.hack Collection (Part 1: Infection, Part 2: Mutation, Part 3: Outbreak, Part 4: Quarantine)


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All four volumes of the wildly popular .hack Playstation 2 video game series.

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it is a set i wanted to play and I finally have it. As you know it would be ridiculous to pay so much but since most people don’t take care of rare things
I’m glad the seller did. Enjoy what ever your gonna buy with the money.

Arrived in great condition

It's a nice game series, I'm glad I got to play these games.

I loved these games when I was younger and I was ecstatic when I foung them again. The game came in great time and work well.

Perfect condition. I love the games. I am in dot hack hell and it's wonderful

This is perhaps the greatest RPG to ever come out on the PlayStation 2. I strongly recommend buying this game, for no one should miss out on this game. If you're unsure about buying this game, watch a few videos about this game on youtube and then consider buying it. I guarantee you that you wont regret getting it. =)

An amazing deal if this was at least 200$ max since these are used (if theyre use) that should make the price to roughly 240$ to round it up the way I see it a used collection even with the anime disk included should go down by at least 50$ However if these are brand new and have never been open the price can be debatable due to the fact that these games are extremely rare. Good game set overall but I got my 4 used but still in great condition for less then 200 infection was 20$ Mutation and Outbreak went for 27 the only pricey one was quarantine which went for 80$ used but at least it wasn't over 100$ so overall I must say buy if these are all brand new if not look somewhere else but if you want to spend like theres no tomorrow add this to your cart immediately

These were great games; the story is deep, they come with a dvd which adds even more to their value and back story. They're a little repetitive, but most games at the time were, but I can tell you that you wont find another set of games like this. It was truly a treat to play these games, but honestly it is not worth what the seller is asking for. Furthermore, you can get away with just playing the first game and the last one and skip the two in the middle because they catch you up on everything that happened in the 2nd and 3rd games and provide information and the emails from the previous games. Hey, its your money but I wouldn't spend over 800 dollars on 4 videos games when I know you can get one at a game stop if you hunt around a bit, or other used game stores.