Next Level Racing F-GT Simulator Cockpit (NLR-S010)


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  • Rigid, high quality powder coated steel frame with Premium racing seat
  • Product dimensions | Formula – 67” L x 24” W x 39” H | GT – 55” D x 24” W x 49” H | Weight – 89 lbs. | Weight limit – 285 lbs.
  • Dual position cockpit to have you in authentic formula or GT racing positions
  • Includes NLR F-GT frame | Seat and slider | Gear shifter holder | Lumbar support cushion | Screws to mount wheel | Buttkicker Gamer 2 adaptor | Height adjustable screw in feet
  • Compatible with all major wheel and pedals. Pre-drilled for Thrustmaster, Logitech, Fanatec and experience accuforce wheels | Compatible with Next Level Racing Floor mat, F-GT Monitor Stand, lockable wheel castors and more (all sold separately)


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The revolutionary f-gt design allows you to be in true racing positions for both formula and GT racing. You no longer need an expensive cockpit just for formula racing as the Next Level Racing f-gt is suitable for all your racing titles by offering dual racing positions. The f-gt will put you in the driver's seat with the exact formula seating position as a real formula driver and of course also GT position for all your regular racing. The patented design of the Next Level Racing f-gt ensures a rigid and Solid cockpit but also many adjustments meaning you have your wheel, pedals and Gear shifter in the BEST position to suit you as the driver. The steering wheel support is Solid enough for professional direct drive steering wheels and the rigid design of the pedal plate ensures you have a Solid racing experience. Extras such as Gear shifter support, seat slider, lumbar support cushion, height adjustable feet and the buttkicker gamer 2 adaptor are all features which come included with the Next Level Racing f-gt making it the BEST value cockpit in the market.

Product information ASIN B07FY342LV Release date January 1, 2020

So after searching around for months, I decided to pull the trigger on this rig. First off I will say, for the price, this will be very hard to beat. Most similar cockpits I came across were double the price or even more expensive. I could not find any similar style cockpits, that actually included a seat, for a comparable price. The few that I did find around this price or cheaper had obvious design flaws or just simply weren't sturdy enough for the setup I planned on having. I got mine and decided to put it together the next day when I ended up getting off work early. I would give this a 5 star review but the assembly is well... a bit of a task.

I personally have quite a lot of experience building/assembling things like this and I’m normally pretty confident in that ability. I never get things assembled for the “extra $20” or whatever, but man I wish that was an option for this. If you aren't proficient in building things or something like furniture assembly, I recommend getting a friend who is to help out with this one. Honestly, its a pain in the neck but the finished product was worth it.
The directions are oddly vague, and they don’t accurately label the hardware (nuts, bolts, washers etc.) so there is a bit of guess work involved there. Some pieces already have the hardware attached or in the holes but they don’t tell you that. There is no mention of washers in the directions either so make sure you use them on every connection. The bolt heads are very narrow so be sure to NOT forget the washers. Especially on pieces that attach in the slots/channels on the sides. The only other issue I had was with the felt pads they include for making the wheel podium more stationary and not as easily moved. Basically, it’s a pad that decreases the gap where the wheel stand attaches. Without this pad, there is some play in the wheels stand. It wiggles just a little bit, front to back but not laterally. It’s supposed to allow you to make adjustments easier but if you’re using any decent wheel, you’re going to feel it moving when driving. I had this issue so I quickly removed the bolts, popped in the felt pads and started to reattach them. Except now the holes don’t line up. I understand the concept of making that gap smaller to reduce movement, but it’s so small you can’t fit the bolt in as it should be. I had to remove the pads, reattach the back half of the wheel stand, tilt it back and slide the pads under the bracket, then smash it forward and put the front screws back in. So it’s not exact but it stopped the wiggle and my wheel stand is incredibly solid now. There is ZERO wiggle room, and no flexing anywhere when under force now. I use a Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base V2.5, and while it’s no direct drive, it’s not too far off and has the strongest FFB I’ve ever felt from a base that’s NOT a direct drive.

