Concept 4 Racing Wheel for Sega Dreamcast


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Concept 4 Racing Wheel for Sega Dreamcast

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I bought this wheel after trying both this one and the Madcatz wheel. I won't dis their wheel (it does have a stick-shift, after all), but I liked the construction of this one better. The young people I know, especially a 9 year old girl couldn't get too far on driving games. I bought this with her in mind, and I'm glad I did. Now this girls 2 favorite games are Hydrothunder & Crazy Taxi (instead of Sonic & Rayman). I started doing much better with my scores too. A 34 year old friend already loved Tokyo Extreme, but now I think he's addicted to it. He finds this wheel a great advantage. The wheel does have programable buttons to switch your A, B, X, and Y assignments around. Shifting can be done from right on the wheel itself, or from the toggles below the wheel at your programed option. And the wheel can be pre-programed to any of 3 preset turning sensitivities, or one that you establish on your own. It also has a rugged vibrator built in. The wheel can be adjusted from 2 independent pivots to each of a table, a lap, or floor position. I've never had any trouble with non-compatibility, squeeks, or sensitivity of the wheel. If you have driving games for the Dreamcast, this would greatly enhance your gameplay. Just read the set-up and programing instuctions first, I wonder how many of these other reviewers have taken the time to do that.