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Welcome to the College Slam arena! The crowd's on their feet...over 40 college teams cheerleaders...fight songs...all the rivalry...all the madness! There's a wild dunk...the backboard shatters! This is the slammingest hoops action ever...and there's more...hidden players secret codes...head-to-head tournament and season-long play! College Slam is gonna take you to school.

Product information Platform:Nintendo Super NES ASIN B00002STZU

Game worked great and got here fast.

Love this game. Go UK!

Developed in 1996, this game is basically a clone of NBA JAM T.E. Same company, same makers and all that... only instead of having individual players like well-known NBA stars, here instead it gives you the option to choose if you want to be the center, forwards or guards; which means do you wanna be big, medium or small? Apart from that, it basically is NBA JAM in every way, only with this being a later version, some new extras where included!

Differences between this and NBA JAM T.E are...
- What I said above...
- New whirlwind power-up (you become a tornado and can run into your opponent to steal the ball with ease)
- a power-up that makes the other teams ring vanish (lightning strokes from the roof and the oppositions hoop completely disappears for a few seconds)
- power up to be invisible (completely invisible, however the computer always knows where you are before you do)
- season mode (no more just continuous initial entries)
- few new dunks.. including an rebound slam (when the ball doesn't go in, you used to just be able to grab the rebound and while still in air, you could shoot and lay-up the ball, but not you can actually stuff it in the hole!)

- CPU calls annoying time outs, and can do so more then a few times a game... which is pretty unfair seeing as how you only get 1 time out for the whole game.
- Just because you're on fire doesn't mean it will always go in.
- Its annoying when the CPU gets power-ups, like the ring vanishing one, or hits an 8 point hots-pot on the buzzer.
- you can only use one cheat at a time :( (meaning if you use the infinite fire cheat then you cant also use the 'dunk from anywhere' cheat)

If they wanted to perfect this game, they should have had option for which power-ups you could have in a game. It would be nice to turn off the slippery floors and vanishing ring amongst others, and just select the ones you want.

This game will probably only appeal to the fans of NBA JAM, NBA JAM T.E & NBA HANGTIME... it's pretty much that game, in-fact, it is. But you might find it interesting to see some of the tweaks and changes, improvements and mistakes... if you're into serious basketball games like the real thing, then you probably wont like this game, but for those who know what NBA JAM is and love it, then check it out, it's not that bad, and I'm surprised more people haven't checked it out. It's 2 on 2, crazy dunks, push & shove, no fouls and goes flatstick round da corna!

At the vs screen, enter Down, Up, Down, Up, Down, Up

(No goaltending either!)
at the vs screen, enter Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, Down

Other codes can be found all over the net.