The Simpsons Game


  • Action-comedy with hilarious, sprawling, and mind-busting storyline crafted by TV show's Emmy Award-winning writers
  • Full cast of voice actors from the TV show and movie lend to the ultimate authenticity and realism of the game
  • Play as all members of your favorite dysfunctional TV family as you battle to save them from video-game purgatory
  • Homer, Marge, Bart, and Lisa use exciting, all-new powers to save the world from rising chaos
  • Journey through all of Springfield, vanquish an array of villains, and fight through parodies of multiple popular games


Electronic Arts

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Platform:Xbox 360

*The DLC (Downloadable Content), Trials/Subscriptions may or may not be included and are not guaranteed to work*

Product information Platform:Xbox 360 ASIN B000QCU9IK Release date October 30, 2007

This game is balls to the wall fun and I cant believe this is one of the older games for the 360. If you are a Simpsons fan, or even just watch the show occasionally, you NEED to get this game. There is SO much to do. Took me and my girlfriend about 2 weeks to beat the story playing about 2 hours a night for 5 nights a week. Tons of stuff to do even after the story mode is beat.

Pros: Funny, complex, tons to do, lots of hidden gems
Cons: Wish it went on forever, can be a bit frustrating at times but nothing a little internet couldn't help you cheat with, split screen is left by right, not top by bottom, which can be a bit disorienting at first. Not sure how hard game is with 1p but pretty much takes 2p to go smoothly.

Conclusion: Hell yes, buy it!

I really enjoy this game, its not the same as simpsons hit and run but it does feel very true to the series and there are references to the show all over the place. The cut scenes can basically be spliced together to form an episode from the show

love the simpsons games been playing them since I was a kid this is one of the better ones

I received this game quickly. I was happy because my kids were happy to rush upstairs to play it. I have bought used games on here before and this one I don't have to return. it is in good to better condition, very playable. I saw the kids playing it and it is a story about the army, homer's dad is in the military and so are the other simpson's. Interesting game. New this game costs about $40, so I was glad I got it used for way less. I would give it five stars but my teenage son was a little confused on one part of the game.

I was worried about getting it used, or from a third person seller, would have its difficulties but honestly the game works perfectly. And it came 3 days prior to the day it said it would be delivered, so it was great! No problems whatsoever.

Fun game and really great story line

Great blast from the past!

Liked the very beginning of the game. After that I didn't care for it.

Arrived on time, as described, was in really good condition, happy with purchase, would recommend seller. Thanks

J'ai adorer jouer vraiment tres heureuse

The game disc came with a lot of scratches, but the main problem was that it was a PAL version of the game, so NOT compatible in America...

As expected, arrived on time, good buy!

Amazing :) great for simpsons fans.. arrived early, had no scratches and did not disappoint. 5 star experience :))

As expected

Came in time and was as advertised

as described

Fun game but the camera angles are really crappy..get it if you are a simpsons fan

My kid Loves it


Amazing love blessed game foshooo

Kids enjoyed it.

Did not meet expectations