Galactic Wrestling Ultimate Muscle - PlayStation 2


  • Genre: Fighting
  • ESRB rating: Teen


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Members of the Muscle League, the intergalactic federation of wrestlers from the Saturday-morning cartoon, are ready to battle it out on your PlayStation 2 console. Good guys and bad guys will take it to each other with spectacular wrestling moves and fast-paced gameplay. More than 40 Ultimate Muscle characters are included in the game and you can pit them against one another in various modes like singles, tag team, battle royal, and 5-versus-5 group mode. Complete different levels and challenges to unlock new wrestlers and they can all whale on each other in 7 different arenas. Up to 4 players can play Galactic Wrestling head-to-head or in tag team form.

Product information ASIN B0001MIL6M Release date June 29, 2004

I like the silliness of the Ultimate Muscle characters but there were two things that ruined this game. The controls just felt sloppy which made grappling hard. Also, there are commentators that repeat the same thing over and over again and it gets old fast.

The game brings back a lot of memories and the graphics are actually pretty great. The condition of the game was good and the buying experience could not have been better!

Yes the game works great

Fun game

Good game...reminds me of the tv show alot...very simple controls with great cel shaded graphics...if you are a wrestling game player then this is a must play

This is fun, cool, I like it. I can play this all day over and over. My book of mystery challenges is almost complete. Now I play for fun and traveling, make my own moves. This got me started to collect any related type of games. NL

Cool classic

kinda fun game. It takes awhile to getting used to. Totally different than any other wrestling game out there. But it is still fun to play

I love this game!