Hyperkin "Cadet" Premium Controller for NES (Gray)


  • Premium build quality with comfortable, ergonomic design
  • Compatible with all NES models
  • 10 ft. Cable



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Experience classic gaming with a premium peripheral at your disposal. Hyperkin's "Cadet" Premium Controller for NES features an eight-way directional pad and two action buttons, enough for you to storm the castle and save the princess! Its 10 ft. cable allows for comfortable movement around your console.

Product information ASIN B071S9BDP1 Release date June 2, 2017

The controller looks amazing, the 10ft cord is more than enough, the buttons feel great, and the comfortable angles and humped back of the controller is perfect. The problem is the erratic control of the D pad. In RBI baseball the batter will move around in the batter’s box in a different direction than I push, and then he will “lock” in place. In Tecmo Super Bowl zinging and zagging is like I’ve never seen it before... in a very bad way. This is really depressing because I like Hyperkin and own a few of their products. I purchased this without hesitation and was completely shocked at the lack of control. Sorry Hyperkin, but the no frills looking, rounded Gamerz Tek NES controller destroys this eye catching beauty. Seriously considering returning this basically unusable letdown.

The design is really thought out, and everything looks solid.
The incredibly long cable is awesome.

Game-losing responsiveness. This is a BIG problem.
There's a weird dead-zone on the D-PAD that doesn't register inputs properly or right away.
Compared to a genuine controller, these are blown out of the water with snappier and more responsive control. Sometimes right and left inputs just don't seem to register. After opening up the controller, I find it's either the pivot ball for the D-PAD or perhaps the rubber pads they are using for contacting the PCB.

The cable that goes into the 9 pin where it seats into the NES always slips out of it's jacketing. I had this happen on other controllers. It's just not heat-treated enough, or perhaps the jacket is not long enough leaving the controller cables exposed.

I've yet to have one of these controllers last 6 months of usability. It's really frustrating after buying 3 of them and I've gotten the same result out of each one. Either they will fail miserably due to poor jacketing, the intermittent response D-PAD. I bought into them in hopes maybe I got a bad production run of them. I was wrong. They're all like this.

I probably won't be buying one of these again. Even after buying my last one, it had the same responsiveness issues like my previous controllers out of the box. After digging around inside, I tried to put a genuine NES controller board in these, but you can't. I absolutely love the design, but the controllers just fail and are made cheaply despite their claim and attractive packaging. I ended up cannibalizing the cable out of one of the controllers, gave it a better jacket, and soldered it to a genuine NES controller board. There was nothing else worth keeping.
Save your money, buy some genuine NES controllers with cord extenders, or hunt down some "dogbone" style controllers. You'll be better off.

The d pad, arguably the most important feature of an NES game pad, is really poorly designed. It looks and feels fine, but there is way too much sensativity to play most games. When you press left or right, it often registers as up or down and vice-versa. For games where you need to duck or jump at precise moments, this makes it way too frustrating to play with. I have two of these and both have the exact same problem, so I'm pretty sure it's a design flaw.

Hands down the best aftermarket controller for the NES. I like it even more than the original. Good quality, comfortable in the hand, and very responsive buttons. There is also a version of this controller for the NES Classic Edition and PC. If you need a NES controller, buy this one.

This is a great controller but isn't without its flaws.

Feels good in your hands
Long cord
Buttons are responsive without any noticeable lag on an original NES

There seems to be a weird dead zone issue with the d-pad. If you thumb slightly slides to the left or right while holding down on the d-pad, your character will immediately move in the direction when you didn't intend to.

Overall, I do enjoy this controller but it's not totally without its issues. You can probably get used to the quirks in the specs but as an aftermarket controller it feels great.

This produce worked great at first. I've played the system sparingly and in less than a year both of my controllers do not work correctly. One controller stopped working altogether and is completely unresponsive. The other controller does not respond accordingly. For example, I'll press the down button on the D-Pad and I may duck in a game or it'll make me move to the left or the right. Extremely disappointing. I thought it may have been just the extra controller that I bought was a defect . It turns out the one that came with the system and the extra controller are defective.

