a stick at, ( or sword ) you have your work cut out for you! You slash with your sword, or shoot blasts of energy from it to dispatch the baddies back to the hell that spawned them. You fight Skeletons, demons, bats, spiders, wolves, and many more monsters of Baron Dark's army. I love these old Sega Saturn games that remind me of what gaming was at one time, great game play will live on forever. " happy slicing! "

Very fun game. For me, it holds up pretty well still today. nothing groundbreaking or innovative but it has solid gameplay and most important is it's fun.

I am a new Saturn owner having missed it and all these fun games the first time around. This game is fun. Graphics are nice but not amazing. There is good atmosphere and animations as you slash the skeletons. I dont think there is any comparison with Shinobi Legions. Legions does it all so much better, but this one is fun and easy to get into with a fun story.

Fun game. But for me it has more nostalgic value than anything else.