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Roll up your sleeves, get out your detective's notebook, grab your magnifying glass, and step into the world of Nancy Drew by solving your very own mystery. In Message in a Haunted Mansion, Nancy has flown to San Francisco to help out an old family friend who is turning a beautiful but dilapidated Victorian house into a bed-and-breakfast. Nancy gets set to help with the renovation and is told about the strange goings-on and "accidents." Always eager to solve a mystery, Nancy is determined to uncover the cause of the problems plaguing the renovation of the old mansion (some believe that the mansion is haunted). The game features realistic characters--each with a secret to hide--a multistory mansion, and lots of hidden crannies to explore.

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If you are a fan of the computer games, then you might like this. I finished the game in one day because i had played it on the computer so much. The music is crappy and VERY repetitive. I had to mute it after a while. There arent many sound effects at all....maybe two through the whole would be a ghost and the other would be a fire (the sound is so you know it is a fire, otherwise you might think it is a ghost!)

The graphics are okay...I guess they would be considered GOOD for a GBA game...One thing though is when you talk to the characters, they dont move. They stay in one awkward postition the whole time.

All in all, I'd say that the only reason I enjoyed this game is because I am a Nancy Drew fan and a big fan of the computer game series! If you are not a fan of the computer games, then don't waste your money because you SURE won't like this. There are better mystery games out there.

I wanted to try and continue a collection of Nancy Drew games and discovered this game. Having played it, I believe it is an exceptional game just shorter, and the game play is refreshingly different. If you expect it to be the same as the computer games you're wasting your time because it isn't but it is nevertheless fun.

When I was younger, I loved Nancy Drew. I collected just about every book I could get my hands on. Couldn't get the other ones? That's when I'd trot off to the library to harass the staff to see what was in stock. So when I discovered that there was a Nancy Drew game on the GBA, I immediately plunked my hard earned money down on it. Luckily the game didn't cost me that much when I'd bought it years ago- it had been on sale.

I'm not going to bother detailing the plot & just go straight to the game play. There was *just* enough stuff there to keep me interested but it was so hard to control the game play that I kept getting frustrated. Oh, and then there's the "no save point" option. When I did finally get my little Nancy to spot the obvious clues, the last thing I wanted to do was turn the game off when I couldn't save my progress.

There's some good stuff here, but overall the game was just lackluster. It was just too darn frustrating to operate & eventually I ended up trading it in for a copy of  Golden Sun  at my local GameStop. From the other positive reviews it is possible that I just got a bad copy, but I just wasn't interested enough to get another copy. If you do want to get this, don't pay full price for it. See if you can get a used copy somewhere.

I want to start off by saying that this GBA game has beatuifully detailed graphics. As close to 3D as I've seen the GBA get.
In the game, you are Nancy Drew. You take the responsibility to figure out who-or-what created the "accidents" occuring the this mansion whom some believe is haunted. You can go through all the rooms looking for clues, interveiwing people and even calling people on the cell phone.
The game is divided into chapters, much like the actual Nancy Drew books.
There are some big cons to take into consideration however. First off, I hear you can not save during the game. I've tried, yet can not figure out how, which may support that possibility.
The second is the text. During conversations you have to read text in order to know what they are saying...the only problem with that is the size of the font. I have pretty good eye-sight and even with a desklamp AND the GBA light/magnifying accessory shining on the game (but with no glare) I had to squint and struggle to read the words, finally finishing it in a few minutes when normally it would take a few seconds. The text is extremely small!! Of course, the GBA screen is small (well, it IS better than the GB...).
Just take these into consideration when buying this game. Besides the text and saving problems, all else makes this a wonderful game!

I enjoyed this game. The interface is simple enough to figure out that I managed to teach my mother (non-gamer) to use it. I had no problems with visibility, but I should also mention that I played this on a DS Lite and so was able to tweak the backlight settings to something I could see given the room's lighting conditions. A friend I loaned it to who was playing it on her Game Boy Advance was having difficulty seeing it, though I should perhaps also state that she is in her 40s and needs reading glasses. She already has issues with seeing small text (and the text is quite small).

The puzzles were relatively straight-forward, though I did have to cheat and look at a walk-through on a couple of different occasions when I thought I had done everything and talked to everyone, but then realized that I missed something. The graphics are reasonably good and the sound was adequate. The music got a little repetative (I muted it) and there were only very intermittant sound effects such as opening drawers.

My only hint to those who are trying to play it is this: write down all of the clues you run across, even if you don't understand them or think they aren't important. They are and they will make sense when you need them. And look at everything *very* closely. There were some items that had more than 2 clues on them that were spaced close together. That would be when I had to resort to a walk-through.

My only criticism of the game (and it's not a huge one) is the absolute lack of ability to save and the relativley short length. There are a couple of "chapters" that function sort of like save points, but not as well. When you finish a chapter, it gives you a password that lets you start at the beginning of the next chapter if you turn it off. This means that if you do have to stop, you will lose any items that you have gained that are not supposed to exist at the beginning of that chapter. On the bright side, the game is structured so that you can't easily gain any items that aren't supposed to exist in that chapter, so you usually don't lose much ground.

This lack of save points didn't actually inconvenience me because the game only took me 6 hours to beat. Of course, that was with the help of a decent walk-through. It might have been more annoying if I'd had the self-control to struggle with a problem for more than 15 minutes or so.