Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift


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  • Tactics A2 brings more than 50 job classes to the Player, enhancing one of the Final Fantasy series’ most distinctive features
  • All new content and Enhancements, including polished game Mechanics, new jobs, new races and a new clan system that enrich the Ivalice Experience for fans and newcomers alike
  • The North American release will allow Players to command characters in battle and navigate through menus all with a tap of the stylus
  • Witness Vibrant and Colorful visuals in dual screen presentation, Made possible by Nintendo DS
  • Increased rePlay value with up to 400 available quests, allowing Players to immerse themselves in a Multi faceted storyline


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Return to Ivalice in the latest installment of the legendary FINAL FANTASY TACTICS series. Summer vacation has begun for all but one unlucky student. Alone in the school library, Luso solemnly toils away the punishment his mischief has brought him. It is there that he finds a dusty, mysterious book. Opening it, he reads aloud the only text it contains: “One is fated to fill these barren pages. Know you his name?” Scrawling his name onto the next blank page, Luso unwittingly begins the first chapter of an adventure all his own.

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So far, so good. I like it a lot more than the first FFTA and a lot less than the PS1 original (which seems to be the common thread, going by the other reviews up here.) I'll make a short one:

The Good-

+The graphics and music are really good in this game. Things are pretty crisp and you can tell who's who. That's the most important aspect of any game's graphics I believe. Each spell or attack has its own animation. There's random weather effects like rain as well. Even every item has its own little graphical icon (a lost art!). The character portraits though really take the cake and they look awesome.

+The presentation is amazing! No, really I can't stress this enough. Everything is laid out in an incredible way, the fonts are cool and colored, everything basically has an option to view a help tip pop up, etc. The menus are great. This game is super polished. Very well done.

+The customization- while not prefect- is really deep. You learn abilities by equipping weapons and fighting with them, then you can ditch those weapons if you want and put on others to learn new skills. Master enough skills to qualify for more jobs and change classes (ex. a soldier, white mage, etc). You can choose what gear you want to wear and yes that includes being able to equip two shields if you so wanted.

+Game progression. I don't mind that this story isn't super at all. In fact, I like how it kind of drops your little band of adventurers into a big world and lets them go from side mission to side mission all the live long day. KIND OF reminds me a bit of the Grudgebringer mercenary army from the old Warhammer PS1 games.

The Bad-

-The law system from the first FFTA is back, though it's been changed. I don't mind most of the changes however some of the rules that you can't break and are out of your control are poor game design. For example if a law says "Don't use Ice magic or attacks" that's cool, I can adjust my battle strategy accordingly and take other weapons or use different spells to defeat the enemy. However if you get a law like "Don't miss" that's just stupid. If you attack an enemy with a 97%+ chance to hit you will be shocked to see that you DO miss a hell of a lot over time. Also there's a law that says "No ranged attacks" which OK that's cool- No magic spells or bow attacks from far away right? Sort of. See in this game if you score a critical hit it automatically pushes the enemy backwards a space. And somehow that qualifies for a ranged attack and you break the law and lose your bonus items. Yep, even if you were standing right next to him and whacked him with a longsword. What???! I mean c'mon now, how hard would that have been to code for a developer with literally millions they can spend on any given title?

-The battle turns for everybody go by too slowly. I can learn to live with it, but each time the game decides to do anything at all it's 3 seconds moving the guy, 3 seconds showing the pop up window, 3 seconds doing the attack animation, 3 seconds of this and that, etc etc. All those seconds will really add up once you realize this game has like 400+ battles to it (!). I realize some of this is probably due to the computer's A.I. however there really should've been an option to increase the turn speed. I've read countless groaning about this very thing in other places and this ruins the game for some people totally.

-The bazaar is bizarre. This is a place that depends on you bringing different pieces of loot (pieces of animal parts, metal chunks, wood and etc you get from killing enemies in battle or winning for quest rewards). So you offer up seemingly random materials and if you're lucky you'll have the option to make a piece of gear which is then sent to the game's shops. And then you'll have to actually GO to the shops to purchase them for gil (money). This is important because without new weapons you won't be able to learn abilities and therefore get access to better job classes. Worse, the loot you get from enemies seems to be totally random. For example I got a turtle shell off a wolf somehow (?)

-It's a minor thing perhaps but does anyone else miss the little random items you could find on the battlefield like me? I know technically-speaking there are chests in some of them you can grab but I like games like Tactics Ogre where you had to burn some grass to get a hidden sword or something underneath.


Overall, the outstanding presentation and customization is winning me over but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention some of this game's downsides to those wondering what it's all about.

