Playstation 2 Guitar Hero Wireless Guitar


  • Once you've achieved StarPower, use the sensitive tilt-sensors in the wireless guitar to achieve maximum points.
  • There's nothing more rock and roll than a wireless transmitter for your guitar. With the Guitar Hero Wireless Controller, you can simulate that same stage sensation in your living room.
  • Official guitar manufactured by the creator of Guitar Hero, Red Octane
  • Item only comes with guitar, game and dongle sold separately.



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Live out your rock star dreams with the Activision Wireless Guitar Controller. Tackle the most difficult songs and most intense hammer-ons with this fine-tuned wireless controller. As you play, you'll see how much better you perform -- the tighter feel and more precise response with give you all the excitement of chord-free rock n' roll. For PS2.

Product information ASIN B000I5X65S Release date May 29, 2007

I'm not really using it for it's stated intentions, so I won't give it anything lower than a 4. I'm using it on a PS3, with a USB to PS2 adapter. That being said, it's either the adapter, or the wireless unit that comes with the controller. I'm guessing it's the latter. I'm getting, 8 maybe 10 feet at the most out of this thing. There's nothing interfering with the controller & the receiver that I can see, unless it's actually the wireless network or Bluetooth built into the PS3, but the controller is on a radio frequency after all. You would think that shouldn't matter, but perhaps it does... to a point. If not, then I have a haunted controller, becasue the pluck switch/trigger stops working all together & moves to the whammy/tremolo bar. Very odd. I thought it was funny at first & actually played a few songs like that, but after a while it loses its flair & just becomes annoying. I would have sent it back, but that would leave me without anything to control GH2 & GHRT80s, being how the PS3 controller is useless in those games. Bottom line, if you can wait for something better to come out, do so. If you're in dire need to play those GH games on your PS3, then you can give it a shot.

Better than advertised. Packaged with care, clean, included the dongle AND batteries!! What a nice surprise! Thanks for a great product!

I got this guitar when my friend who had the second guitar we played with moved away. Since I was the only one around with the games, and single player just isn't as fun with a group of people, I had to get something - I'm really glad I went wireless.

Not being inhibited by the cord is really nice; you can get further away from the TV and REALLY rock out without worrying about pulling the Playstation 2 off wherever it is sitting, and you don't have to worry about contending with a strap AND a cord when passing the controller to a friend.

The batteries that came with the guitar are still running great, and I've definitely used it (Rock the 80s and Guitar Hero III have both come out since I purchased this, so you know there has been some play time on it!)

I have no complaints about this whatsoever. It's been one of the best purchases I've made for my PS2.

Does not mention how it doesn’t come w the wireless adapter for port one. not happy w this purchase. I took it out box and first thing I noticed was the battery compartment door isn’t even the one that goes to the guitar. It doesn’t line up the tabs but does click into it from the part that locks it in place. Will take pic and post to explain better.

Guitar Hero and Guitar Hero II are both excellent games for those music loving people people who just aren't that musically gifted. I'd bought Guitar Hero with the guitar and then Guitar Hero II without the guitar figuring I wouldn't need a second guitar. Well, that was a big mistake because I lost out on having multiplayer battles when friends came over (I think I underestimated how many of my friends would enjoy it).

In retrospect it worked out, because I ended up picking up this wireless guitar which works very well overall. I've loaded up several songs on both GH and GHII and they have all been working terrific with this new guitar. The controller is well put together with a quality feel that is at or above the original wired guitar I have. It comes with batteries (Energizer) to power up the guitar and the standard shoulder strap. Now the only question is if I'll splurge and get another one for dual wireless guitar battling. Ah that's okay, the guests can have the wired one.

Guitar Hero is my favorite game, probably of all time. And I have been playing video games for over 30 years. (I am 52yo female, and yes - I started with Pong and now have a 360 AND a PS3. Have also kept my son's PS2 and Nintendo 64 and still occasionally regress to the Sega Genesis. Have a GameCube too but don't play it although friends and family do.) Wireless controllers are always the way to go for me and this is one of the best though I've not had the misfortune of buying a bad one yet. I have a different brand (cant remember which one) for the PS2 that has stiffer frets and strummer so it gets used less.

Comparing this to the wireless guitar I have for the Wii (included in the GH3 bundle). I am really impressed by the quality. Although this guitar is slightly smaller but the benifit of that is a much lighter guitar. The buttons feel great and they are very responsive. The guitar looks awesome and having the freedom with wireless is the way to go! The package includes 3 AAA batteries that provides great battery life to keep me rocking out for hours. This wireless guitar works on every Guitar Hero game I have for the Playstation 2, which includes: GH1, GH2, GH3, and GH Encore 80s. Further more, it even works for Rock Band! I am very pleased with this purchase and I even decided to purchase a second one.

No it hasnt worked yet. No batteries work in the guitar and wont connect ti thw system so i cant use it. I would love a refund. And the owner wont message me back.

Works perfectly