Virtual On: Cyber Troopers - Sega Saturn


  • Features eight Virtualoids
  • 10 arenas
  • Free range of movement
  • Multiple endings
  • Two-player support



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Strap yourself into the cockpit of a Virtualoid and grab any weapons you can find because you're about to battle 50-foot cyborg mercenaries. Take on the massive enemy in 10 different arenas where you have complete freedom of movement including the capacity for flight. Which of the multiple endings you receive will depend on how well you fight. Once you have mastered the ability to make your computerized challengers fall into a heap with ease, try to do the same thing with your friends. Keep your Virtualoid in one piece in VIRUAL ON: Cyber Troopers.

Product information ASIN B00004SW0M

Virtual On is a brilliant addition to any Saturn owner's library. It mightn't be as good as Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram on the Dreamcast, but it's still a good game otherwise.

The good:
* Graphics pretty good for the Saturn.
* The control is superb, very pick-up-and-play.
* Fully customizable controls, unlike VOOT on the DC.
* Fast and fluid combat.
* The music is fun and exciting. Maybe too cheery for it's own good, but it definitely fits with the bright, bold graphics.

The bad:
* Framerate isn't amazing [but not anything too bad, 30fps]
* Balance is rather different than arcade Virtual On.
* Some of the stages have been cut down somewhat from the arcade.
* Dashing feels a bit slippery. You can stop a dash by pressing the opposite direction you move and pressing dash, but it still feels strange.
* Some of the sound effects are a bit annoying.

All in all, I've found myself playing this version more than VO:OT on the DC, and it's definitely one of the best mech action games out there.

This game is the best one on the Saturn for me, and would have been even better had I tracked down and bought the intended joystick controls for it. Regardless, I love it and if you want it you should grab it before they become impossible to find!

We purchased this game as a Christmas present for my 8 year old son. He loves playing on his Dad's old Sega Saturn system. A BIG hit with him and he was thrilled to receive it! He has thoroughly enjoyed playing this game and it was definitely worth the money.

There is really only one thing to say about this game...IT'S AWESOME!!!I've played in the arcades and immediatly I'm drawn in to its great gameplay and awesome visuals.You can play as several robots which each have different attacks.I recommend the blue and white robot for newbies because he's fast and easy to control.Also if you're a Gundam Wing fan, you'll love this game. Oh,yeah all you Armored Core fans out there,if you don't have a PS2 and need a good robot game to tie you over until you can buy one and get Armored Core 2, this is the game you've been looking for.Also, after you beat the game,you won't want to stop playing and give up the game.So if you need a good fighting game,buy Virtual On,you won't be sorry.


check it out, and play online with people!!!