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Brand: Natsume, Inc.

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Designed to recreate the relaxing ambience of freshwater fishing.

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Do you remember the very first time you went fishing? The fresh air...the soothing sounds of nature around you...the tranquility of the water.

Reel Fishing III is a return to nature fishing! Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or have yet to cast your first line, Reel Fishing III will make it possible to experience fishing as it was meant to it should mother nature. Experience a magnificent, three-dimensional, fishing adventure with beautiful environments, life-like fish, and soothing environmental sounds!


  • A wide range of fishing locales from wide-open lakes to dense, lush, green forests!
  • Fish in real time with varying weather conditions and daylight patterns!
  • A soothing soundtrack with realistic nature sounds in Dolby Surround Sound Pro Logic II!
  • 25 fresh water fish in detailed 3-D!
  • Over 100 different pieces of tackle!
  • A one-of-a-kind fishing simulation, unparalleled to any other!

Product information ASIN B0000A03CW Release date October 1, 2003

This game I think came out in 2003. At least that's what date I found on the back. Anyway, I love it. This game is so underrated and overlooked. In a lot of fishing games it seems you feel pressured to catch x amount of fish within a certain time, or the overall feel just isn't relaxing. This game has soothing music and nature sounds... and it's like being on vacation. You catch fish at your leisure and even take them back to the cabin to put them into tanks. Then you feed the fish and make them bigger so you can throw back and re- catch them (if you want). I'm not sure what some reviewers are talking about when they say you don't catch many fish in this game. I've caught a fair share and lost a few but even the struggle to catch them is fun. For a 2003 game, the scenery is realistic looking, not blocky, relaxing to look at as well. The physics of the game are realistic too. The casting, the drawing in of the line.... the movements of the fishing rod...the struggle with the fish... the actual physical tugging at the end of line... it's almost like you're really out somewhere fishing! It's only one player which as far as I know is the only drawback.
LOL... also people have mentioned the dog in the game. They could have made his movements a little less stiff. He's creepy... he moves like some sort of soulless robotic's hilarious if anything, but it doesn't take away from the rest of the game which is simply amazing.

I was not familiar with many of the fish in the game which makes it hard to know where to cast. I had trouble finding where to cast for the bullhead fish for example. Then after I found and caught one, the next morning the letter comes telling me hints about the fish. And the hints from the notebook only show up after you've caught the first one. That makes the game frustrating. But, once you've figured out what your supposed to do, it becomes more addictive. There are forums that give good hints, but I wish the game would give them before you catch the first one.

Relaxing fishing in a decent amount of fishing holes and you can put fish in your aquariums and grow them to be huge, release them and catch them again. Old game but with the cheap price

I grew up playing this game as a child. Even as I have aged the replay value of this game has stayed the same. If you enjoy fishing in any capacity, this is the game to get. Storyline is easy to follow along to, and interesting enough to keep you engaged. Love this game!

This game has a bunch of levels and better graphics than the original Reel Fishing games I played. The soundtracks are also relaxing.

This was my first fishing game experience and it turned out to be pretty good. Its neat to see when you hook a fish and it takes some strategy to reel them in. Also its neat to put them in a tank to watch how they are doing. Everything about the game is like real. Real fun if you like fishing!

never played it. looked to be in great shape so I cleaned disk and laser plus tried other games. only this one wouldn't work

I tell ya man, I love to fish. I could do it everyday and all year long. But this, This here game is A Joke that Natsume finds funny. YOU DONT EVEN GET TO FISH IN GOOD OLD USA! No, Your in JAPAN!!! Oh wow. I dont even know what type of dadgummed fish there are and so i need a Dam(n)ed Guide just to fish on the game. Yamame trout and other fish never heard of in our Great nation.

There is no night and Day changes, Your not allowed to fish at night! You go back home to a stupid cabin and live there with a dog who is infatuated with bringing you mail, Every dadgummed morning. The stupid Guy who sent you there would have made more sense to use a Phone, At least a Humble Landline.

Its all just a dadgummed story mode, and most of the time your in a cabin, Reading letters and sleeping. NOT FISHING! When you do fish its poorly executed. They Either Bite Automatically or You gotta change the bait so that they do, Just Sad. Theres no Good old bait fishing, cause they steal the Bait Everytime. Figures, Natsume dont believe in Bait fishing, a good ol american classic, Rather they wanna use Lures, and Ledgering.

All in all the product review Snagged me right in. I was really thinking I would Get to play a realistic fishing game, But got totally disappointed. Dont buy it friends. Natsume just Rips you off with their poetic words.