This controller feels great. It is about the same size, shape, and style of an original NES controller, but with some improvements. It's slightly larger, with a "dogbone" shape in the back. It also has those indentations in the front that are helpful in that they cut down on the sharp corners hitting the base of your thumbs. It also has a much longer cable than the original NES controller, something like 8 to 10 feet. All in all, it's a real improvement over the original. I like it a LOT. The only drawback is that this thing fits really tightly into the console. So tightly that I was worried that I was breaking something by forcing it in. But it works very well. Highly recommended!

Received the controller last night, and I'm so happy with it that I am now purchasing a second. Classic appearance, but a significant improvement in feel over ordinary NES controllers. It feels high-quality, the buttons are comfortable and durable, and small design changes like trimming down the lower corners and adding a rounding protrusion to the back of the controller make it much more comfortable. The 10-foot cord is great for getting a little more distance without tugging on your system. Overall, it's exactly what I was looking for in a replacement controller, and the design shows that the people who made this were true NES players themselves.

The controllers I received were the more recent version, this means they have very very nice membranes under the buttons AND they work on PAL consoles without issue.

They are also compatible with regular NES pad parts, so you could swap buttons/membranes/circuit boards with them as you see fit.

They aren't very good. Not understanding the praise that these get. They feel even cheaper than the knock off ones you can get on eBay for dirt cheap. The buttons feel hollow when pressed. It doesn't feel like you're pressing a SOLID button. BUT the big issue, as with many third party controllers is the D pad. It's TOO sensitive and not properly calibrated. For example: sometimes the D pad will register as press a quick double press. Sometimes when you press down, it will register DOWN but also left and right. Half the time when I press down to duck, the sprite will duck and turn in the other direction. I bought two of them.

UPDATE: Upon trying the second controller, NONE of the buttons worked except for the A button.

I've had this in a box, removed from its packaging, for months while I waited for my NES to return home. I figured, nah I don't need the packaging, how could they F this up? Good reviews, almost guaranteed I won't have any problems. Hooked it up today, DOESN'T WORK. Only one button out of 8 (UDLR,Start/Select,A/B) works and the NES responds to it like I pressed UP. Maybe I'll sacrifice it to the C64 gods and give it a DB9 connector. I'm guessing the controller chip that serializes the button presses is confused.

El control es muy bonito, y es muy agradable al tacto, y es lo mas similar posible al original (sin que se moleste nintendo) evitando problemas de patentes con nintendo,los colores son fieles al original, y el pequeño cambio en la parte trasera realmente los hace mas ergonómicos, otra cosa que me encanto fue el largo del cable, se agradece ya que no hay que preocuparse por la distancia entre tu y la consola.

Sencillamente recomendable como remplazo de uno original, o para completar tu set junto con la RetroN 1 HD.

Good remote but the crosspad is all over the place...i took the crosspad from the original remote and put it in the new one and that did the trick...i think the half ball on the back of the new crosspad is smaller what causes it to be less precise (to close of the circuit board so press the connector of more than one arrow at the time)...so if u still have the original ones or u take the crosspad of original one and put in new or u rebuild the original one with the parts of the new without the cross pad...they are identical if for the casing...they use the same interior design

Esta padre, mas ergonomico y comodo que el original. Al mismo tiempo da una sensación retro, no sientes que sea un generico. El único problemita que tuve es que el pad (la cruz) esta muy sensible a los lados, es decir quiero ir hacia arriba recto y derepente se va en diagonal

Super comfortable to hold, good sensitivity on the buttons, D-pad feels right. All in all a good replacement for lost or damaged controllers on an original NES. The connector fits a bit tightly into the NES, but it loosens up with use.

Great 3rd party controller! D-Pad and buttons feel good, not as good as official, but the controller actually feels better in my hands than the official. It is a bit lighter though.

This is probably my favorite 3rd party control pad! I actually prefer this over the original model! I've also used this on other retro consoles and they work flawslessly!

First time being used the down arrow didn't work and returned it with no issues. Very light and flimsy. Not worth it to buy knock offs.

I like the feel of this controller and it seems to work as well as the originals.

Works with Hyperkin Cadet, long wire to controller

Tres satisfaite du produit et de la rapidité de la livraison!

My Dad uses his Nintendo every night. This was a perfect gift for home

Great 3rd party controller for the original NES system.