Soldiers of Fortune - Sega Genesis


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Soldier of Fortune offers something most games of the time could not.

Great graphics,
Great sound, some of the best on the genesis.
Action shooter with RPG elements.
Even has a save feature.

If you like classics, this is one of the best at the time and is still better today that a lot of games and offers hours of treasures, cool settings, cool enemies, intense fun. Very creative game.

Nothing but memories. my dad and I would play this when I would get home from school.

I remember when ELECTRONIC GAMING MONTHLY first reviewed this genesis title (they gave it 8 out of 10)and I wanted to purchase it then, but could not yet afford. This title was ahead of it's time(like GUNSTAR HEROES meets GAIN GROUND) and even TODAY's shooter games don't have these types of options.(strange, huh?) A true shooter experience.