The Simpsons Game


  • Play Your Favorite Characters - Battle enemies and save Springfield while playing as your favorite dysfunctional TV family
  • The Real Simpsons - With the actual voice actors from the TV show and movie reprising their roles
  • Unique Character Abilities - The Simpsons family members have general abilities that can be used to fight opponents, interact with environments and finish puzzles
  • Looks Like The Simpsons - Using innovative 3D into 2D technology, the developers have been able to recreate Springfield and the entire cast of The Simpsons as the most visually authentic Simpsons game to date
  • Featuring Favorite and Original Springfieldieans - The Simpsons Game features over 100 of your favorite Simpsons characters from the show along with 50+ new characters that were inspired by the fiction


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Platform:Nintendo DS

The Simpsons DS

Product information Platform:Nintendo DS ASIN B000QAXZYM Release date October 30, 2007

I am an adult gamer and decided to get this game based on the reviews here.

Sure enough, it is fun and challenging. You never lose lives. I had alot of fun playing it. Some parts were hard but I got over it after some practicing. You have to collect all the coins, papers and cliches. I completed the game but got only 97% because I wasn't able to get all the items I needed. There were times I wanted to go back after seeing that I missed a coin over there, but once you across a certain point, you cannot go back. Unless you want to start over again on that certain level.

It is rated T due to mild language. It is almost easy enough for kids but due to the language they had to rate it a 'T'.

The game does save where you left off. Graphics are great & colorful, just like the TV cartoon.

Recommended for those who want a silly, fun and kind of short game.

Only reason for the 4 star instead of 5 was because the game was all scratched up and the label was all scratched up. But it works and that's all I really need it to do so thanks :)

It’s a nice trip down memory lane, almost thought i made this game up in a dream.

Challenging and funny.


It is old one and cheap, I brought a lot like that one for her DS, and tell her play it after homework, so her home work is okay.

My son loved this game and played it until the disc finally wore out.

This is a good game and my nephews love it.

graphics aren't very good and it's quite complicated to play it, also the multiplayer is nowhere near as good as you would get on a console version, I ended up selling it after christmas.

My daughter loves this game, a must have for any Simpsons fan.

This item arrived early and in great condition.
To date, the game plays as I mostly recall it on Nintendo. As well, while the Simpsons game has its challenges, it is a little on the easier side.
Something I would typically skip over, I think I like the extended animation scenes; really sets the game to connect to good times, and a world within a world of fun.

Adorable and Hysterically funny platform style gaming. All your favorite Simpsons characters with great animated cut scenes. The babble from the characters is brilliant and great for any Simpsons fan.

Love this game, so happy I found it again

Works great! Fun game!

Fun to delivery

Super jeu

As advertised. Fun game