NYKO Cobra Light Gun


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NyKo Super Cobra or simply Cobra Lightgun was a light gun for the Sega Saturn, and Sony Playstation consoles. Although short lived in line of production, it has received excellent reviews and continues to be a well used light gun even on newer consoles to this day. Two versions were released one with a split-way containing the Saturn and one with a GunCon plug.

Product information ASIN B000035XW4

The original reason I bought a Sega Saturn was to play arcade classics such as Area 51, so a gun was necessary. The official "Stunner" was a bit pricy so I gave this one a try and it works great! Accuracy is perfect and the extra functions are nice. The only downside I find is that the auto-reload + auto-fire setting doesn't work well on some games, but the auto-reload alone works perfect.

I should also mention that this gun works for the original Playstation so whether you have a Playstation, a Saturn, or both, pick this up, a copy of Area 51(also available for both), and bring the arcade home!

For me, this is the ultimate light gun. I have both a PSX and a sega Saturn so it was very important to track this one down as a second light gun. I’ve also never really run into any issues with them.

With some light gun games the auto fire/reload functions on the gun won't work correctly (or at all), so do some research beforehand. Accuracy was spot-on for me, a rarity as these consoles/TVs/light guns get older. I can't speak of the gun's quality on a PS1/other compatible consoles. This is probably the cheapest light gun you can find for the Saturn.

I'd give it 0 stars if I could. Does not work with Sega Saturn without some sort of adapter. Basically they lie to you.