Game Boy Camera - Red


  • Shoot contains the following choices: * Shoot (Take a picture) * Items o Self-Timer (Take a picture automatically after a delay) o Time-Lapse (Take pictures automatically at regular intervals) * Magic o Trick Lenses (Mirror and zoom effects) Montage (Take two pictures and mix them together) o Panorama (Take multiple pictures and combine them in a row or column) o Game Face (The picture taken will appear at least once in every game on the camera, usually as the main character) * Check (View your pictures) * Run (Fake option)
  • View contains the following choices: * Album (View the albums stored in memory) * Show o Slideshow (Display and edit a slide show of the current album) o Animation (Choose background music and view pictures in sequence to make it look like they are moving) o Hot-Spot (Link pictures together by clicking on certain spots of the picture)
  • Play is a built-in Space Fever II minigame, which is the sequel to the Space Fever arcade game. At the beginning of the game, two spaceships will appear, one marked with a "B" and one with a "D". Shooting the "B" ship will send players to the Ball minigame. Shooting the "D" ship will send players to DJ mode, an open-ended music video game. By avoiding both of the ships, the player will begin playing Space Fever II. After scoring 2,000 points in Space Fever II, a new minigame called Run! Run! Run! will be unlocked. Once unlocked, a new ship marked with a "?" will appear alongside the "B" and "D" ships at the beginning of each new game of Space Fever II. Access Run! Run! Run! by shooting the "?" ship.


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Good condition, but may show light wear. Guaranteed functional or replacement.

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Turn any Gameboy System into a digital camera with this accessory you can shoot photos doodle on them add stamps and even send them to a friend via antother Game Boy Camera. Shoot save and edit 30 different snapshots. Arrange your shots into animated sequences. Trick lens mode lets you flip strech zoom split the screen and more. Includes a self timer panoramic mode and time lapse mode. These shots are impossible with a standard camera.

Product information ASIN B00002ST2P

the body has definitely seen some where, but I was astonished to find the internal battery was still alive like GlaDOS. I mean, i damaged a few batteries trying to re-solder it because my soldering hand is about as steady as my parkinson's hand, but the whole thing was also dirtier than my mind. The thing actually works, but I distinctly remember it being better when I was a kid.. maybe I'm just poisoned by all the 4k 165 FPS super duper HD imagery of today because this camera isn't a mega pixel. It isn't half of that. I think it's just 1 pixel. not a Megapixel, just ...a pixel. I get better image quality by mashing play-dough onto newspaper comics. Definitely glad I added it to my collection, though.

I bought a green camera for my GBA not GBA sp and it is great I love it I can take tons of pictures and so what their in black and white I don't care I just really like this camera I just bought the printer for it so I just got to wait on the mail to bring it but I absolutely love the camera personally I don't care what color it is just as long as it works. Hey if your thinking about getting this camera for your GBA or whatever system you have I would defently recommend this camera plus when you take a picture you can rotate it paint on it control the brightness and contrast plus you can doodle on the picture too this camera is so freaken awesome. TURN ON YOUR GBA AND HIT THE PLAY BUTTON ON THE CAMERA YOU'LL LOVE THE GAMES THEIR FREAKEN AWESOME!!!

It said nowhere that it was the japenese version, but that's what came, and I don't speak or read japenese. I would give this 5/5 if it was the U.S. Version.

It's ok for me and the kids are ok with it and they are going through a good time and they are still in a way to make a lot of money and you are doing well and you have a good feeling and I hope you have a good day and thank you.

It's great, product works wonderfully

My son loved it. He wanted this for his birthday and has not stopped taking pictures with it.

The battery either broke off inside or it died in mine and so the pictures I take won't save. I have to turn it on and off a few times to get it to work.

It was working flawlessly. Battery still saved. Mint condition.