Pokemon 5-Pack Game Boy Advance GBA


  • 5-Pack Pokemon Gameboy Advance Game Cartridges included
  • Pokemon Emerald Version + LeafGreen + Ruby + FireRed + Sapphire
  • Cases for each game cartridge are included
  • No other accessories or packaging is included



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- Brand new compatible game cartridges - Work & save same as originals - at a bargain price!

Product information ASIN B07PNJBN1W

I ordered these and the order was fufilled by Amazon, so does Amazon also not verify the product for authenticity? The labels on these are darn close to perfect, the plastics should not be opaque on the red and leafy versions. These are reproductions, some of my cartridges didn't slide in smoothly. Looking at the cartridge board pins and the printed Nintendo logo inside the cartridge are incorrect from the original type of cartridge. The best laughing moment I had was when I powerd each game up and the previous save of 0:00 play time has a player name of Test, serving as the first point to test the save function. The game seems to lock up and sound isn't as loud after saving over the test save or there after until rebooting the game.. The "the game can be played" prompt after the title screen can also be a way to tell for reproductions. The impression number is not on the front label as it should be with any original cartridge. These function as playable games but are not in my opinion listed accuracy for what they are, as it sits price is way to high for reproductions.

Bought them thinking i was going to get a load of fakes but i would have to say it depends on the seller. "Tony's Extensive Game Collection" is the source i got mine from and they are all the real thing just like the listing. i checked them on the DS Lite and they were all able to import to Pearl Version and from what i have found FAKES cant do that.

My grandson was very happy with these games. Other ones we had purchased elsewhere, the battery was dead and was unable to save any of his game progress. These were reasonably priced and able to save. Shipping was timely and packaging was great. Thank you

The ones I got all seem legit.

They work fine and save properly. As far as I can tell these are legit games. The only thing is that when you start it, it'll display a message saying the game can be played and the save file will be loaded. This is what happens when you replace the internal battery, so it is nothing to worry about. This is likely the cause of the issue another reviewer had where his games played a different title than what was on the cartridge. You have to take the cartridge apart to switch the battery and it is possible to mix them up.

 I had zero problems with these games. I love all the Pokemon games and just got 2 GBA SP systems recently so I decided to get these. I'm fully aware that theyre not production copies but they look 100% authentic and honestly, I didn't even get the message on the opening screen that everyone else talked about. I've played all 5 now and have been able to save/play every single one with no issues! They come with nice clear cases and in perfect condition. If you don't care about having the authentic box, this is really the best option for Pokemon lovers!! Would definitely buy again!

For the price i expected them to not work but they are wonderful

The games are copies . Evertime you turn on the game it will say , The saved game is ok to play and eventually the game will be corrupted and it will delete it self. Very horrible and unreliable!