I wanted to include as much of the info as I could because I know it was difficult for me to finally decide on a setup. It may seem like a negative review based on my comments about the assembly, but all that frustration still only knocks off 1 star for me. Let that speak for the quality and design of this cockpit. In saying all that, this setup is very sturdy, and can be adjusted to fit just about anyone. It’s comfortable and even looks pretty good while not being over the top. I’m extremely happy with this purchase and I would highly recommend this cockpit for anyone who’s looking for a complete setup (minus wheel/pedals obviously).
I also purchased the TV mount attachment and put a 36” TV on it. It is perfect for the setup. Very sturdy and I would recommend getting that attachment as well.

After many weeks of combing the internet and researching different sim chassis I settled on this one. It was very well packaged and protected, the instructions are above average, and the build quality is excellent for this price point. Assembly took about two hours (not including adjustments) and I was up and racing shortly after. No noticeable flex or noises using the Thrustmaster TX and TM Pro Pedals and everything was predrilled for my set up.

This is going to be a long one, so tl;dr, it's mostly fine. There are pros and cons, and you can get most of this for less elsewhere, but it's not a waste of money. Whether it's a good value will depend on your perspective. Let's break it down.

PACKAGING AND SHIPPING: This was very good overall. The unit is double boxed from the factory - outer shipping box, inner retail box - and despite its size and weight, it arrived with minimal trauma. Inside the seat is packaged separately from the frame, and the frame parts are mostly individually wrapped. No complaints here, but be careful when opening the retail box, as the seat is on top and it's only protected by a thin layer of bubble wrap, so a sharp object could cut too deep.

FINISH: When I unwrapped the first metal piece I was impressed by the powder-coat finish. It looked and felt good. My opinion changed by the time I finished unwrapping all the metal pieces, however, as there were cosmetic defects on about 30% of the pieces. This does not appear to be shipping damage, and instead bad QA from the factory. I expected more at this price. I also found the finish to be very fragile, and susceptible to scratches and chips during assembly and adjustment. Again, I expected better. The faux leather on the seat looks fake, but I wasn't expecting much here.

ASSEMBLY: This is where the rating gets hit the hardest for me. Let me preface this by stating I have a background in engineering, and I've assembled everything from mechanical devices to furniture to homes, so I'm not a novice. I was encouraged by the bound assembly manual included in the package, with its descriptions, illustrations, and color photos, but it quickly became clear that there were numerous errors. The photos don't match the illustrations, as they show parts that have changed in their appearance, and the illustrations are frequently incorrect, omit steps, or reference parts or hardware that doesn't exist.

My first real trouble was with the seat. It ships unassembled, except for the fore/aft slider mechanism, which is pre-attached to the seat bottom at the factory. This was completely out of alignment - the mechanism itself wouldn't move, and the seat could not be attached to the side supports because the holes didn't come close to matching up. I was unable to loosen the mechanism using the provided Allen wrench, so I retrieved a beefier hand tool from my tool bench, but that only worked on two of the four bolts - clearly these were attached with a powered driver. Despite the warning in the manual (because yes, I RTFM) I reached for my power drill, but one of the bolts still wouldn't budge, and eventually stripped. Luckily with a little persuasion and the other three bolts loosened, I was able to straighten the mechanism and get the side rails attached. This was still page 1 of the instructions, so I wasn't off to a good start.

The next problem came when attaching the seat back to the bottom. The seat doesn't have a traditional recline mechanism, and instead the brackets are simple, flat-stamped pieces of metal that pivot on a central bolt. The photos display an entirely different mechanism, and the illustrations are not sufficient to determine how to attach the brackets, so my first attempt resulted in the brackets going on backwards, and the holes not lining up. Once I fixed that problem it wasn't clear how the brackets should overlap. Despite keeping the bolts loose neither mounting option seemed correct. Keeping the upper brackets inside puts too much stress on the pivot bolt, so I reversed that, which seems better. But because this is flat metal, the brackets bend as you tighten them. The finish also chips and scratches as these parts slide against each other. Again, I expected better.