I love this game! I've always been a fan of the FF: Tactics series, and this one does NOT disappoint I am pleased to say. There are several changes from FF:TA. If you break the Judge's rule, you don't immediately lose or anything - instead, you lose the ability to revive your characters in battle, and you also miss out on extra items that you get if you complete a level without breaking the law. The jobs and stats are changed up some - some jobs are missing and several are added, and are also somewhat different in some cases. The item system is VERY different; instead of unlocking new items as you progress through the story, you use 'loot,' items that you pick up from dead monsters/win from battles and quests, etc. - loot has no purpose except that you can use it at the bazaar to construct new weapons/armor/all other equipment. When you do this, you don't get the equipment, either - you gain the ability to buy it henceforth. I kind of like it, though - it adds a bit of a random element. One other thing - recruiting is much more of a pain in the ass in this in my opinion.

But, all flaws and inferior aspects when compared to the original FF:TA aside, this is a really great game that will keep you playing for hundreds of hours if you like this type of game. Enjoy! :)

It is quite different than the original Final Fantasy Tactics, which I've been a fan of since it appeared on the original Playstation. I still find it to be quite enjoyable though, and very addictive. The storyline is much simpler, as it seems to be aimed toward a younger demographic. That doesn't mean that the strategy is less complex though. I have always felt that turn-based strategy like this is best suited to handheld consoles, and this game is no exception. it's a great game to pick up and play through a battle, even if you don't have a lot of time. Quick Saves make this even better. There are a lot of abilities to learn and classes to unlock, so it has a lot to offer for those who are completionists. I hope that they will make more games in this series in the future, most likely on the 3ds.

As a note, this game plays just fine on my New 3DS XL. You have to go back to the main menu to change brightness, which is an annoyance, but is true of all original DS games when played on the 3DS. If you are thinking you may want this game in the future, you may want to pick it up before it becomes harder to find (something that is becoming common with many RPGs and strategy games for the original DS.)

- Better graphics (particularly dialogue pictures and spell effects)
- more jobs/weapons
- more challenging (fighting king blue for the first time will shock you)
- option to dispatch a person or go on quest yourself (for a lot of quests you use to could only dispatch someone in FFTA)
- dealing more damage from enemies behind/sides than from the front
- more play time (as if the one on the GBA didn't have enough)

- storyline is not even close to being as good as the original FFTA. You start with a little punk with no respect for people.
- I don't think judge system is as good (some of the laws are practically impossible to keep) in that the enemy does not have to worry about the laws. If the rules are not to use MP, your enemy can still dish out MP w/o any penalty. This is especially frustrating when fighting against other clans. I liked the old rigid law system better.
- There isn't as much penalty for hitting a person face to face. (The % chance of hitting them is the same as if you hit them in the back) I prefered a bigger punishment for hitting people face on. Expect a lot more spells to be successfully performed on you (doom, sleep, confuse, and my least favorite, charm)

Overall, I enjoyed the game, even though I liked FFTA for the GBA better. If you are as thorough as me, you will get 120+ hours out of this game.

loved it

If you played FFTA, this is the sequel.
Great game, very long, great storyline and great new classes.
Mages are no longer OP either and you can't ultima everything.
The laws are also mission dependent, not daily.

Very good game.

Final Fantasy Tactics A2’s presentation and gameplay make it an engaging and addictive title that can be enjoyed by any SRPG aficionado.

The game should be approached expecting a different (much lighter) treatment in the story department when compared to the original tactics, which is widely regarded as a classic. Gameplay-wise, A2 is just as deep and entertaining, with dozens of hours and quests packed in a tiny cartridge.

The presentation is outstanding, from the beautiful sprites to Sakimoto’s mesmerizing music. In fact, the soundtrack itself might be reason enough to give this game a chance. If you are a fan of the genre, you won’t regret adding this one to your collection.

Juegazo que me llegó con el plástico protector todavía.

Muchas horas de juego en modo historia y muchas sidequests, no imagino cuántas horas puede llevar completarlo al 100% consiguiendo todas las armas, oficios, misiones, territorios, tesoros... Tanto para jugones experimentados como para más ocasionales por su mecánica bastante sencilla pero con muchísimo margen de customización del clan.

Great just as advertised

I used to play this when I was young, but lost the game. Now I'm glad I'm able to play it again.

Like the first one the gameplay is great. Unfortunately, it's also similar in that there is not much of a storyline. If you enjoyed FFTA then you'll probably enjoy this one.

Love this classic tactics game especially final fantasy!!

Consigliato .Avendo giocato tutti i tattici di FF posso dire che questo per me è sicuramente il capitolo più fresco per quanto riguarda le meccaniche e il flow grafico ma che mantiene l'originalità del primo T.ADVANCE . Un MUST HAVE per gli appassionati .

Fast shipping. Great game!

Final Fantasy just Rules

New, no issues yet and product was as described.

Thanks! Excellent Condition

Good product good service.

Nice and fast shipping !