Mario Golf Advance Tour


  • Play 18 holes with your favorite Marioland characters - Mario, Luigi, Peach, Donkey Kong and more
  • Use power-ups and each characters' unique abilities to get past obstacles and improve your game
  • Play through sandtraps, tall grass and other obstacles to unlock secret characters and challenging new holes
  • It's the most fun you can have on a golf course!



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Mario tees off with a golf pro, a clubhouse and a new swing-control system. From deserts to forests, play tons of fun courses, including unique Mario-themed courses filled with surprises.

From the Manufacturer

The sun is shining, the wind is fair, and the sweet scent of fresh cut grass fills the air. Ready to embark on the golfing adventure of a lifetime?

Mario Golf: Advance Tour brings all the fun and excitement of golf in the palm of your hand, Mario-style! Hit fantastic courses, build a custom character and chat up locals at the clubhouse to learn tips and tricks. Compete in singles and doubles tourneys against pros, practice your swing at the golf clinics, and master side games to win the right to hit 18 holes with Mario, Peach, Donkey Kong, and all the famous Shot Makers of the Mushroom Kingdom!

Get connected! Link up with Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour on the Nintendo GameCube to unlock hidden features, transfer Neil or Ella to the Toadstool Tour, and download Mushroom Kingdom characters, like Luigi, to your Game Boy Advance! Linking up the two games unlock features within Mario Golf: Advance Tour too, so you can improve Neil's and Ella's stats even more. In addition, any character transferred from either game can be used in all of the other game's modes.

Link up with up to three pals for multiplayer matches! Using your Game Boy Advance link cables, you can tee off in singles or doubles tourneys with up to three other golfers to prove who's the ultimate Shot Maker! Just select "Multiplayer" in the main menu, then choose "With Game Link", and you're ready to hit the course!


In the world of video game golf, the battle is between the three-click swing and the new analog styling of Tiger Woods. Here on the GBA, it's more natural for Mario Golf to champion the classic button-timing swing that developer Camelot has made popular through both this series and its original franchise, Hot Shots Golf. But that's not the only place where this game repeats itself. Eschewing an interface of boring menus, Camelot is also bringing back the RPG overworld structure that it included in Mario Golf back on the Game Boy Color – and we couldn't be happier because of it.

Having said all that, Advance Tour isn't revolutionary in any sense of the word. What it does do, however, is give gamers something that even Mario Golf on the GameCube lacked – reasons to compel you forward in the title. As a newbie on the tour, you can walk around to the four courses and enter into tourneys and participate in other tasks. This doesn't sound like a lot to chew on, but along the way, you'll unlock new locations, including a duel at Princess Peach's castle and some multiplayer-only courses. Of course, the game's connectivity feature with the GameCube opens up its own exclusives as well. The coolness of walking around this RPG-overworld is greatly helped by the fact that there's always something to do in Advance Tour. Unlike its console brother, this title gives you rewards of experience points for the many challenges it puts in your way. You can walk around and pick up playing tips from other golfers, as well as engage the local pros in making seven out of 10 mid-range putts, for example. If you search diligently enough, you may even find magic tickets to upgrade your clubs.

The experience you earn comes in real handy, letting you build up different attributes like your spin on shots. Since playing through the different courses in doubles golf play with a partner is key in unlocking everything, you're going to have to make sure that the character you pair up with is the same level – if not higher – than you are. It's aggravating to have to suffer the poor golf of your partner in doubles, but it's one of the many stick-and-carrot routines that this game goads you on with.

If there's an understated beauty of Advance Tour, it is that despite being a GBA title, it has no limitations in delivering top-notch golf action (it even has a system for reading the putting green that is quite accurate). In fact, its RPG aspects exceed the GC Mario Golf entirely. My only regret is that Camelot didn't fix the mistake that the ‘Cube version committed and include more wacky courses, but at the same time, handheld golf has never been as much fun.

Give the system a near-definitive golf title that even surpasses Mario Golf on the GC

Mario gets the 3D treatment, and the whole game shines

You wouldn't dare roll down the avenue with these Caribbean tunes pumping

Has all of the amenities you'd expect out of a big console counterpart

Its utilization of an RPG-style world is an instant hook, but the golf is solid throughout

Moderately High

Rated: 8 out of 10
Editor: Matthew Kato
Issue: June 2004

2nd Opinion:
I'm a geek for Hot Shots games. Which is good for Mario Golf Advance Tour, because it's basically the first Hot Shots title with some Mario franchise stuff thrown in. A perfect combination, in my opinion. I quibbled with the game about my putts now and again, but the courses and shots are generally easy to see. In addition, the overworld and extra challenges make this a golf game with legs far longer and better looking than Toadstool Tour, in my opinion. Some may think that that's an overstatement, but I'd be surprised if anyone was really disappointed with Advance Tour.

Rated: 8.25 out of 10
Editor: Lisa Mason

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Product information ASIN B00009WAUM Release date June 22, 2004

On GBA I have "Golden Sun", "Tetris", "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Racing Gears" and this golfing game. I should also add that I regularly play "Tiger Woods" on the PC. This game is so fun that I play it twice as much as all my other Game Boy Advance games put together.

The characters are kind of dorky looking in an anime meets precious moments kind of way, but how much can you expect in a hand-held golfing game?

The ability to work your way through both the role-playing aspects and the golfing aspects really break up the game. The quick games are great when you're just got ten minutes to kill at the dentist's waiting room. The 3-click works as well as my old Jack Nicklaus' Golden Bear game, and the ability to earn points which you add to your character's attributes gives you a real feeling of progressive accomplishment.

Fun for the short and long haul. Ten bucks well spent.

Good quality and speedy shipping.

Great game!

A nice way to have some old-school fun. I play this on my old DS, and it seems to work very well. I hope you'll have fun with this golf game too. Have a great day.


Not the best game in the world but its a great golf game all together. I like this much more than any Tiger Woods style golf game b/c it poses a little more than a challege. Worth a try.

very good the product has good quality and it is as described, it is a good product and i recomend it

Grandson who is 9 really likes this game

Can not stop playing this

Perfect, just perfect!

Le jeu est fonctionnel.

Great game