Hades Challenge


  • Help Daedalus trap the deadly Minotaur by solving puzzles, acquiring items and building a labyrinth.
  • Solve unique puzzles to acquire the powerful weapons and magical items you will need to slay the evil
  • Rescue Phil by solving the riddles of the River Styx. then use your hero powers to vanquish Hades and
  • Devise clever strategies to defeat Hades and his evil minions.
  • Replay your favorite strategy and arcade games again and again in the Hall of Trophies.


Disney Interactive Studios

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A game of strategy and adventure set in the ancient world of Greek Methology.

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This program is for 8 to 12 year olds or an older person (like myself) who is looking for something simple and nonviolent.The game is rather short and the graphics are very simple but quaint. The game play is mostly finding hot items in different locations and answering some questions regarding Greek gods that I think were included within the game, although I didn't pick up on them while I was playing, I just know most of them. This game will not teach anyone anything really about the Greek gods. It's just a simple past time. I was not able, so far, to get beyond what I think is the final chalange because it is a shooting chalange and I'm not good at that because I'm older and somewhat haniecaped, but I don't think most people will have a problem with it. Altogeather the game is OK providing you can get it for about $5. I wouldn't pay anything more for it.

I use to play this game when I was 12 or so, and I always wanted to play it again. It was very fun to play and sadly a lot easier to pass now thn it was back then. I would recommend this game for a 9-12 year old kid for sure. The graphics are expectionally great for the time it was made.

a bit out dated but has it's merits and playability

This was so nostalgic to play (I had to use VMWARE to even get it to start) but I've had memories of it for the longest time, and I wanted to play again. It was as great as I remembered. I had the Helen of Troy song stuck in my head "I've been up in this tower for 10 long years, it's not the greatest of careers, I pace the floor, I twiddle my thumbs, and wait for the day when someone comes, to rescue me with shield and sword! It's a hard job being bored!" I couldn't even believe I had it memorised! This is just the greatest game for kids, no doubt my favourite childhood game, and I learned a lot of Greek mythology!

I should have read the details properly as this game will only work on very old systems which my Autisitc daughter does not have - she was so disappointed but it was my fault !