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Platform:Sega Saturn

Includes game, original case, and manual. All in good condition. Disc may have minor scratches that do not affect game play. Case may have small scratches, scuffs, or even minor cracks. All of our games are tested before being placed into our inventory.

Product information Platform:Sega Saturn ASIN B00002STVY

College Slam for the Sega Saturn is a re-skinned version of NBA JAM Tournament Edition with almost exactly the same goofy play-mechanics and comical graphics but instead of NBA teams, you get College squads. But unlike NBA JAM where you get real NBA players, here you just get to edit the names of your players(no real college players).

Game-play modes include 'head-to-head', 'semi-finals', & 'tournament mode'. In 'semi-finals' up to four players can enter their team into the final four and for 'tournament mode' up to 16 players can participate in the elimination tournament. There is also a 20-team season mode. Their are the usual power-ups such as unlimited turbo boost or speed and a new one where your player is temporarily invisible.

The game is divided into two halves of 6 mins each and there are 44 teams included in the game. Overall a fun and fast arcade-style basketball game where you can score in ridiculous ways and be "on fire". But if you already own NBA JAM Tournament Edition then there is not enough of a difference to really justify getting this unless you really want the college teams.

Good, but still not on the same court as NBA Jam Tournament Edition