Toy Story 2


  • Eight action-packed levels
  • In each stage, Buzz must collect keys, batteries, and other power-ups to advance to the next stage
  • If all coins are collected in a level, then a bonus stage is unlocked.


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Platform:Game Boy Color

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Everybody's favorite celebrity toys are playing in a new adventure on the Game Boy, based on the Disney/Pixar feature film of the same name. In Toy Story 2, players such as Buzz Lightyear go nearly to infinity and beyond, through a variety of levels filled with obstacles and tasks, to rescue Woody from the hands of a crooked toy collector. Hamm, Rex, and Slinky Dog lend a helping hand, as do new faces from Toy Story 2: Jessie the cowgirl, the Prospector, and Bull's-eye, the toy horse.


Kids help heroic Buzz Lightyear rescue Woody from the nasty toy collector in this Game Boy arcade game. There are 10 scenes or levels to get Buzz through, each with its own obstacles and power sources. Although the game play essentially comes down to the relatively brainless activity of trying to earn points by flying through coins, batteries and air blasts, there's also a fair amount of novelty built in. In one scene, Buzz rides Bullseye the Horse to hop aboard a plane. In another scene, Buzz goes up an elevator to get to Al's apartment. You won't find any violence or worrisome content- Buzz only uses his laser gun to slow down Rex and other critters- and while testers struggled at times, on the whole, they were enthusiastic.
Teaches: game play, logic
Age Range: 5-up Copyright © 2000 Children's Software Revue -- From Children's Software Revue® -- "Subscribe Now!"

Toy Story 2 follows the film of the same name. After Woody is kidnapped by a greedy toy collector, Buzz Lightyear and his friends set out to rescue him in a side-scrolling platformer that takes them from Andy's bedroom to Al's apartment to an airport and back to home sweet home. Because Woody is incapacitated during most of the movie (and in the game), Buzz Lightyear has to do all the work. You can only control Buzz - but that's not necessarily a bad thing, given that he can shoot lasers out of his wrists and "fall with style." The gameplay is pretty simplistic, with Buzz running and jumping from left to right and climbing beds, bookshelves, airport chairs, and the like while collecting keys, batteries, and power-ups as he races across town to rescue Woody. Like in the Pixar film, Buzz is extremely well drawn: His jumping and climbing animations are very fluid and smooth. Many of the other toys in the game weren't given the same care, as they simply walk back and forth relentlessly, waiting for a zap from your laser to put them out of their misery. The background graphics (consisting mostly of posters and other toy memorabilia) occasionally blend too well with the foreground graphics, leading you to wonder if they can be interacted with. The sound and music are standard Game Boy fare: nothing fancy, but nothing wrong either. Where the game suffers is in its control scheme. If the designers had done their homework and played the original Super Mario Bros. game they would have realized that it's never a good idea to make the jump button the same as the run button. When B is tapped Buzz jumps; when it is held down, he runs; when it's held down without the directional cross he jumps repeatedly. This leads to stuttering animations when you're trying to negotiate tight platforms, and it forbids any Mario-esque long-distance hurdles that require timing and technique. Fortunately, the game's obstacles never require much skill to negotiate, and most players will blast though this title on their first try. --Doug Trueman--Copyright © 1998 GameSpot Inc. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of GameSpot is prohibited. -- GameSpot Review

Woody, captured by the evil toy collector, needs rescuing, and Buzz Lightyear is primed for the action adventure mission.

Players travel with Buzz to infinity and beyond as they help him explore a variety of different "play" levels filled with obstacles and various tasks to accomplish.

While the game offers light-hearted and non-violent challenges suitable for younger players, it lacks extensive replay value. Once a player conquers all levels, there's little fun in experiencing the game multiple times. A 2000 Parents' Choice® Approved winner.

Reviewed by Jason R. Rich, Parents' Choice® 2000 -- From Parents' Choice®

Product information Platform:Game Boy Color ASIN B00001XDTZ Release date November 11, 1999

Toy Story 2 differed completely from the console versions of the game, but it's still a pretty good game. Once you get the hang of the awkward control scheme (Press A while standing still to jump, A while walking to run), the game is actually pretty enjoyable.

The storyline is very similar to the movie's, but for some reason, a deleted scene from the movie is used as a setting for the first level (Woody falls out the window).

The gameplay is pretty good. There may be just about 10 levels, but the game is pretty fun to play.

The music is alright. It sometimes sounds good, but one background song might sound dull. The sound effects are acceptable, too.

The graphics are good for the Game Boy.

Overall, it's another stellar movie game.

My sisters gift ‘she’s 6’ she loves it

this is was a gift for my son he loved it the game played well and was easy to understand arrives in a timely fashion and I was happy with it

Very hard to find Gameboy color games now a days and my son is a huge toy story fan. This product came fast and works great!

I am very happy with this purchase. My daughter was anxiously awaiting this game and was not let down when she played it. She loves it and was also very pleased that it was shipped so quickly.

I bought this when I was a kid, and playing it now, this game sucks.

Graphics: Bad for a GameBoy game! It doesn't look detailed to me. Health bar is kind of hard to see on my GBA SP, so I can imagine how bad it is on the original Gameboy, and I'm not talking about the Gameboy Color, either.

Controls: Awful! You jump with the B button, which is also the run button. If you jump and hold, all you'll do is keep jumping, but press B while walking, you run, and pressing B while running will do a useless hop.

Gameplay: It's just like any platformer back in the day, but some things don't make sense. Why are Buzz's friends the enemy in this game? Seriously, why? It's like the developer want the kids not to trust anybody. I received damage from Ham on the first level, and he was just standing there. Doesn't make sense to do that.

Sound: The only good thing about this game is the music. The music is catchy to me, and I didn't find any problems with the sound effects. Too bad the rest of the game sucks.

Recommendation: Do yourself a favor, and stay away from this game.


My 5 year old has this game...he loves it. It's perfect for him. There are a lot of games out there that are too hard for a kid his age, but Toy Story 2 is great! If you have a young child, this game is perfect! But for the older may be just a bit too easy.