Playstation 2 Wired Replacement Controller - Transparent Purple - by Mars Devices


  • Compatible with Playstation 2 / PS2
  • Great Replacement Controller
  • Feels Just Like the Original Controller
  • Built for Many Hours of Play
  • High Quality Part


Brand: Mars Devices

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This replacement controller connects to the Playstation 2 System. It's a great replacement for your broken or worn controllers. Enjoy playing your favorite games again! This controller features fifteen buttons, dual joysticks, and D-pad in the original easy to reach layout. It's built to withstand many hours of gameplay.

Product information ASIN B01N9ERQEN

Getting a ps2 after years of not having one, I was ecstatic to play my childhood favorites. All the controllers I had were flawed in some way. I finally gave in and bought some new controllers. Sweet, teal and purple, great colors... Not too expensive, and good reviews.

I ordered two controllers from the same distributer but they came two days apart... Not a big deal, I still got them. After a month I have glitchy results and the purple ones left joystick is broken.

Overall the buttons are cheaply made. The '2' buttons are mushy and the corners push in around the actual actuation point. The face buttons seem to randomly input incorrectly and the d-pad lacks an invaluable little plastic rocker that PlayStation controllers have inside. This piece prevents all the directions from being pressed simultaneously, which is more valuable than it appears.

I ordered this even though another review had said they received a broken one. I, too, received a broken one & I am very disappointed.

love it, came super quick

Solid controller. Not experiencing any issues with this controller regarding input or readability. This is what I paid for.

It is an awesome controller. My only complaint is that the L2 button is loose.

was not the color i paid for

Remote was received broken. Very disappointed in the product

Ordered two of these ... Made with inferior plastic don't waste your money! Some of the buttons (r1 and r2 ) came out of the package stuck and needed to be freed. One controller stopped working within a week, both cracked very easily one within the first hour of taking it out of the package .. cheap imitation very poor quality...

Je suis satisfait