Switch Grip with Upgraded Adjustable Stand Compatible with Nintendo Switch, OIVO Asymmetrical Grip with Upgraded Adjustable Stand/Cartridge Holders and 5 Game Slots- 4 Thump Caps Included


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  • Special Asymmetical Design for the Switch: Providing a brand new experience while playing the switch in handheld mode, designed to keep your thumbs at the perfect distance for ease of use and a cozy feel.
  • Ergonomic & Comfortable: This grip features slots for extra 5 games, an Adjustable Stand that is secure to use on a table top while gaming or watching videos, also clips onto switch in handheld mode.
  • Upgraded&Improved Design: Thanks to our past failure experience,this grip distributes pressure evenly along the back of the console, joy-cons, and on the tabletop with an adjustable stand.
  • Innovative Design & Easy to Grip: Modeled after the Switch Pro Controller, this grip is designed to greatly improve the quality of feeling and comfort when in handheld mode.
  • OIVO: We are committed to our customers and always appreciate your experience. If ever there is an issue with our products, please let us know how we can help!


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nintendo switch grip for nintendo switch grip

nintendo switch grip for nintendo switch grip

nintendo switch grip for nintendo switch grip

Thanks to our past failure experience,this grip distributes pressure evenly along the back of the console, joy-cons.

Scratch-Proof design with EVA pads, , portably slides 5 games in the back slots, esay to take out and in.

Very easy to grip and stick out differently, this asymetrical design creates the perfect spacing for comfortable play!

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Product information Color:Black Package Dimensions 11.02 x 4.61 x 1.93 inches Item Weight 5.3 ounces ASIN B085VHHLGK

I originally purchased a Skull grip case, but no matter what I did, that case hurt my wrists to use. I also wasn’t thrilled with the execution for the price, or the fact that I had to constantly pop it in and out of the case if I wanted to use the joy-cons or the screen separately. I initially was trying to choose between the Saysfye and this. Since I had already purchased the Oivo clip for the pro controller and was impressed with the quality and execution of it, I gave this a shot. I wanted a case that made it more comfortable to use my switch as a single unit, and I am so glad I found this case! It is everything! The quality is great, the asymmetrical design is brilliant. I was skeptical at first, but once you use it, you realize exactly why you need it and why it makes sense. This design actually puts your hands in an ergonomic position - the skull case I mentioned did not. The cartridge slots in the back are my favorite feature - I love that I can switch between my favorite games on the fly. They are tension-fit, but they work beautifully. If you are buying this for or as someone who is rough on their electronics, I might worry that you could lose some cartridges after an afternoon of rough play, but you’d have more to worry about at that point with the switch than just a missing cart or two. The built-in stand is a nice touch. I didn’t think I’d use it much, but just used it yesterday and was happy to have it and glad it worked so well. When not in use, the stand folds over the tip of the unit, and is designed so that the headphone port and cartridge slot are still accessible. My only gripe is that the stand feels a little “loose” when in this position- I wish there were a firmer “click” into place when put up like this. But it is a minor complaint and doesn’t affect the overall experience at all. The Switch itself slides easily in and out of the case, and feels secure once in place. The only other thing on my wishlist for this case is a rubberized texture. The actual case is a hard plastic with very minimal texture on the handles. It hasn’t been a problem, but it would be nice for the case to feel more secure in my hand without needing to subconsciously apply more grip force to compensate for the lack of a rubberized texture. In conclusion, it feels like this is the case that the Switch should have come with from day 1. After plenty of use, my hands feel fine, and I have found that I use my pro controller much less since this offers greater convenience and more features. Give this a try if you’re in the fence!

I’m a 41 year old female with disposable income very new to gaming and Nintendo switch. I like nice things and will pay the premium if the trade off is worth it. I ordered the Mumba Battle, Skull and Co, Satisfye, and a few others that aren’t worth even mentioning. The Skull and Co is definitely very nice but then I was introduced to the asymmetrical handles like this and Satisfye and couldn’t go back. The Satisfye is by far the most comfortable, and immediately a no brainer for premium feel. The grips on that one has an nice rubber feel and more heft. This one though, does have the same shape, and the functionality of the stand on this one is much more usable because it can tilt to whatever angle you want. But the reason this one is a keeper is because it can hold games in the handle. My wife and I trade off BOTW and Animal Crossing daily and this saves the step of potentially losing the physical cartridge and keeps it all together. Our hands do not hurt and the switch also slides in and out easier with this one (but not too easy) for docking purposes. If you’re playing physical games this a great option and comfortable, better than anything else I found at Amazon or GameStop. If you’re digital, don’t use the stand often, and want the premium handheld feel, the Satisfye is very nice. But I did return the satisfye for this because of the functionality it provides and don’t regret it. The money saved went towards a wireless Pro controller.

This is an awesome grip. The position that I would hold my Switch would sometimes be uncomfortable and everyone recommended a certain popular grip. I came across a review for the Oivo grip and I like the addition of the kickstand so that I can just sit it up and use my joy cons. I totally feel comfortable laying back while I fish in Animal crossing without worrying if I might lose my grip and drop the Switch on my face LOL! The handles come in handy for if I’m adjusting on my couch or taking my godson to bed with holding him in one hand and one handle of the Switch grip in the other. I believe that the first version of this grip may not have been as secure but they doubled down on the security. I have no doubt that my Switch will always fit securely. One last thing is that I don’t intend to buy many physical games but a friend gave me their copy of Breath of the wild and I love that I can just put it in one of the five slots on the back of my grip, it slides in but doesn’t come out, no matter how hard you shake. I was able to pull the cartridge out with one finger so it’s pretty simple. I would recommend this grip to anyone with a Switch or Switch life (different grip though.)

