EXSEK EZFlash Omega Cartridge Flash cart for Gameboy Advance GBA SP NDS


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  • MicroSD not included. Professional skills may be required.
  • 1 x NEW EZ Omega card, 1 x card's part for DS, 1 x Micro SD Card Reader
  • Compatible with Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, Game Boy Micro, DS, DS Lite
  • Latest Firmware 6.0 kernel v1.07 inside already. Max supports 128gb Micro SD card. No need to update
  • Can be worked on the Slot2 of original DS and DS Lite for GBA games, Cannot support DS games and Media files


Brand: EXSEK

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Brand new EZ Flash Omega MicroSDHC version. Supports MicroSD 128MB to 128GB (MicroSD not included).
Compatible with Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, Game Boy Micro, DS, DS Lite.
256Mb PSRAM 512Mb Norflash Fast load.
Latest Firmware 6.0 kernel v1.07 inside already, works with more than 128mb micro SD card, max supports 128gb, No need to update.
Includes the cartridge, box and clear insert as shown in the photo, comes with a card reader. BUT NO micro sd card NO consoles
Can be worked on the Slot 2 of original DS and DS Lite for GBA/GB/GBC/NES games Just copy and play, no client needed
Fast patch engine, instant game load speed, additional manual patch engine to support modified rom
New features: Save states, Real time clock, Sleep and Hotkey customization
Cannot support DS games and Media files
Professional skills may be required

Product information Package Dimensions 4.29 x 2.99 x 1.06 inches Item Weight 1.13 ounces Manufacturer EXSEK ASIN B08CN86CKH

So the first time it corrupted was 2 weeks after recieving it. Phantasy Star collection, waited 30 seconds or more. Corrupted every save for every game, including the 8 or so hours I had put into Castlevania (I work third, handhelds pass the time when things are dead)

So I look into getting the x5 mini or whatever from Krikzz as its reliable albeit more $$$. But in the mean time, as ive had unrrlated issues ordering due to my bank, I format a long format, recopy the ROMs, and then play Aria of Sorrow for a bit. I save. Then I leave the GBA on, plugged in (LiPo batt "mod") and then turn it off after falling asleep. Then I go to play Doom a day or so later. Save read error. Didnt even have a save as it was corrupted the first time! Its a recopy of the ROM. So then I try ro load random other stuff, they load up, but when I try Aria of Sorrow, no save file!!!!

Screw this, even if theres a "fix" knowing its THIS finnacky, im not playing games worried all the time my saves will corrupt.

I dont leave reviews like this too often,and are usually pretty understandable or at least give something higjer than a 1 star. This deserves zero. There are solutions to this issue. At least a drive access LED. Some have modded them in, which I could prob do but then I couldnt return it if it still corrupted. And it cant be the SD Card as it is tested and im only using like 4GB or something crazy small.

Unreliability like this is unacceptable and makes the product a paper weight. Returned.

The flash cart works near perfectly. The file menu is simple and easy to navigate. There are a ton of options for games; the most useful being a button combo that lets you jump back to the flash cart menu without having to reboot. Setting up the cart is really easy; just drop a few system files and game folders on a micro SD card and you are ready to roll.

Since it wasn't very clear, you can also run GB and GBC games with this cartridge. Some of the GB and GBC games have Super GB overlays and coloration for others, so you don't have to play games in black & white.

I did find a few games that don't load properly, but it doesn't ruin my enjoyment of this flash cart at all.

It is great and cheaper than the EverDrive Flash cartridges with some good options.

I really want to like this product, but I cannot recommend this to anyone. Maybe I got a dud...

I can’t blame the seller for this one, but it’s really disappointing. I’ve put in over 14hrs into a game over the course of a little over a month only to have to reinstall the BOOTLOADER and image back onto the SD Card— forcing me to format the card. Such a waste of time.

Even after reloading the BOOTLOADER, I am greeted with a blank white screen or a “BAD NOR ID” error message. I’ve tried rebooting several times before throwing this product away in the garbage.

I hate this product. Too late for a refund at this point.

I hope you’re luckier than I was!

I bought this for a project i planned to do at a later date. Once I had completed it and began to use the flashcart with a few roms, it worked very well for a while. The UI is easy to use, the cheat functions work okay, and the experience is quite good. However, after a week, my games began to crash after about an hour of play or so. Save states created using the cheat addon function also began to be corrupted or lost. Soon after that, the normal save data on the games themselves began being lost as well. Flashing the games I wanted to play the most to NOR helped for a day or so, and then the issues began happening there too. For all intents and purposes this cart is no longer functional, so I cannot recommend these.

Worked well, was easy to swap out the second plate to have it fit my DS Lite as well. Kind of a scary process when you take the screws out as the whole thing falls apart, but easy to get it back together. No problems with any games so far! FFVII, SMB3, Namco museum, and Pokémon emerald tried so far

It was a present for my nephew and he was very happy w/it.

Went with this since it is half or even a third of the price of its competitor, Glad I did as it works just as you want it to and had extra features. Make sure you search for the "Simple Light" firmware as that will add backups for save files. Making your GBA into an all in one handheld is definitely worth it.

Device works well, savedstates are good, and the included gb/gbc compatibility is nice (some games excluded like Pokémon silver).

Make sure you wait 10 seconds or so after a save for it to write to the SD card or risk losing your save.

Battery consumption is rather high though