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As Johnny McQuinn you've got a date with destiny. Return to Patu San and claim your birthright as its ruler! There's only one catch. First you've got to achieve ultimate mastery of the martial arts. What's next? Peer into the future not with a crystal ball but with Sega Game Gear system. Then kick into action to combat Colonel Chi's infamous ninja death squads and regain your kingdom!!

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I love the Surf Ninjas game. The Surf Ninjas game is just like the movie. The game started out being hard as hell. I remember it took me 8 years to beat the whole game on the Surf Ninjas after having problems on how to defeat Colonel Chi on the last level and how to get access to The Cave Of The Ancients level to retrieve the weapon of Kwantzu to use to defeat Colonel Chi. After watching the movie, I was able to learn to get access to The Cave Of The Ancients level to get the weapon of Kwantzu. Other than that, this is a good game and I highly recommend this game to anyone that still have their Sega Game Gear System.