Old Skool 20 package Cartridge Dust covers for USE with Nintendo NES game Cartridges, Dust Protection Sleeves - Black


  • Keeps Game Pins Dust free
  • Protects Cartridges from being Scratched
  • Helps Prevent the Blinking light
  • Folds Flat when not in use for easy storage
  • Cartridges not Included


Old Skool

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Protect your lovely cartridges from the evil Dr Dust!! These replica dust covers are perfect to store a game or two in or even your entire collection.

Product information ASIN B07HZ3QBZT

Hey all...
These sleeves are not quite up to par with other replica sleeves. I have attached several pics that reflect these sleeves vs other replica sleeves.
Concerns include:
These are not seamless. You unfold them and set them into position.
There are loose edges inside the sleeve that could damage your cartridge.
The sleeves are very tight. Not only can you not fit the manual, but you may also damage the graphics on the cartridge due to rubbing when inserting / removing from sleeve.
I do not recommend this product if you are serious about your collection.

Great product. Would have given 5 stars but had some issues with putting together. They were rubber banded together and bowed some which made it a pain to close bottom. Once ends were folded and game inserted all was good.

They serve the purpose and I will be ordering more from this vendor.

I've been using these to protect my growing collection of classic NES cartridges and so far I must say they work great. Not hard to put together and they provide a perfect fit to protect my collection from the horrors of dust.

The covers fold together oddly and tend to be unbalanced. If not pressed against a book end or shelf your cartridges will fall over. Not sure if I even folded them right there was no instructions. If you are a serious collector look for alternatives

Awesome protectors

Great flat pack foldable NES cartridge dust covers. Boxing them up was super easy, and they look great. I'll be ordering more as my retro collection grows.

Worked as advertised. Can't complain, I bought what I asked for.