Grand Theft Auto 2


  • Dozens of unique objective-based missions
  • non-linear gameplay
  • play as 5 different gangs
  • save passwords


Brand: Rockstar Games

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Platform:Game Boy Color  |  Edition:Standard

Cartridge only

Product information Platform:Game Boy Color  |  Edition:Standard ASIN B00004YRSH Release date December 4, 2000

Great as promised damage wasnt as bad as i thought plays great

I enjoyed this game, I got it quickly and began playing it immediately. I had fun with the game and it was in great shape when I received it.

If you're gonna get this game, get on PlayStation if you have the original system! The controls on GameBoy are next to impossible!

If you can say anything about this title, it is that everything is quite improved. There are more cars to steal, and actually hijacking them is so much easier than the first game. You get lots more weapons, and they are easier to find this time. The missions themselves are much more exciting than in the first game, so you will always be on the edge of your seat. The open-ended gameplay allows you to complete the gang missions in any order, making it easier for the average gamer. However, the cities are not a big as their Playstation counterparts. There is still no blood/gore, so the adult feel of the game is lost. Driving the actual cars is very much unchanged, but the music is better this time around. An excelllent game for the driving genre, but not reallly "adult" enough to convey the "crime-spree" feeling of the Playstation versions.

This game was actually really fun. It had a wide range of cars, types of missions, and guns. Also, it is cool how you can shoot random people, steal random cars and there are ways to get out of anything. Even though I haven't played the play station version of it yet, I think it looks exactly like it. The fact that it IS a gameboy color game makes the graphics really bad. You can barely see the people in the game. Also, the whole password saving thing pisses me off. There is no blood, which can be a good thing, and three levels that are hard to pass. I advise you to buy this game.

GTA2 is a good game and quite addictive.The graphics are excellent. Plus, there are lots of vehicles to [borrow]. Also there is not as much foul language as there is on the PSone or Windows versions. But the down sides are the controls are difficult.The music gets annoying. The levels are long and drawn out. If you crash into something it takes a while to get out, and sometimes you can't even drive out. In the end, Grand Theft Auto 2 is a great game and I would suggest that you should purchase it ASAP.

This game [is horrible]. IT is so incredibly horrible that it makes ET on teh Atarii 2600 look good.
FOr a PSX game the graphics [are bad]. The over the top view is fine but it looks like it could easily be on the NES (Conviently trannsfered to Gameboy COlor by the way)
I hate the music in it. The same style makes for a non stop bore fest. I took it back within three hours after renting it.
The controls are what kill it though. YOu will smashj the controller in three seconds after playing it.
Avoid with all cost. Trust me, as a hardcore gamer for 19 years you will trust my advice and avoid, go for Grand Theft Auto 3 if any of the series.

This game plays almost exactly like the PSX version. It is a great portable GTA game.There really is no story to this game but the city is huge.You are able to steal cars, kill anyone, and have fun doing it. You will enjoy this game a lot.

Produkt funktioniert gut. Das Spiel ist was für GTA Fans die die Sache nicht zu ernst nehmen. Tatsächlich ist es beeindruckend wie viel GTA auf einen so kleinen Datenträger passt. Ist halt sehr pixelig und die Geräusche ab sprechend. Ach ja und alles in englisch. Davon abgesehen bekommt man aber viel Öl n world