Switch Pink Grip Compatible with Nintendo Switch, OIVO Ergononmic Hand Grip, Upgraded with Adjustable Stand for Nintendo Switch- Pink


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  • Special Asymmetical Design for the Switch: Providing a brand new experience while playing the switch in handheld mode, designed to keep your thumbs at the perfect distance for ease of use and a cozy feel.
  • Ergonomic & Comfortable: This grip features slots for extra 5 games, an Adjustable Stand that is secure to use on a table top while gaming or watching videos, also clips onto switch in handheld mode.
  • Upgraded&Improved Design: Thanks to our past failure experience,this grip distributes pressure evenly along the back of the console, joy-cons, and on the tabletop with an adjustable stand.
  • Innovative Design & Easy to Grip: Modeled after the Switch Pro Controller, this grip is designed to greatly improve the quality of feeling and comfort when in handheld mode.
  • OIVO: We are committed to our customers and always appreciate your experience. If ever there is an issue with our products, please let us know how we can help!


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Nintendo switch grip pink Nintendo switch grip pink Nintendo switch grip pink Read more

Nintendo switch grip pink

Nintendo switch grip pink

Nintendo switch grip pink

Scratch-Proof design with EVA pads, , portably slides 5 games in the back slots, esay to take out and in.

Very easy to grip and stick out differently, this asymetrical design creates the perfect spacing for comfortable play!

Thanks to our past failure experience,this grip distributes pressure evenly along the back of the console, joy-cons.

Read more Nintendo switch grip pink Nintendo switch grip pink
Product information Color:Pink Package Dimensions 11.02 x 4.53 x 2.05 inches Item Weight 6.4 ounces ASIN B08DFR5K5R

 I love this grip so much! I had wanted a grip to hold my switch for a while and I had never seen one in pink so coming across one in this color was such a great find!! It matches my aesthetic perfectly and is actually super comfortable!! I think my favorite part about it is that it doubles as a stand to hold your switch, I sit at my desk to play a lot and I like to use a controller so it’s nice to be able to prop it up!! Another cool feature is that it has slots on the back to hold some of your other switch games!! I don’t have any actual game cards so I couldn’t showcase that feature in my pictures but it’s such a useful addition to the grip !! Overall it was really nice quality and after using it for a couple days it’s been noticeably more comfortable than holding my switch normally :)) I’m very glad to have come across this product! I great pick up if you’re looking for cute switch accessories !!

It helps so much.

Unless you get the aftermarket ergonomic Joycon replacements, playing your Switch in hand-held mode quickly gets tiring, especially if you play fast-paced action games like DragonBall Z Fighters. I have caught many hand cramps until I got this thing. It fits the Switch nice and snug. However, the kickstand blocks the fan if you put it all the way up, which you don’t have to do. It’s funny that there is a category for “warmth” on this product—it actually gets very warm. Hot even. But for me, it’s the oil and light sweat that comes off my hands over time from the heat that is bothersome. I just wipe the handles down with an alcohol wipe and it’s fine again.

Love that I got it but it is big and if you aren’t using it there’s not really anywhere you could really store it easily because of its shape. It also isn’t really pink, more of a salmon or possibly coral.

This grip is a super cute pastel coral color and is really comfortable to hold even with my small hands! The adjustable stand is super useful and can be adjusted to pretty much put your switch at any decent viewing angle. The five slots for games in the back are padded and it was easy for me to put in and remove games from them! Would recommend if you’re looking for an ergonomic grip that’s cute as well as functional :)

I absolutely love this grip! And someone who likes to have a girly look to their Switch, the pink grip really does the job. It’s not only a grip but it also stores games and works as a stand. I’ve played for hours on my Switch and I don’t get as nearly as bad cramps as I do without it. The only issue is on my Switch instead of replacing my shell color or putting a decal over it, I use a pop on case which I have to take off in order to slide my Switch into the grip. Not to much of a issue just having my Switch naked is weird lol but if you don’t have a case you won’t have a issue.

Not impressed with the build, I can recognize that it may not take much to build a grip that houses the Nintendo switch. However this feels incredibly cheap to me. The handles are a too-smooth hard plastic that doesn’t feel very “grippy” seems slippery. The way this “mounts” is not impressive. I felt like I have to jam the switch into place. And the kickstand/retainer clip doesn’t secure well over the console. There’s no audible click or other sign that let’s me feel it has secured.
All in all, it strikes me as a grip that somebody just 3D printed and didn’t put much other ingenuity or thought after the fact.

I thought looking at images it was a cool (bright) pink. Its very peachy. Functions great, just not quite the color I expected. Images show true color, I have the sakura pink shells on my switch.

Definitely loving this grip! - It’s made playing handheld much easier for me because of how comfortable it is! Usually when I play for long periods of time, I’d get a lot of hand cramps so this grip really helped with that which makes me totally happy cause omg they’re painful.

You can feel the difference immediately and I definitely think it’s worth it. The switch easily slides into the grip and it’s super strong so you don’t have to worry about your switch falling out as you play. ✨Now that I experienced it for myself, I don’t think I’ll be playing my switch without it anymore.