Sonic Chaos


  • Join Sonic and Tails in a race to gather emeralds
  • Watch out for Dr. Robotnik and the other evil bosses
  • Make your way through 6 zones of play
  • Play as either Sonic or Tails
  • For 1 player



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Cartridge only. Cartridge and/or label will show some wear, including discoloration, tearing, writing, or other cosmetic issues. Guaranteed functional or replacement.

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The exclusive Sonic games for the Game Gear (for the most part) are criminally overlooked gems. And this one is no different. It's great fun. However, Unless you're super into GG and are willing to do screen/capacitor swaps, I would recommend getting this for your 3ds, wii/U, or on the Sonic collections that are out there

Sonic Chaos is the best game ever. I love this game. Pretty much, all the levels is easy to beat. And the Special Stages is easy too when you play with Sonic. With Tails, you don't have to do the Special Stages. My favorite 2 levels is Gigapolis and Electric Egg. I highly recommend this game to anyone that still have their Sega Game Gear System.

Doesn’t work

My son loved it as a Christmas gift.

Cartridge is in good condition and fully functional

amazing old school game love it!!

my kid never plays it

Like the Master System/Game Gear games that succeeded it, Sonic Chaos features all of the high-speed fast-paced action you would always expect from a good Sonic game, as well as short levels, though.

The level design is interesting, but normally, I'd beat an act in under a minute. The graphics are also neatly detailed and not bad to look at. The sounds and music are good, but the music isn't memorable. Strangely, that also seems to go for Sonic Triple Trouble and Sonic Blast (two of the games that succeeded this).

What I find to be pretty cool are the item boxes that contain springs. As shown on the boxart, it's like bouncing as high as Mario with a pogo stick.

This game is a forgotten Sonic classic that deserves more attention. Heck, pretty much all of Sonic Game Gear games need as much attention. This game is as good as any 2D Sonic game out there.