This product had zero reviews but I decided to take a chance.

PRO: It's very comfortable when using both the stick and the d-pad.

CON: The kickstand does not do a very good job of holding the Switch securely when playing handheld. It's easy to knock it out of the "locked" position, but the rubber nubs have enough friction that there's no real danger of the Switch falling out. The kickstand also partially blocks the air vent in the Switch. Air flow shouldn't be a problem but it's worth mentioning. I included a picture.

MISC.: As you can see it's compatible with the Hori d-pad joycon. There's plenty of room on the bottom for a bluetooth transmitter, or you can still use the headphone jack. I know nobody is buying this product for the joystick caps but I like them. I bought a pair once before and wasn't a fan, but these have less height and they have a better grip. There are two pairs included, each with a different height. Overall I'm happy with the purchase and I'll keep using it. I gave it 4/5 stars because the kickstand could be a lot better. As far as comfort goes I'm very satisfied.

I've been playing my Switch in handheld mode for longer periods during the lockdown and began to notice a burning sensation in my lower arms/wrist area which is typical of strain (I have experienced RSI before as I use a PC for my work) so I began to research different grip cases for the console. I was really tempted by the positive reviews for the Satisfye case but this would require importing and I've had several parcels go missing from abroad (understandable given current events!), so I instead focused on this one. Could only find one YouTube review for the regular Switch version and the two reviews here but chose to take the plunge.

And I am so glad that I did! I've been playing for around six hours with the grip attached and used it for a single stick game (Animal Crossing) as well as two twin stick games (Bioshock and Xenoblade) and my hands and forearms feel so much better for it. Holding it took some getting used to but I was sorted within an hour or so.

The case is very light and adds next to no weight to the Switch itself. It's slightly asymmetrical to compensate for the Switch's right stick being lower than the left and it feels so natural to use, especially if you use a Pro Controller when playing in docked mode (instead of the Joy Con). It has a premium feel to it, especially the pitted plastic in the 'handles', and is pleasant to hold. It's extremely easy to remove the console, but also holds the console securely when you're playing (I can't stand things rattling around). The cartridge slots in the back do not have any kind of mechanism holding the carts in which makes me slightly nervous, but it's a snug fit with a foam padding that protects the pins - I've tried shaking the case quite violently and none of them have come out. The kick-stand that holds the console in position works really well and I love that it's easy to remove the Joy Con so you can play in desk top mode without having to fiddle around too much.

Overall, I'm really impressed (especially at this price) and would say the grip case is a must-have for any Switch owners struggling with the console's ergonomics.

I've had this grip for just over a week now and I honestly can't imaging gaming without it. There's a reason why gaming controllers have evolved to have "arms" - it's so much more ergonomic and distributes a lot of the pressure during long gaming sessions. This grip takes that comfort and applies it to the Switch in portable mode which is just fantastic. It feels robust, holds the Switch well and overall provides a much nicer experience. The kickstand on the back means you don't have to use the pretty flimsy one built into the console and the addition of game cart slots is a nice touch. I personally use the stand as a nice way to display my console on a shelf when I'm not playing with it - as someone with a large game collection, this is a nice touch.

You can't go wrong with this grip - it's perfect and I honestly can't think of a single improvement I'd make.

If you’re looking for a grip for your Nintendo Switch then the one from OIVO is definitely worth your time and money.

You get a well designed grip that is at a very affordable price.

The design allows you to slide the Switch Console in and out of the grip with ease allowing you to switch from handheld to docked mode with ease and if you like to play in table top mode the clamp that keeps the switch in the grip also acts as a kickstand that allows you to have adjustable viewing angles unlike the kickstand included in the switch.

You can also carry 5 of your game cartridges in the case. These sit very nicely in the grips back and are secure so there is no worry of loosing them while you are travelling about.

Overall its a great grip if you are looking for a solution to make playing in hand held more comfortable when you play for prolong periods of time. A great buy for all Nintendo switch owners.

Purchased this grip as spending long time on Switch in handheld mode with Animal Crossing New Horizon. This grip definitely upgrade the Switch by a large margin. The added grip on the side make the Switch handles like the Pro Controller or a PS4 controller, which makes long hours gaming session much more comfy.

The grip can also act as a stand too, so it is now possible to place the Switch on the table and use Joy Con. This stand is much better than the Switch in body one and makes the Switch much more stable.

The grip also comes with a few slots for the Switch game cards, so makes it much easier to change and store games.

Overall we are very glad with this grip as it made gaming much more comfortable , would recommend it to all Switch gamers out there!

 I got this Nintendo Switch grip because I was suffering from cramps and aches in my hands after playing Animal Crossing for prolonged periods of time in handheld mode. If you're like me and rarely dock your Nintendo Switch, then this is an essential Switch accessory to have!

Although chunky, it’s very comfortable, and fits well in your hands, regardless of how big or small your hands are. The stand is incredibly useful when taking a break and it's a great feature to have a section to store all your favourite games - you'll be able to carry 5 games with you.

I also love that it matches the colour of my Nintendo Switch! (I have the grey version of the Switch.)

With the Switch Grip, you also receive 4 thumb grips which was the perfect way to finish off my comfortable set-up!

Great value for money.