The next major error comes when the instructions diverge, depending on whether you want an F1 setup or a GT setup. I prefer GT, but the illustrations in the GT section are the same as those in the F1 section, so they don't show the proper assembly steps. And again, the pictures are out of date. This part was easier to figure out on my own than the seat, but it was still unnecessarily difficult. After this, the worst part was marrying the seat assembly to the rest of the rig, as I did this on my own. The weight isn't the problem, it's lining up the bolt holes. If you have easy access to another human, I recommend a second set of hands for this step.

ADJUSTMENT: This is something of a mixed bag. On the one hand almost every dimension can be adjusted, which is great for dialing in your setup. On the other hand most adjustments require removing through bolts using tools, so this is neither quick nor easy. That's not a big problem if you're the only one using the rig, but if you plan to share this with someone else in your household, or plan to let friends use it regularly, the adjustments will become tedious. Even the seat recline is not quick - despite having knobs (the only adjustment on the rig that has this), you have to remove them completely, and you have to do this from behind the seat. That's because there's no spring to keep the seat back upright, so if you remove the knobs while seated the seatback will simply fall backwards and hit the floor (and so will you if you're in the seat).

I also take exception to the way the wheel deck height is adjusted. This is a friction adjustment, where two bolts are tightened to elongated screw holes on each upright. The problem here is twofold. First, you'll need a level to set the deck...well, level. Second, you'll be exerting a lot of force against this adjustment, and it will loosen over time. And since the adjustment is made by vertically sliding one tube into another, gravity will naturally cause the wheel deck to sag, requiring frequent fixes. While it would allow for less precise adjustment, individual bolt holes would be more secure here. And speaking of the wheel there's a lot of play in the wheel support where the uprights connect to the main frame. Felt pads are included to fix this, and you will need them, but using them reduces your ability to adjust this dimension (and messes with bolt hole alignment).

Finally, when it comes to adjusting between the F1 and GT setups, don't. Just pick one and stick with it. Converting between the two literally requires reconstructing the rig, by removing numerous through bolts using tools and adding or removing parts. It is not a quick or easy process.

COMFORT: The seat is more comfortable than it looks, but it's not comfortable in the GT position (I won't comment on the F1 position as I'm not using that). I also find the shifter plate location uncomfortable, as it only adjusts fore and aft. I personally find it too close to my leg, and occasionally hit my hand on the wheel deck when moving from the shifter to the wheel. Otherwise most other dimensions are adjustable, so you should be able to tailor them to your needs. I will say that I'm on the tall side of average, and I need to have the seat all the way forward to comfortably reach the pedals, so shorter folks may have problems here.

- Solid overall, reasonable quality.
- Everything in one box - no need to purchase a separate seat if you like this one.
- Gives you the option of two racing positions.
- Plenty of mounting hardware, including for your wheel and shifter.
- Includes a warranty and support.

- Assembly, and the related instructions.
- Quality of the finish on the metal pieces.
- Seat isn't comfortable for GT users
- Hard to switch between F1 and GT, and to make adjustments quickly in general.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Going into this my budget was slightly under the price I paid for this rig, and I was looking at a number of no-name models. I finally decided to up my budget for the piece of mind of buying something from an actual company, and expecting a better quality rigthat was easier to assemble. Do I regret the purchase? A little, yes. I've decided not to return this, but I'm not happy with it, and may sell it eventually. I will definitely replace the seat, as it's not comfortable for longer uses (I prefer something you sit in, not on), and honestly it just looks kind of stupid.

Here's the thing - I realize this is considered a starter rig by hardcore sim racers, so my expectations may be a little off. But as a casual racer, I'm not interested in spending significantly more. Had I purchased a cheaper model I'm sure I'd have complaints about it and wished I'd bought something nicer, but having bought something supposedly nicer and still having a bunch of complaints, and still needing to spend more money to upgrade the seat, I feel like I've wasted money. I guess it's true that the grass is always greener.

