2DS XL Case - ADZ Protective Carry Case Compatible with Nintendo 2DS XL, Nintendo 3DS Console, Nintendo DS has 8 DS Game Card Holders, 2 Screen Protectors, Stylus Pen, 2 Screen Wipes (Black / Blue)


About this item

Designed to make your new Nintendo 2DS XL/LL Console even more portable & travel friendly.  The hard EVA shell keeps your device protected while the soft inner material keeps your device free from scratches, store up to 8 game cards in it.  This is the perfect carry case for keeping your New Nintendo 2DS XL / LL securely stored when travelling or when not in use.

Package Includes: 

1 × EVA Carry bag 

2 × Screen Protector Glass film 

1 × electromagnetic touch pen 

Wet and Dry Screen Wipes.

Product information Product Dimensions 8.46 x 4.92 x 1.81 inches Item Weight 2.82 ounces ASIN B073SQ1RMM Item model number TYD-055B

Bought this to use with my brand new 2DS XL. Fits perfect, has two elastic straps in the case to keep the DS in place.

Has 8 small elastic game holders, and a mesh pocket to hold any extra games. Also has a space to hold your touch stylus. I love how large the included stylus in this bundle is, because the one coming with the 2DS XL won't even fit right in a small child's hand it is so mini. The blue colour of the stylus matched the black and blue 2DS perfectly.

The screen protectors are thin plastic, but do the trick. They were however hard to position on and there's only one set. I wish 2 were included for when a mistake is made.

Overall, this case is a great deal and I would recommend it. Maybe buy an extra set of cheap screen protectors in case you mess up the installation like I did.

My only grip are the flimsy screen protectors. To be honest, I tend to only cover touch screen areas, because I feel it provides protection from finger prints and oily hands. So the top doesn't really need any cover, but it's nice to see them throw it in this bundle. The case could be laid out a tad better. The size of the stylus is welcomed, because it's at least double the size of the 2DS XL's mini stylus. Only gripe with that, the placement of the stylus holder seems to make it difficult to slide cartridges in/out of the top middle slots. I found myself totally abandoning the stylus holder and just putting inside the lid pouch. I like the colors, very vibrant and fits well with the 2DS XL North American color scheme. It's a good quality fit, I trust this case with my 2DS XL.

Wish we could award half-stars, but since we can't I'm going down to four. My only problem with this case is that when I put the charger for the New 2DS XL in the mesh pocket, the game under the bands on the other side, AND have games in the game holders, it can be a little difficult to close. I think they did not take into account the thickness of the game cartridges.

Otherwise great: lightweight, attractive, sturdy.

Bought this for my son for his new 2DS XL. It fits very well and is quite sturdy. The charger will fit in the case but it's a pretty snug fit when you zoo it up. My only complaint is the smell. It smells like stale cigarette smoke. It's so strong!!!! Not sure if anyone else has had this problem.

The screen protectors are ok to install, but if you mess it up that is it because you only get the set! It works well though and is very durable.

Great product and easy for my 7 year old son to operate

Case itself is good, the so called "glass" screen protectors are not glass, just standard plastic screen protectors... kinda junky but hey it's a thrown in.

Best case for the Nintendo 2 dsxl it so cute comes with a pen screen protector 8 pockets for your games the ds 2xl fix properly I love it

A very nice case and great quality but it loses stars as it says it’s suitable for a DS lite however the DS lite is tiny in comparison to the case and it rattles round inside. The straps do nothing to hold it in as it’s completely the wrong size. If I’d had a bigger ds I’d have given it 5 stars (or if they’d not advertised it being suitable for mine when it wasn’t).

The 2DS XL is a good fit, the lid needing the zip to close it. It is a more sensible size compared to the one I have for me 3DS XL. Does the job admirably. The stylus is a nice size compared to the short one on the console. I cannot comment on the screen protectors as I tend not to use them. The case was bought to match my black and blue 2DS and looks good.

Good value, hard wearing durable case. Like that you can store so many games. Just needs a space for charger and this would get 5 stars rather than 4.

Not bad but a very tight fit even without the large stylus, extra games, and charging cable. It will do for now.

Keeps my 2ds xl safe when not in use. Would recommend.