Old Skool Nintendo 64 Jumper Pack (Booster Pak)


  • Play all the standard N64 games that do not require the expansion pak.
  • Easy to Install
  • Replaces Lost Booster Packs (Jump Paks)


Old Skool

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Old Skool Jumper Pak 64

Old Skool N64 Nintendo 64 Jumper Pak Memory Crad Expansion COnsole Retro Game Mario 007 Golden Eye 1


Technical Details
  • Compatible with N64
  • Quality Product
  • Perfect Replacement
  • Reliable Memory

Old Skool N64 Jumper Pak

Power up N64 multiplayer once again. This jumper pak lets you play all standard N64 games that do not require the expansion pak!

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Jumper Pak 64

The perfect replacement for your lost or malfunctioning jumper pak. Get that N64 FIRED UP ONCE AGAIN!

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Product information ASIN B07HZ4BVRF

The first unit I received was DOA. I requested a second unit and this unit worked. Unfortunately the plastic case was warped and wouldn't close properly. I disassembled the unit and bent it back so that it would close properly but it's not a perfect fix. Additionally the unit is physically just a tad too tall, making closing the access door difficult. I purchased this because I lost my original and I wanted to play Space Station Silicon Valley which has number of game breaking bugs, but the biggest of which is that the NTSC American release of the game will not run with an expansion pack in.

Overall the unit gets the job done, but the quality is sub-par and they obviously don't test the units before shipping. Your mileage may vary.

My N64 wasn't working. The power light would come on, but there was no video signal to the TV. I removed the old expansion pack and replaced it with this jumper pack, and that fixed it!

Worked perfect!!!! My N64 decided to dump on me, but lucky I have a friend who repairs old consoles. He recommended I get another expansion pack as my original was starting to corrode. It fit perfectly and I was able to put the cover on. The 64 instantly lit up.

Thought it was a memory card but wasn't so returned it

Works great made my n64 work again! When I powered on the console it was just a black screen but no more!

Does the job,.but the product is too large for the cap to close

Product worked great for a great price!