Secret Service - PC/Mac


  • From the initial shootout to the maze of building in the Middle East, you'll have to protect the US National Security Advisor for terrorist attack
  • Realistic physics as bullets rip through furniture, windows, drywall -- you can even blow doors right off their hinges
  • Avoid terrorist on infested streets and guide AI-controlled team members in completing missions
  • 16 exciting, deadly missions packed with shootouts, action and double-crosses!



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Secret Service: In Harm's Way puts you in the role of Agent Kingsize, a Secret Service agent stuck in a web of terrorism & intrigue. Defend America's prominent leaders from all threats, foreign and domestic!

Product information ASIN B00005OBQ2 Release date June 7, 2004

Graphics could be sharper but still good.

I bought this game for a friend of mine in high school and it always looked like a fun game, so when I found it, I had to buy it. It was a great game, not real tactical, but fun none the less.

Did not work with computer

I got this game, because my friend gave it to me for my birthday. I was excited to play it so I installed it and started it. I started the first mission. It took me for like 3 days to complete the first mission! Gladly, the game started getting easier for me. I got to complete the whole game in about a month. I think it was definetly worth it for free (I got it from my friend). The real cost is $10.00 at Target. However, I think it's worth it for $10.00 too. This game had pretty good graphics, the gameplay was pretty good, and it's very hard but gets easier every mission. You can choose up to about 26 weapons including grenades and explosives. My favorite is the Ak-47. You can also play online if you have internet or LAN connection (no one plays online). MY recommended system requirment is pentium 3 700, 256mb RAM, 16mb video card, and a sound card. I ran this game on Celeron 2.6, 1025mb RAM, 128mb GeForce Ti 4600, no sound card and had no problem. I think you should get this game if you are a hardcore shooter fan. If you are not, don't get this game. Overall, this game is pretty good game for shooter fans and it probably will be worth it for $10.00 at Target. I really had fun with game even though it was the most hardest FPS I have ever played. It was also the most challenging and difficult, but enjoyable game I have ever played. P.S. I also highly recommend Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, and No One Lives Forever.

This is one of the most entertaining, awsome first person shooters I've played, (right up there with the Delta Force series.) In my opinion, the strongest point of this game is the AI, lighting/shadowing, the physics (especially in wounding an enemy.) One reviewer said that the enemies just fall over like stumps when you shoot them. I'm not sure if we're reviewing the same game; the death sequences are the most realistic I've seen. The only time they ever "fall over like stumps" is when you shoot them directly in the head, (in which case they're supposed to fall over like stumps.) The graphics are average/good, but the realism is far ahead of any other first person shooter I've played (though I haven't played them all.)
But the developers made one terrible mistake. There is no quick save option. You can't save positions during a level like almost all other first person shooters, only between the levels. I'm sure that one could argue that this adds to the realism of the game, but to me, this makes the game virtually impossible. There's a difference between a challenging game and a really frusterating game; it's just too hard. I (like many other reviewers it seems) can't even get past the first level on easy mode, (without cheat codes that is.) You can find the cheat codes on the internet through any search engine. I honestly don't know how the programers expected anyone to be able to beat this game otherwise. It's still a good game and alot of time was put into it.

I've reviewed and own over 30 PC games from the past year, all first person shooters. Let me tell you this has to be the worst of the worst that I've played.
The graphics are pretty cool, but the game play is horrendous. It's extremely difficult, and my computer can barely keep up with the speed that it all moves at.
Good idea, poor execution of that idea. The ONLY redeemable quality of this game is the price. I bought it when it was twice as much, which is why I was more disappointed. If your really bored, go for it, but Ghost Recon and Max Payne are only a few bucks more and are top FPS's. Good luck.
For reference...I ran this game on a P 4 2.8ghz with 512 MB RDRAM and a Geforec 4 Ti 4600 and STILL had video lag.
Did I mention Soldier of Fortune II?? Now THATS a shooter.

The ONLY reason that I rate this game average is because it lags wayyyyyy too much. I have a 3dfx video card, voodoo sound card, 152 MB of RAM (much more than it calls for) and gigs of hard drive space. With that, i shut down all un-needed system resources and it STILL lagged very badly. However, the game is realistic, has a wide variety of guns such as the mp5k,mossberg 590DA pump action 12 gauge shotgun, stoner sr-25, RPG, sig-sauer in .357 magnum, FN-FAL, glock .45 caliber, Uzi, mac-10, ak-47,m-4 carbine and MANY others. From what my computer could handle, the game was awsome and makes you feel like the movie "Black Hawk Down" was. So if you have a computer with a fast processer, megs of RAM, and powerful video and sound card ... DO NOT hesitate to buy this game

This game is great for great gammers. I read all of these reviews about how this game is no good. How it's to hard. "I couldn't beat the first mission. I couldn't get past the second mission." The reason this game gets bad reviews is because it gets to people. Everyone is use to being able to get shot 500 times and just hold down on the mouse and spray exhorbate amounts of ammo. This game is good because it's challenging. Now granted it isn't quite a Swat 2 or 3 or a Ghost Recon, but this game especially for 10 bucks is awesome. The enemy AI is smart, and one of the things I liked best was the free range of movement. Most games give you a planned route, but this game you can create your movements. Jumping from a building down to a balcony, walking across a piece of broken timber to another rooftop, it's great. This game is for good gammers and thats it. If your a hater of this game it's only because you don't have any skill and you want to be able to beat the game in one night. Thats what I'm sick of playing nowadays and thats why this game is fun.