Mcbazel 6ft Audio Video AV Cable for Sega Mega Drive Genesis 2


  • Works with AV ready TV's
  • Compatible with Sega Genesis 2 only
  • Cable Length: approximately 6ft



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- Works with AV ready TV's
- Compatible with Genesis 2 only

Weight: approximately 98g
Cable Length: approximately 6ft

Package Includes:
1 x AV Cable for Genesis 2

Product information ASIN B001U23RBG

I got my Genesis for $20 from a woman at my Church. The RF Unit was great , but I was getting tired of it fading to static and looking fuzzy. To solve this , I bought the AV Adapter . I must say , it gives PERFECT , SHARP Video and STUNNING , CLEAR Audio. It's much easier to plug in and use than the RF Unit , because I had to set mine to Channel 4 since the Game was extra-fuzzy on Channel 3 (TV is on that Channel , so there was interference) and you have to use the remote to get to that Channel (it won't let you do it from the TV , which I would like to do when I go to turn on the Genesis). With this I could just change it to the AV Channel and turn on the Genesis.

By now you're probably wondering what the problem is with this product. Well , here it is. When you use the AV Adapter on a Model 2 Genesis (Can't speak for anything else , as I don't own a Model 3 , Nomad , or 32X) and you play ANY Sonic Game (excluding Spinball and Mean Bean Machine ; there are no Rings in the latter) you have a big problem with the Rings Sounds and BGM. When you get one Ring : nice , great sounding , "GLING". Next time , very faint , almost impossible to hear when running through multiple Rings , "gling" , just like with the Emulated Compilations made for Modern Systems. Also most of the Music in STH3 and S&K sounds off. Very , VERY annoying . I also found that the Sub-Boss Music was missing the main part of the BGM in Sonic 3 and Knuckles! Plus the Final Boss BGM in Sonic 2 was "Drowned out" by the Death EGG Robot stomping. That pushed me off the edge , to the point that I wanted to return the Product. But , before I did that , I did some experimenting . I put the red wire in the white hole and that fixed the STH2 Final Boss Music and the S3K Sub-Boss Music , but then the Doomsday Zone Boss was missing part of the BGM. So that meant I had to switch the cables around when a different BGM plays. Very troublesome.

After a few days using this , I switched back to the RF Unit. I plugged it in a fidgeted with it and got the Picture quality looking much better. This cable has way too many Sound problems , and no amount of crystal clear Picture can make up for that. The idea is good , but it doesn't work. If I try again , I will get the one made by Retro-Bit , as they seem more quality. This is what mine was like , and it MAY just be this cable , but I'm not sure. If you can think of a way to fix any of these problems , please tell me in the comment section below. GOD BLESS!

Disregard the review that claims this product does not produce full stereo sound, as well as falsely claiming that the only Stereo sound out of any Sega Genesis(there are 3 different models and one fully portable version of the Genesis hardware= the Nomad) is through the headphone jack of the Model 1 Genesis. NOT TRUE! if you read the review, the writer says that he tried this cable on his model 3 Genesis and it only split the mono sound into 2 channels instead of full Stereo, well that makes sence because the Model 3 Genesis(The slimmed down 1997 rerelease of the system that is the worst version of the Genesis as far as audio quality) ONLY produces MONO sound, however it is compatible with all Model 2 Genesis cables. This cable will give you full stereo sound out of your Model 2 Genesis(not as good of sound quality as the Model 1/Nomad's thick bass) and some Model 2 Genesis systems will produce the most immaculate, sharp video/color quality that you can possibly get out of a Genesis game with these cables. There were several different motherboard revisions for the model 2 depending on where the console was manufactured, some have Sony video encoder chips which are very high end(go to [...] for more info) and produce a razor sharp, crystal clear video signal with these cables.

I bought these primarily for my Sega Nomad. The Nomad is a portable system that can also function as a home console with a second controller port and compatibility with these cables, as well as every standard Sega Genesis cartridge. I was shocked to discover that the Nomad has the Sony Video encoder chip and the same deep bass audio(possibly even more bass) as the Model 1 Genesis, so with these cables through a Sega Nomad you are gauranteed the best possible audio and video quality for Genesis games(substantially better than the hd Sonics ultimate Genesis collection on your 360 or ps3. Noticeably better, this will breathe new life into your Genesis collection.

I have a Sega Genesis 2 and needed a cable to swap out my RF connection. I made sure to check my output connection for my Genesis and it had 9 pins, just as this product does. Upon arrival, I plugged this into my television, it worked perfectly on my Sony LCD TV (KDL-40V5100). I also tried plugging it into my auxiliary (AUX) connection on Onkyo NR-828; however, only the audio was transmitted (the video did not display). I have since purchased the Flashmen Mini Composite AV CVBS 3RCA to HDMI Video Converter Adapter, which is sometimes hit or miss with transmitting the audio from the cable. I took off a star because it's been intermittent once or twice, but this cable itself is worth it if you want to dust off your old console.

The picture in the item description shows a stereo AV cable, but the one I received is mono only.

My Sega CDX has one of the old 3-pin connector cables - that means if I moved the controller the wrong way or sneezed, I ran the risk of losing the picture or the sound whenever I hooked up this game system.

This cable worked right out of the box. It took about a minute to hook up, and the picture clarity has vastly improved. I know, it's a Sega CD, which has grainy video anyway...but it's clear grain!

I would highly recommend this cable for any retro gamers who own a Sega CDX, or any of the Sega Genesis 2 or 3 consoles.

Even though he and all the other kids of this generation are used to 3D graphics of the newer systems, my grandson can't seem to get enough of the Sega Nomad. I guess it's because it seems a little different to what he's used to and it's probably a lot easier. I admit it. When I got introduced the PS2 & PS3 systems I was also was intimidated by those controllers. Now everything is Sony Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo Wii so I had to go online to get the cables from Amazon of course because mine went bad the older gaming technology is no longer being sold in the major stores. Again Amazon never fails to come through epecially when you're looking for something that's hard to find.