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3D platform adventure.

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Platformer fans, come and get it! Gex for the Sega Saturn is a platform game originally released on the 3DO in 1994, and it was ported to the SS in 1996. GEX is brought to us by the good folks at Crystal Dynamics, who also gave us The Hord and Pandemonium. ( both great SS games I own ) GEX is a wisecracking gecko, not unlike the many mascots of the 90s. I.E. Sonic, Bubsy, Crash Bandicoot, Bug, Awesome Possum, Spot, Tempo, heck, there's to many to mention. GEX the gecko is a TV junky that one day eats a fly buzzing around his head, that in reality is a mini transmitter of sorts. ( Oh Oh ) An ominous hand then reaches out of the TV set and pulls him back into the set, Gex then finds himself in a strange media dimension world. This dimension is ruled by the evil overlord Rez, ( Ooooooh ) and he want's to make GEX his personal slave to help him take over the world. You ( and GEX ) travel through: The Jungle Isle, The Cemetery, New Toonland, and Kung Fuville. After you beat the bosses: Flatulator, Toxic Turtle, Morphina, and Sun Snake, you then take the remotes you collected and go to the mysterious planet X, and then battle Rez himself. GEX's voice overs are great, they're done by the comedian Dana Gould and are very funny, and the music & F/X are awesome too! Besides walking GEX can run, crawl on walls and ceilings, perform the ever popular tail whip, tail bounce, hurl, ( I like it ) and do the tongue lash. You also can collect power-ups to use now, or later. There is a lot of juicy bugs to eat to keep your strength up, and there are passwords to save your games with. I just love platforming games, and GEX is certainly one of the best old school ones out there! The graphics are great, the colors crisp, and the gameplay simply rocks. Gex for the Sega Saturn must be in your collection!!! " Happy Gaming! "

Gex is a great game from the 90's. It has lots of secret areas to find, and is fun to play. Comedian Dana Gould does the voice for gex giving him life with all kinds of one liners. I would recommend this game to anyone who loves side scrollers, or enjoy great games from early consoles.

Came in great condition! The game itself isn't that great, but that's not the seller's problem.


This game is pretty sweet. You can walk around on the walls like you would expect a gecko to, and has a tongue attack and tail swipe. It also has some pretty challenging worlds. Hes also voiced by a comedian so hes got some entertaining phrases for different circumstances. Very colorful and worth some time devoted to it. Give this unique platformer a play, especially if you liked the original rayman or rayman origins, ive got no complaints a out this one.