Should you buy this? It all comes down to value, which is subjective. If you want the piece of mind of a warranty and support, and aren't looking for the cheapest rig possible, this is a reasonable option. There are things to like here, but also things to be disappointed about, so do your research and spend your money wisely.

The most perfect racing simulator that provides the best racing experience without any flex whatsoever. Just so happy with this buy. Solid build.

Es ist ein schwieriges Produkt.
Nur wie fang ich an?

Der Aufbau ist leicht aber fummelig. Leider ist teilweise wirklich sehr ungenau gefräst oder gebohrt worden, deswegen kann teilweise nur 1 Schraube gesetzt werden, obwohl es 2 sein müssten. Insgsamt haben wir wohl an die 5 Stunden gebraucht, weil die Feineinstellungen auch irgendwie ewig dauern.

Mit dem Positiven:
Es sieht wirklich gut und hochwertig aus.
Es gibt keine scharfen Kanten und Ecken.
keine Verletzungsgefahr.
Wenn man dann mal eine Einstellung gefunden hat sitzt man super.

Leider ist die negativ Liste eindeutig länger.

Der Sitz ist nur von einer Person zu gebrauchen, wer glaubt das mal eben ein deutlich kleinerer oder größerer Fahrer Platz nehmen könnte irrt gewaltig. Das sind alles keine Schnellverschlüsse, sondern muss mühselig zerlegt werden.
Die Sitzlehne ist nicht fest zu bekommen. Leider ist das immer und ständig in Bewegung, das nervt beim fahren.
Nichts sitzt wirklich stabil oder fest. Die Lenkradbefestigung hat Spiel und wackelt.
Die Halterung für die Handschaltung ist nicht fest und kippt, weil die 2. Schraube nicht eingedreht werden kann.
Laut Anleitung soll man Klebepads unter der Lenkrad und Schalter Halterung einkleben. Leider kann man dann aber keine Schrauben mehr einsetzen.
Alles ist irgendwie schief und nicht wirklich gerade zu bekommen.
Ein Umrüsten von GT auf Formel Position wird wohl kaum jemand machen, das dauert zu lange und macht einfach keinen Spaß. Ich denke, man sollte sich eben für eine der Möglichkeiten entscheiden.

Ich werde ne Lösung suchen den Sitz gegen einen echten Schalensitz zu ersetzten
Für 199 wärs super, für fast 500, naja schwierig eben.

After setting up the racing chair it was definitely worth the time and effort, a great sturdy and solid piece of equipment.

Being able to adjust it was also very handy to suit all sizes of person.

Setting it up was quite the task as it took nearly 4 hours. Some of the holes didn't line up too well either so a lot of man-force to get the nuts and bolts into place as well as being really fiddly. The bolts for the gear shifter stand don't fit in due to hole in-alignment.

On the whole a great product for the price but you need a few hours to get it set up.

Excelente, puedo decir que es un cockpit pesado y rígido, recomendable si buscas tener los pedales a la altura del asiento o por encima incluso, no es posible situar los pedales por debajo de la altura del asiento. La atención por parte del vendedor ha sido extraordinaria de 10 !!!, hubo problemas con el transportista y ellos lo solucionaron, a pesar de eso solo se retraso 24 horas, económico y recomendable al 100%, todo genial !

Struttura buona, solida e bella esteticamente. Sedile scomodo, almeno in posizione GT.
In versione Formula piú comoda ma comunque sedile pessimo.
Chiesto reso ad amazon, accettato ma son passate 2 settimane e ancora non sono venuti a ritirarlo.

The holes don’t line up. Not even close - 7mm out of alignment - you could almost drill a new hole where the actual hole should be. Assembly is literally impossible. This sort of thing should be checked during production, not discovered by the customer after purchase.