Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter


  • Built-in prevention of radio signal interference
  • Efficient design draws as little battery power as possible



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This Wireless Adapter For Game Boy Advance lets you communicate with several GBAs without a GameLink connection. Link up systems as far as 30 meters away, for head-to-head competition without a jumble of cables!

Product information ASIN B0002GTXDM Release date June 15, 2006

I ordered 2. One was in perfect condition the other one has a small scuff and tiny dents on the sticker at the bottom. I wouldn't say the one with the scuff was exactly in the condition I ordered and paid a premium for but I can live with it. I misplaced my other GBA SP so as soon as I find it I'll trade a Pokemon in my games to see if they work well.

At first, it didn't work. Then I took my handy dandy gba screw drivers out, pulled it apart, then blew the electrical pad with my mom's hair blower on cold and then I finally put it together and it miraculously worked again.

Works perfectly for trading on Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen for me.

Works great!

I bought 2 the locking tabs are a bit worn out but they still work

Works fine like my other GBA wireless adapter. You might have some troubles connecting the product being loose a little but once it's in position it's good with the connection.

My gameboy was able to read it after trying 5x and a total of 3 hours of it sitting in my gameboy.

Glad to be supply with the useable wireless adapters.